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  1. Been bringing universal remotes for about 20 years on different cruiselines. I have been successful about 98% of the time!
  2. We've always stayed in Waycross. Easy Peasy drive to the Port. Just make sure you go East on the go-around. We did quite a tour on a day they were doing a marathon. Ended up at the statium where we watch the superbowl. There were cops there who thought they gave us good advice to Carnival's port. About 25 miles. The other rout was about 5 miles.
  3. The sliver of light from the bathroom light has served us well for over 100 cruises.
  4. Been chased twice because the ice machine outside wasn't working while being barefoot. Flip-Flops for over 20 years!
  5. I'm glad someone explained DDD. I'm only pinnicale and didn't know it!
  6. Uber is less than $20.00. Much less than the Baltimore union Taxi drivers get after they take you on a tour around the Inner Harbor before you get to the ship. More than once we were in sight of the Grandeur and just needed to take a slight right off ramp to get down to her when we went downtown for an expensive tour.
  7. All of our B2B's have been coordinated by the LA!
  8. We've only done about 10 B2B and they were all different. Some were easy peasy and some a pia. Depends on the port and the number of folks involved. Once walked down the gangplank and back up. Another waited in a holding area for 4 hours because some of us were never issued sail & sign for the 2nd half. YMMV!
  9. I'm surprised that nobody brought this up as it is at least a 20 year old solved problem. Have a friend who is on the 1st half and getting off purchased your "supplies". Pay them back when your stuff is delivered to them on the last night.
  10. I can't believe some of those driving times unless they've moved BWI.
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