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  1. Marine Traffic now shows Symphony in/at/returning to Singapore at 11.5 knots, as of 6 hours ago. Rob
  2. Resumption of any cruising will likely require an international coordinated effort. It's only one issue to assure health safety aboard the ships. It's another issue to assure health safety ashore, or when port authorities and governments will re-open their airports and seaports to international visitors. Rob
  3. The August Symphony cruises are showing "call for availability" on the Crystal website.
  4. This is a similar protocol that we've seen for some booked international airline flights later this year that have already been canceled by the airline. The default, online link takes one to a "request-for-voucher" page. I had to hunt for it, but there were links to a "request-full-refund" page. Once entered, I received an almost instantaneous email from the airline that stated "We registered your request for a refund. You will receive confirmation when our support team processes your refund. This may take several weeks due to the increased volume of requests." Rob
  5. Exactly. We will make our decision to proceed, cancel or defer before the August penalty date kicks-in, pending further guidance from Crystal concerning the expected itinerary for the WC. Which may not be possible to accurately predict by August. Rob
  6. We cautiously await how events progress, both nationally and internationally. At this time, we have no interest in any discretionary travel or events (cruises, airlines, airports, trains, buses, taxi's, terminals, theme parks, museums, galleries, hotels, resorts, restaurants, concerts, et.al.) where we need to wear a modified hazmat suit (if only just a face mask, albeit for hours) and/or be served/attended to by staff also wearing modified hazmat suits. Discretionary travel should be enjoyable and a stress-reliever. We have reluctantly determined that our discretionary travel plans through the end of 2020 and likely through mid-2021 (or beyond), will be limited to locations that we can reach on a full tank of gas in the car. Rob
  7. Our cookbook just arrived today. It's big. And heavy! It's more of a coffee-table-type book than a stove-side kitchen recipe book. It is very nicely illustrated. Since we were on one of the only scheduled 30th anniversary cruises that actually sailed this year, perhaps it will become a collector's item...in about 50-70 years! 😃😂 Rob CELEBRATING THIRTY YEARS OF CRYSTAL CUISINE.pdf
  8. On a related note, Marine Traffic shows Symphony no longer moored in the shipyard in Singapore and is currently sailing at 16 knots in the Singapore Straits to a not-as-yet-named-destination "awaiting orders". Rob
  9. Thank you for the update. We always looked forward to Ken's presentations. He will be missed.
  10. We are booked on the same three segments as you. It is still 90 days before final payment is due in August. Without any additional guidance, we are just waiting until the August due date to see if: a. The WC is canceled completely; b. The WC's itinerary is altered (partially or completely); c. The world's ports are reopened and the WC sails as planned; d. Any of the above; e. None of the above. We will decide in August whether we request a refund of our deposit or move the already paid deposit to the 2022 WC, which we already have on reserve. IMHO, the 2021 WC will likely not be the experience that we had expected when we originally booked it 2 1/2 years ago, Rob
  11. Thanks for sharing, Keith. Rob
  12. Thank you for posting this link. We've never sailed on one of RCCL's "Colossus-of-the-Seas", so I enjoyed viewing the interiors and pool decks of a whole class of ships that we would likely never board. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to enjoy many cruises to many different countries and places over the years. We remain guardedly optimistic that we will be able to resume any type of discretionary travel adventure in the foreseeable future. Rob
  13. November 8, 1993. I remember it well. There were 12 of us already in New Orleans the evening before. In the morning, we checked out of the hotel, drove down to the river and there was no Noordam, only a security guard that gave us a paper that said the ship was in a collision and the sailing was canceled. Eight of us drove back home to Houston; our other friends and family changed their flights and flew back home. Rob
  14. We are currently booked b2b2b, LA-Tokyo. It's still 4 months away until final payment is due in August. We are just watching and in the same "holding pattern" as everyone else for the next several months. Rob
  15. We purchased our glass model onboard Serenity in April 2015. I believe it was $50-$60+/-. It is about 8" long. Rob
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