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  1. Full review of Harmony 10329 here with photos ... scroll down to post #70 and 71 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2358343-hoopster-on-harmony-jan-7-14-2017-review-wlots-of-photos/page/3/ You have no view of the Aqua Theatre and very little of the ocean unless you are at the railing of the balcony. There is a translucent divider that separates the balcony from the rock climbing wall, you can't see through it. Seated you cannot see the theatre. Standing to the farthest left of the balcony (towards the front of the ship) the Abyss covers a good portion of the view. The only place to get a fully unobstructed view is by standing at the very edge of the balcony at the farthest aft portion of the balcony.
  2. Thank you for eloquently summarizing in a short paragraph what I what I needed a page to do! 🙂
  3. You made a lot of great points. I feel May anywhere in the world is totally impossible... I'm thinking more like September, however my opinion is based solely on technology and the ability to discover some kind of vaccine, immunity test, something that makes sense for governments to be able to "open up" for travelers and for the traveler themselves to actually trust being abroad. Did you see the youtube video I posted on the other thread? They talk about a fast test that's now available. I was going to write this (as well as a few other thoughts in my post) but it would've been way too long (already was too long). I totally agree with you. I wonder what the out of pocket costs would be for a possible helo evac and long term care in a foreign hospital ? I can see all the new threads in November now.... "We are suing RCL for allowing us on their cruise ship because our insurance doesn't cover us!!!!!!!"
  4. I sincerely apologize. I know this. I don't know where my brain was at with that first part of my post... I should have reread it as I know how important credibility is on these (and other) forums. Thank you for looking past my error and offering your opinions.
  5. Hey Petra!!!! Hope you are doing well and staying safe 🙂 Please say hello to Lee for me. Our Ovation cruise last year seems like a decade away now, doesn't it? I liked the first video better as well, but I really liked the simplicity of the 2nd one with regard to his demonstrations. I really didn't like his vulgar language, unnecessary. However this doctor has a ton of followers. Gotcha bobmac.... may I offer another video? Please give this one a chance. Much more serious tone as he interviews a colleague in California. Tons of excellent info here for everyone, and it can relate to cruising..... of interest: mass testing at about 15:00. This could be an answer to allowing people on a cruise ship
  6. It's been proven over and over and over and over again, and said repeatedly by health professionals all over the world, that if you get the virus today, quarantine and get tested 14 days later and determined healthy, you can easily go out on day 15 and get re-infected. It has been repeated over and over and over and over again that the virus is likely airborne via droplets, the reason for the 6 foot distancing. ALL OF YOU know this. Regarding May, June, July.... heck any month in 2020, how do you fly without getting infected? How do you stay in hotel overnight where someone else slept the night before and possibly picked their nose, sneezed without covering their mouth in bed (and now your face is on the pillow), etc? How about hotel shuttles/shuttles to the cruise port? Are 5000 people trying to get on Oasis all stand 6 feet apart in line at the check-in? So having jumped all those hurdles, once you get on the ship how do you know when someone who is asymptomatic spittles a little bit when speaking excitedly beside you and droplets get on your hand? So now you're unknowingly infected and you touch your face, touch every handrail up the stairs, on the elevator, in the theatre that night, etc... infecting another 100 people. All those 100 people will go on and infect another 100 people...... Will Fort Lauderdale port even allow the ship back to port when a few people end up in medical with "sniffles" and "coughs"? Maybe they do because you no one shows symptoms yet.... not for 14 days!!!!!! So you all get off the ship no problem. Heck, the next 7 day boat load of 5000 cruisers come on for the next week to touch the same hand rails, pillows, etc. The first week of cruisers are all home infecting everyone around them. And so on, and so on, and so on..... And here's your 2nd wave of the virus. By the 3rd or 4th cruise, when the virus is reported on a ship, I would only have to assume the media barrage and negative public sentiment would be so incredibly overwhelming against all cruise lines, 99% of the public would think any cruiser would've been absolutely stupid to be on a ship. I would hope that any/all evacuation and medical would be at their expense, and anyone they infect can sue them for all they are worth for the reckless arrogance and unfathomable ignorance to how serious this virus is after the daily barrage of information and pleading by every professional health care worker and your top mega-leader politicians. Why do you think that every government in the entire world has shut down their economies... THE ENTIRE WORLD Everyone.... take a step back.... put your brains back into your skull. You just cannot be emotional with this thought process. If cruising restarts in the next month or two, I feel we have much bigger problems with our governments and society in general. And maybe that's ok.... we can get our 2nd wave of Corona and truly destroy our economy for real, have a couple of million people die instead only 200,000, and then we can get on to normal life in a couple of years. You two million obese, diabetic, heart ailment, over 60yrs of age people don't mind dying for the rest of us so that we can cruise, do you?
  7. I would like to offer the following two videos.... they're a little long, but two of the best that I have watched in full over the last week. Almost everything discussed here on this forum is discussed in both these videos... one by a texan doctor and another by the leading virus professional in Korea... super interesting seeing this from their point of view. It is absolutely clear, and to me the implications to cruising are also crystal clear once watching these videos. Super informative and excellent/easy to understand and follow. I strongly recommend everyone here to take the time (especially with the English subtitles) to watch the entire video throughout as there are specific point and topics that are absolute key not only to cruising/travel, but life in general. (ie. timing, a 2nd wave, testing, droplets/social distancing, etc etc) South Korea (full of facts, real life data, and truths) Texan doctor
  8. For me the change would need to be this.... How do I know if any on of the hundred people rubbing shoulders at check-in have this virus or not? What if I'm asymptomatic, and I haven't been tested but I'm a carrier.... and I'm standing right beside you? And we're talking... and we shake hands... and.... I just came back from Brazil in Feb, and I had to be vaccinated for yellow fever. It was mandatory. There were a few other recommendations so I got vaccinated for those as well. I carried a vaccination booklet with my passport during my travels just in case I was asked to produce proof at the ports of call. So I'd want to ensure every single one of the 5000 people I am rubbing shoulders with on an RCL ship, receiving their airborne saliva after they sneeze, touching the tongs in the WJ after they went to the bathroom without washing hands... I want to know every damn single one of them have been vaccinated. And if not, RCL and every cruise line must not let them board. Period. Furthermore, I think to prevent the spread, you may find that countries will not allow anyone entry anyways, which may then force a home country (ie. for US and Canada) not to allow us through our own airport to even leave in the first place (ie. land vacations). I can tell you that if cruises open up again too fast (ie. in June or July), and another Princess or HAL Zaandam situation occurs, it could be the last straw for the average person who are not cruise addicted like those of us here on CC.
  9. Thx Yogi and Big-M. I've already posted basics like this on this thread already in previous pages. I too think they're in trouble depending on the time. I'm looking for a more technical response by the other guys that seem to have trading savvy... maybe you give me a more technical answer?
  10. Thank you for this. I watched Dr. Brix speak but did not look for the website or the company that produced it. Models are only as good as the date that's been entered... I guess in a couple months we'll see how good this model is, specifically made for hospital resources, and compare to the other dozens of models they quoted.
  11. Guys, your opinions please.... is the company in trouble? Is the stock price in trouble? Btw, I'm not buying , just curious.
  12. I agree How can you you quotes from non professionals (politicians no less) to try to strengthen your good post? How can they possibly know or give you any pertinent advice? I've watched every press conference this past week. Fauci never confirmed any such thing, and they've been updating their projections daily. Did this happen in Italy or Spain? They are still losing thousands per day. There is your real life experience and absolute 100% true fact of what happens when you have the "it can't happen to me" mentality. Note their mortality rates, and their length of time is the same as everyone else. Flattening the curve by extremely rigorous testing and super strict quarantine (see South Korea) is and was the answer all along... note their curves, their mortality rates. Which example has USA following? Definitely not South Korea. Anyways, likely so much of the world is already infected anyways. I suspect Corona's been out for a very long time beyond China's borders even before January, and likely some deaths from "serious flu" was Corona. I know a few people who never ever get sick, however were flat on their back for the first time in over 20 years this past winter season with fever, cold symptoms, etc etc
  13. Correct me if I didn't get your point B.... No matter whether this "curve is flattened" and this extends this pandemic, or those that are supposed to die all die quickly due to no social distancing, you are saying to have said the exact same amount of people would die either way. Therefore social distancing has no effect of saving lives, just extending those lives that would die anyways. Point A... what evidence are you sourcing? By the way, the charts above... what are they for & where are they from? Do they imply there will be zero cases in mid May in Louisianna?
  14. Not when .... IF it happens. Ever think it's spreading so fast because the flattening is likely not happening?
  15. 100% agree.Their target market is mature adults with some amount of $ Disagree here... the ships may sit for a while, but there'll be a vulture or two (a conglomerate?) out there with a few billion dollars just waiting to pounce to buy assets at a discount on the dollar, and start up operations again. I feel there's no way that awesome ships like Oasis and Quantum Class don't get taken over by some entity as a last recourse. Maybe my tongue in cheek comment of the new MSCL - "Morgan Stanley Cruise Lines" may not be too far off after all ☚ī¸
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