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  1. Don't know if the following will help you, however the largest interior rooms by square footage were the old "J" category rooms midship on deck 8 (and deck 7 only on Vision). Rather than a two seat loveseat like on the rest of the interior cabins, these "J" rooms were longer cabins by about 3 feet and had a full three seater sofa. It still wasn't a sofa bed, and they still had pullmans from the ceiling, but at least they were larger rooms. Examples are cabins 8513-8527, 8017-8027
  2. Agreed... has anyone reading this forum ever dove off of a regulation 10m Olympic diving platform? I have. That's only 33ft. A diver off an Olympic platform hits the water at approx. 35 miles per hour.... if slightly off angle or head not tucked in properly, you feel a world of hurt. I just couldn't image a 100ft platform to dive off, let alone accelerating at 32 feet per second and not being prepared to hit the water at that speed with the correct angle of the body and head tucked in.
  3. Or they can do a direct Sydney to LA sailing like Explorer did for 3 years (Sydney - Seattle) with no turn-around in Honolulu
  4. Voyager Class cannot get under the Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver. She can sail to Victoria for the day, then head down the coast to LA perhaps
  5. cruisetimetables and cruisett will only show cruises which have been announced by cruise lines, they will not show these Voyager/Los Angeles itineraries because they are not official yet and not announced by the cruise line. The Voyager 2021 notations are directly posted on the LA port website https://www.portsamerica.com/operations/cruise-los-angeles-terminal-schedule
  6. Wow... port schedule shows 3/4 nighters all the way through to Dec 31. How inspiring... Ensenada twice a week 🤔 Figures though... the 3/4 night party cruises at $150-$200 per diems (vs. $100 per diems on other 7 day itineraries) with all those $99 on sale 30% off drink packages (notice my "new" price point) will keep the $$$$ flowing in. I'll be sure to book b2b2b2b2b2b on this ship and with these itineraries.... not 🤬
  7. Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!! Epic photos! Nate's freakin' hilarious. I just have to meet you guys on a sailing some day 😁 Great review as usual Singin' 👍
  8. Unless something has changed in the last year, I believe the above is incorrect. All of the servers I have ever known in Specialty also work in the Windjammer or other venues (I have seen and spoken with them many times in different venues other than specialty) during their morning and/or afternoon shifts, and they are a part of the auto-gratuity pool. Am I wrong here? If so, please explain.
  9. Hey Singin' 😁 ... following as usual. Too bad your dinner wasn't the greatest May I offer some suggestions for anyone (maybe you too if you're ever back!) taking notes on their future stays in South Beach: One of the best Mexican meals I have ever had anywhere is only about a 3 block walk from this place above. It's called Diez y Sies inside the Shore Club Hotel (1901 Collins)... just a beautiful place and the food was totally superb. On the very same block as Taco Taco is another extremely awesome Mediterranean restaurant called Cleo (1776 Collins). Incredible menu (Moroccan, Libyan, Greek, Spanish... a fusion of all Med countries). Expect 18% service charge on all your bills, and good sit down restaurants are definitely expensive in South Beach.
  10. +1^ on everything Petoonya has said above and on this thread as a whole, especially Ato Lissante. That's exactly how we got our tender tickets, and were often walking into the theatre as the staff walked in to prepare the table/etc for the day (about 15-20 min prior to them handing out the tickets). They would prepare the table, O excursion tickets, etc etc... then call us up when they are ready. You're welcome :). I don't know anything about Maohi Nui If you book, come back to the forum to let everyone know how it went! Wow... 2.5 yr old on this itinerary? That's very difficult in my sincere and humble opinion. I feel you may miss doing a lot of great things by "hanging out" with them as they may hold you back? I would think many excursions (ie. especially boating like Patrick, Ato Lissante, etc) would have an age restriction? 2nd day tenders started very early if I remember correctly... earlier than 8am Here's a guy I owe a ton of thanks to for all the info I picked up on this forum before my cruise. Much of my vacation was planned from advice from Hawaiian Dan, StanandJim, Orv, LHT280, Flatbush, pinotlover and I believe Petoonya replied to me several times prior to my sailing and review with questions.... lots of great experience and help here 😊
  11. Are you setting up a private tour? The one thing I dread is giving advice from an experience I had close to 2 years ago now, as the ship, it's management, the staff, the way they do things (ie. tender tickets), the port, etc etc etc... may have changed. In my humble opinion, and in more experienced delee's opinion (Denise, our cruise pal who posted and answered questions on my review as well) is that the earliest of tenders were pretty easy to get on for the most part. It's approximately the 3rd tender and onward that would've been a problem with O tours having 100% priority. That's why we were always down in the theatre very early to get a tender ticket, and we were out on time every time no fuss to meet our private tours right away to get the full day in. I think if you're on the 1st or 2nd tender, it will be reasonable to be "picked up" by 8:30am. The tender ride here is only 5 minutes'ish. If sailaway is 4pm, the "all aboard" time for passengers will likely be posted for 3:30pm... and you'll see in your documentation in your stateroom the last tender probably "posted" for 3pm.... I say "posted" because they'll simply keep a tender(s) going for stragglers for a little while as deemed necessary.
  12. Thx for your kind words amitje. A DIY day at Nuku Hiva I feel would be a major shame for anyone being so darn lucky to be able to visit such a remote locale, and then just walk up and down a 5-6 block water front not really seeing/doing much. I think a DIY day at Fakarava would be easier than Nuku Hiva. IIRC, there were rental bikes (not many) and electric vehicle rental, and maybe a couple of other things offered. I do not know if they were pre-arranged or actually available to cruisers coming off the tenders as we were herded into a waiting area for our private excursion. Fakarava was definitely in the top 3 of my favorite days on that trip... outstanding day!! Here's a couple of the videos that were lost during the CC website conversion Fakarava sharks Napoleon close.MOV Fakarava sharks 2.MOV
  14. The obstruction is looking down onto the white "platform" so to speak as Karter said above. You can see where the RCL maintenance worker is standing for reference of the width of the platform. These balconies are somewhat like the Radiance Class deck 7 balconies, with no direct view straight down to the sea below. Here's a photo of cabin locations to hopefully make things clearer for the OP.
  15. Ah! Thx for the correction. 👍 I’m not at all up to date with CCL ships. Knowing I was coming to this all inclusive, I looked up the port schedule and noticed Panorama. Here’s a couple of shots to end this evening.
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