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  1. Yes, if ocean is rough you will feel movement. RCL placed vomit bags out on the common area staircases on this cruise on one night as we were rolling around a bit that night. I’m not sensitive to movement, however I am positive that if anyone is sensitive they would’ve had an issue. As Bob said in the other thread, anyone with movement issues/virtigo should book mid ship and a low deck... applies for any ship
  2. Oh wow... you'll never want to cruise the Caribbean again! 😁 Well done! Yes, please share, that's the best thing about CC and helping others. You'll LOVE Malta! Great port. And try to find time to stay longer in Oia (Santorini) if the tour is trying to whisk you away I am very opinionated regarding the Key. I feel it's a total cash grab, and especially on the smaller classes without all the amenities. If you do buy it, definitely report back whether it was worth it to you or not. One of many options.... At Columbus Square Monument right at the base of Barcelona cruise pier where it meets with Las Ramblas, has an awesome wine center tucked away inside at it's base. For minimal $, go up the tower for incredible views of Barcelona.... come down for a taster or two of awesome Cava... buy and bring on board!
  3. OMG... I had the other corner a few years ago... totally awesome balcony, especially for a Med itinerary! Leaving Malta and Santorini for example will be incredible, just don't feel "stuck" there when sailing-in to port as those sail-ins are epic looking forward from top deck. Have a superb trip... I know you will in that cabin 😊
  4. Correct on both counts above. I'm quoting the raw invoice price incl. air before I chose to take the credit, and comparing it to the new website price which also includes air.
  5. Those are US$. Penalties would be flights/non-ref pre cruise hotels/etc. Not announced how long we have for decision yet, nor has official itinerary been posted... those are the ports posted in our roll call from someone supposedly in the know. I've checked the Riviera Feb 4 10 day itinerary (very similar Caribbean itinerary) for pricing already in order to compare.
  6. I need advice from all of you helpful O cruisers.... I'm booked on the Feb 1, 10-day sailing. Time off, penalties, other various factors, etc are begrudgingly causing us to rethink actually staying on board with the new itinerary (supposedly St. Barts/Martinique/St Lucia/Antigua/San Juan). My question is about the actual price.... With Olife included (airfare, everything), my OV cat D was $3300 for Cuba, and is now presumably 40% off = $2000. Is this a good offer from O on a Caribbean sailing? Or would a $1999 price actually be a typical price for this ship in the Caribbean? Thx everyone edit: just looked at my account on-line. The itinerary is not yet posted, but the prices seem to have been updated. OV D now $2399. I guess basically they're offering me $400 off to stay on board.
  7. Cut & paste your own quote "4 star plus hotel recommendations within walking distance of Anne Franks house" into google.... https://www.google.com/search?q=4+star+plus+hotel+recommendations+within+walking+distance+of+Anne+Franks+house&rlz=1C1RNVH_enCA559CA585&oq=4+star+plus+hotel+recommendations+within+walking+distance+of+Anne+Franks+house&aqs=chrome..69i57.579j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Millions of opinions and suggestions on the world wide web compared to a couple here on CC
  8. Excellent point... Isn't Vision Class as a better Cuban option (as long as Vision Class fits into the various Cuban ports of call)? Better because of the amenities (specialties, lounges, public space shops on board), number of suites/balconies, younger than both EM/MJ, etc. Only reason to keep MJ is number of passengers they can sardine can onto the ship (right down Royal's alley regarding the all mighty dollar).
  9. Yep... bottom line: Royal is not building more Empresses or Majestys... they are building more Oasis and Quantum Classes. There's plenty of easy reasons why, and likely so many more reasons we are not privy to. Ah!! Then buh bye go the Panama Canal transits with a ship (ie. Vision) showing up at Long Beach only 3 or 4 times in a year. Thanks for that info BillB
  10. Costs waaaaaaaaay more to keep the Honda running in insurance, maintenance and inspections.... and then the real life risk of doing a "Triumph" on an old junker in the middle of the ocean and having to deal with the financial aftermath
  11. Both these ships are 100% against everything that Royal is all about at the moment. Almost no balcony or suites, almost zero revenue producing venues (ie. specialty, etc)., almost zero amenities (ie. IFly, Florider), and totally opposite to the economy of scale that Oasis/Quantum Classes provide... RCL is all about BBBBIIIIGGGG. Heck, even Vision class is absolete and likely gone from RCL in the next 5 years I would think. MJ and EM are like driving a 2001 Honda with 250,000miles on it compared to a new Mercedes with 1,000 miles (Symphony) I feel they'll be sold/transferred as soon as possible, which I also assume would take some time. It took a couple of years to find suitors for Legend and Splendour for example. Both Majesty and Empress' days are numbered, and I'll bet competing with all the mega ships in Florida this summer/fall with weak itineraries, cabins will be offered last minute at a basement bargain price just to keep the ship going to break even until RCL can move them off their books to whomever.
  12. Great info above. This day & half site seeing review in Amsterdam pre-cruise can help you with ideas and info as well. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2560648-brilliance-british-isles-june-19-july-22018-review-wlots-of-photos/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-55213282
  13. Here's a post I made over a year ago after some research on Centrum cabins over a few sailings. While this is specific to deck 8, you can likely transpose the results for all the decks and get the approximately same results..... "Hopefully I may help anyone in the future perhaps with these hump cabins. In the last 3 years I've sailed Serenade, Radiance and Jewel 3 times... never witnessed fire doors closed at Centrum, I suspect it's ship by ship basis. There's been many threads on CC about the Centrum noise and various cabin locations.... I can't specifically find the ones I've posted on however I've done a lot of research by walking around the deck at the Centrum during the day and also during evening shows, etc." "The red lines are where it's open to the Centrum. Everything else is blocked. The arrows are the openings into the cabin hallways.  The very worst cabin to have for noise Starboard is 8588. The cabin door is directly at the opening. I've had the first interior in from the Centrum as well as hump cabins... Any cabin within about 2 doors of that opening will get the drone of the Centrum and it will filter down behind that wall. Conversely, I most recently had dead center hump 8596 on Jewel (4-5 doors away from direct opening) and while I heard the drone of the band within the hallway, once in my cabin with door closed there was no noise. Good friends of ours had 8598 as well as 8606 on a previous cruise.... no noise issues within the cabins. I've never booked on the port side, but read many reports on CC that those first two cabins forward of the Centrum (8086 & 8088) with the larger balconies have significant noise issues as they are directly exposed from the hallway with no wall. The first cabins aft (8102 & 8104) have less of a problem because of the walled areas. Hope this helps any of you in the future. :)"
  14. Fully agreed.... market forces will prevail (ie. a good percentage of passengers cancelling from this sailing) and thus without any refund/FCC to keep current booked cruisers on the ship, I'd bet the cruise fares on a generic Caribbean + Nassau sailing will be offered at rock bottom pricing. +1. At best I'll change ship to an itinerary of interest (looking at Marina in SA for example in February if they allow me to change, with some kind of price protection... RCL allows for price protection when changes occur (ie, ship sold, redeployments, etc). At worst I cancel the cruise altogether... I am definitely not accepting a 10 day itinerary to Nassau and the other Caribbean islands on Sirena. Not at all surprising. I am hoping that Oceania comes up with something better than a generic Caribbean sailing. Perhaps adding a couple of more Panama Canal Transits? Maybe sailing her down to Manaus and back? I just don't know.
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