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  1. In March, S.Korea estimated 50% of their population would be infected. At the time, with all of the contact tracing, phone apps, masks, etc they estimated death rate at 0.6% That estimation changed over time to about 0.1% (as they discovered how many people were asymptomatic) and recovering. So using S. Korea's numbers: 50% of Americans = 180,000,000 0.6% of these 180,000,000 = 1,080,000 0.1% of these 180,000,000 = 180,000 ... where are we at today?
  2. +2. Not many Canadians posting on this topic (I think?), however if I may add my personal experience the past 6 months to this discussion.... Opening up with masks is exactly what we have had in the Vancouver area for months. I feel we are a success story. Most of our economy is booming here locally. People are out all the time, and rarely do I see people not social distancing. Everyone waits for the store door to open and stands politely back until it's clear to proceed themselves. Walking on the sidewalk or down isles, everyone looks at each other, nods/says "hello" or "thank you", and avoids close proximity. I would guess minimum 95% of everyone in stores is mask compliant, and many venues will refuse entry if you do not wear one. On my recent drive/land trips hotels/tours/boats all required 100% usage of masks.. . I barely saw anyone not comply. Then again, we're Canadian, polite and obedient for the most part to most directives when they make sense. Our C19 contracted and death numbers are mega low.... and almost non-existent especially if you consider those numbers within age groups and senior homes. Moral of this story? Hate to say it this way, however those Americans that are not compliant should put their "constitutional rights" and political beliefs away for the time being, wear a mask everywhere to protect each other, and see how good your numbers could be after winter. The population in BC is approx 5 million .... In the Vancouver area it's about 2.8 million Total cases reported in the Vancouver area this entire 6month+ pandemic = 3,127 = 0.11% of Vancouver population Total deaths in all of British Columbia this entire pandemic = 230 = 0.046% death rate Agreed. I posted S. Korea info even way back in March. They had it right from the get go.
  3. Thx John & Nancy. Let me know the result when you're all confirmed. If you are price protected, I think that' may be the deal of the year thus far that I have seen. 👍
  4. Hey Ken &/or John, I just viewed the new Jewel itineraries on line. I'm curious for future as I feel I perhaps could have bit the bullet and booked Adventure, and then get that amazing price point, gambling cruising will be good next summer.... Could one of you let me know if those of you who booked on Adventure are price protected to the new Jewel sailing? Definitely the cabins that are currently offered for Jewel are way higher in price than they were on Adventure. Thx in advance 😊
  5. This is the correct emotional (and perhaps moral?) decision. This would be a very poor business decision and not what the shareholders would want... this is all that matters.
  6. Truth be told, for the first time since January I spent over an hour looking at cabins, specifically the leftover JS's, after reading all the posts on that thread. I had Air Canada website up, Air Transat, google earth, hotels in Stockholm, rental car options (so that I can drive to Copenhagen over the bridge pre cruise), etc etc .... Then I woke up to my own advice. Who's to say non-cruise excursions will be allowed even next June? Who's to say anything will be the same with Royal at all? Who's to say airfare won't quadruple in the next upcoming months? Who's to say the airline I book airfare with will not go bankrupt with no more aid? I can add another 100 what ifs.... so I closed my RCL cabin assignment browser and took a big sigh. Low and behold next morning I wake up to see a bunch of posts about Adventure being redeployed. I really hope you all are price protected and have a great cruise on Jewel if she still goes.
  7. 100% agree.... And on another note of redployment, uncertainty, logistical nightmares, etc.... Several here on CC have mentioned Vision to SJ. Who's to say Vision Class will even exist next summer? No one is convincing me of this at this time.... my opinion Vision is a place holder for those itineraries until RCG figures things out so that they can at least reserve the port space.
  8. These are all good points Twang 👍 I suspect the worst of it will be like that Adventure Aug 5th sailing that was being talked about on the other thread... bunch of CC'ers saw the super cheap price on suites and fully sold out the GS's and above. Two days later Adventure is being redeployed and Jewel is taking place, with less suites. Who out of those suites will no longer get a suite and have to accept a lesser JS or regular balcony? Will be interesting to see.
  9. This answer is so blatantly obvious I'm surprised no one has picked up on it... it's already happening... Redeploy the ship, change the itinerary, cancel the cruise. Every single booked passenger starts from scratch. Do not offer L&S, perhaps offer a measly $100 or $200 obc, and you have to make your decision within 5days else you receive an automatic refund. Voila! Problem solved
  10. Hey Miraflores, I just watched the video and read through this thread. Thank you very much for your great posts! I was on that first 11 day Alaskan sailing last year in May. Considering the technology on this ship, and I used to be a tech guy working for BCTel/Telus in previous years, I really value your work on that amazing ship. (p.s. where "up-Island" is your family from? I just toured Courtenay & Campbell River a few weeks ago 😉)
  11. I empathize. I posted this on the other thread just now, and I believe it fits in this thread perfectly as well. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2760799-new-summer-2021-itinerary-changes/page/15/?tab=comments#comment-60390532 This is the perfect time for everyone to pull out and re-read the cruise contract with regards to cancellations, ship changes, cabin changes, weather/itinerary/act of God changes, all changes.
  12. Due to unforseen circumstances in past "normal" non-covid19 years, how many announced and booked cruises have been mentioned on this forum as unexpectedly cancelled/postponed/redeployed? Charters, Cuba cancellations, Quantum to China, Swine flu (Mariner), storms (Anthem), azipods (Allure), fog (Adventure, Brilliance), drydock crash (Oasis), fire (Grandeur), ships being sold, etc etc. Reminder... we are no longer in a "normal" year. So what might be the chances, especially within these incredible unknown times, that maybe... just maybe... more unforseen issues will occur (as if they haven't occured already in the last 6 months)? Or will every single announced ship and itinerary go off 100% perfectly without one more change whatsoever? In my humble opinion, I feel that there will be more ship deployments and even more itinerary changes before next summer. There is zero guarantee that anything announced and posted today will be the same tomorrow, a month from now, next February, etc.
  13. I voted "not at all" Will anything on that announcement absolutely prevent Covid from getting on board? Or is the announcement filled with bandaids, the same bandaids used on land with now increasing numbers worldwide, on how they hope to mitigate Covid when someone tests positive?
  14. Thank you Luckynana & Dani. I am very blessed to live in a very beautiful part of the world..... These are only a few of hundreds of photos I took over the last month on my road trip(s) Kaslo, BC (close to Nelson) Hawaii? Nope... Brandywine Falls, about 15min south from Whistler, BC Napa Valley winery ... er ... nope! We have a desert in BC. This is Nk'Mip winery & resort in Osoyoos. OUr wines are equal to, and some times better, than Napa wines. Penticton, on Okanagan Lake
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