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  1. Hello! We are also booked on that cruise for Thanksgiving 2021 and are also already booked on the Pride June 2022 to Norway. We love the Pride and love sailing out of Tampa. We have been on the Legend and Pride out of Tampa over Thanksgiving. The Pride is a great ship. Even though it is smaller and older than some of the others, it has a lot to offer. Love the Red Frog Pub and my husband loves that it has the sports bar (been through a few names at this point) because it is a big football week. Thanksgiving week is generally a great weather week...not too hot but
  2. We just booked that cruise and date also! 🙂 I had originally booked Mardi Gras Thanksgiving 2020- cancelled- and then Mardi Gras- March 2021- cancelled again! At this point we decided to give up (for now) on the Mardi Gras and book this cruise. It was actually the same price as the Mardi Gras and we have never been to Norway...soooo excited!!!
  3. We are in the same boat (well, non boat technically🤣). My Mardi Gras cruise has been rescheduled 3 times now as well as a summer 2020 Horizon 8 night cruise I've now rescheduled 3 times...both paid in full. Because both of those cruises were pretty pricey and we are sailing as a family as 4, I have a ridiculous amount of money that Carnival is currently holding. However, even if I did finally give up and ask for a refund I am not sure what that would even look like because the payments were spread over multiple credit cards, gift cards, Am Ex offers, etc. One cruise I resched
  4. Yes. 🙂 We are also on that week after having to reschedule our original Mardi Gras cruise planned for Thanksgiving 2020 😞
  5. Sorry, I meant 2020 and can't figure out how to fix it. Apparently, I don't know the date, time, or even year these days...LOL!🤣
  6. I just booked the 8 night southern on the Horizon on June 27th (2019). I am afraid to even tell friends and family because they will tell me I'm crazy. Maybe I am... but I feel like I don't have anything to lose at this point because our travel abroad plans were already cancelled.
  7. We loved this cruise and loved cruising out of San Juan. We stayed at the Sheraton Old San Juan and the ship was literally outside our window when we woke up. We sat outside our balcony and drank our morning coffee (the coffee in Puerto Rico is amazing, even hotel coffee!) and watched everyone walk off the ship. By about 10:30am the line of people leaving slowed down so we packed up our room and walked across the street. We literally walked right on the ship and were on the lido deck eating lunch by 11:20am. It was by far the easiest embarkation and debarkation we have ever experienced.
  8. My husband and I are already shareholders and bought a few years ago when it was around $50. Our 13 year old son, however, insisted we take almost all of his savings from birthday and Christmas money to buy shares for him today. He is also platinum and we all strongly believe in Carnival 🙂
  9. We have cruised as a vegetarian family the past 17 cruises and it has not been an issue..at all. However, last cruise (Thanksgiving on Breeze) was our first cruise as official vegans and I was a little worried. It was wonderful and we definitely had plenty of food to eat! The most important thing is to see the maitre d' immediately after getting on board to let them know ahead of time. The first night was Indian but every night at the end of our meal the hostess came and spoke to us about our options for the next day. It was great having our meals pre planned. They were fresh and deliciou
  10. Has anyone had it on ship yet? We will be on the Breeze Thanksgiving and will definitely be looking for it but meanwhile would love to hear about it. Since it is a 22 ounce bomber bottle I am curious on the price and if it is covered by Cheers.
  11. Also there is a really nice craft beer brewery, Pirate's Republic, as soon as you walk out of the port that offers free wifi. My husband and I just ordered a beer and we sat at a table and my kids were happy for the air conditioning and free wifi 🙂
  12. In my experience security doesn't seem to care or count the wine bottles. I think in 16 cruises, we only had one time they actually pulled the wine out of my bag. Often I carry two in my bag and my husband does also. For the record we purchase Cheers but enjoy having nice wine (not a fan of any of Carnival's wine choices) on the balcony before dinner. My advice would be to bring a nice bottle of wine and then a second one that you wouldn't be brokenhearted if they actually gave you an issue with it and you couldn't bring it onboard. Worse case scenario, they hold it for you until the en
  13. I totally just laughed out loud when I looked at my profile pic and realized I have been on CC for awhile now because my kids are now 15 and 13. Wow, time flies! Anyways, they were 14 and 12 when we did the walk and were fine (and my daughter complains a lot). Oh, and all ages were on the rope swing. I saw really young children swinging and they had life jackets to swim out to the trampoline.
  14. I think Pirate Republic and John Watling's are the most impressive stops. They would be my top choices. I would say to start at Pirate Republic and then find stops along the way to John Watling's. 🙂
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