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  1. Hi Everyone - We have re-booked for April and on to a 15 night transatlantic on NCL Escape. I was wondering if anyone had dailies for this? Or do they just repeat the 7 day dailies? Thanks Chris
  2. @Essiesmom Sorry I am not sure how to reply to your message. The 26th May was travel agent deadline. The Travel Agent have called it "Loss of deposit" stage which I think means they were still within Cruise company deadline. I have no idea what the actual cruise company deadline is.
  3. @Flatbush Flyer My payment deadline was 26th May. I had paid in full on the 6th May. NCL announced cancellations on 16th June. I am unaware that there could or should have been any other payment instructions. I made the original booking 1st Aug 2019 and paid deposit at that point. Cruise date is 23rd Aug Thanks
  4. Travel agent has offered to refund in full. However I want to rebook. They have arranged a good deal on a new cruise but I’m still miffed Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Thank You. It is lovely here when the weather is good. I was hoping to meet some American friends who I had met on cruises in the US this July. They had booked a cruise round the UK and Ireland. Unfortunately this has been cancelled :-(. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Also the TA is a very large and reputable one. This is why I am surprised Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Thanks all. Yes I am in the UK. ABTA sounds like a good idea. So am I correct in saying that this shouldn’t happen, even in the uk ? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Hi All, My cruise has been cancelled in August with NCL. I had paid my Travel Agent the full balance on the 6th May this year. As the cruise has been cancelled I wanted to take advantage of the 125% cruise credit. It turns out that although I had paid the TA in full, The TA has not paid NCL in full and I am only entitled to 125% of monies paid to NCL. The TA had only paid the deposit. Has anyone experience this? Anything I can do? Is this normal practice? I am looking to re-book again in April and the travel agent to be fair is giving me a good deal but I am still quite angry about this.
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