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  1. Hi Since you seem to understand that the hand sanitizers are mostly ineffective, why would you support their use? If you feel that people are in fact contaminating the dispensers by their misuse of the machine, why would you continue using it? I was also curious about your button pressing techniques as well as eating with a fork and knife. I have been using a fork and knife for many years now, but I never understood the actual health benefits from doing so. I take it you didn't get sick, so what you are doing must be working. Have you ever stopped to think that on most cruises, most people don't get sick. I guess they must be doing something right too and some of them never use the hand sanitizers.
  2. Hi I am surprised how many people are really influenced by the loyalty programs by any given company. My reaction is only, " you gotta be kidding". If you aren't always looking for best value that meet your needs (regardless of company), then you have been doing yourself a disservice. Getting brand loyalty only because of their a "loyalty program", is good for the company, not for the consumer. As a consumer, pretend the loyalty program is not there when making your decisions.
  3. Hi Aubreysmom As with most cruises (unless you plan to not get off the ship), which is the better itinerary would depend on what you would like to do. You are not necessarily going to find better pricing by booking late, even if it was, you wouldn't know because you don't know what the pricing was last month or last year. So, don't worry about that. Research what is available in each port that might interest you. If it was specifically to go to the beach, I would choose the Mexican stops.
  4. Hi I would agree that Carnival doesn't necessarily announce the reduced pricing for the 3rd. & 4th. passenger in the cabin as a "sale", but is generally (not necessarily) the case. As with all cabin pricing, it is a result of supply and demand. Just look for it when doing mock bookings for a planned trip. Just because it isn't the case for one ship doesn't mean it will be the same for another, or in fact for any given cabin category. Be thorough in your pre booking research and you will a least feel confident that you are getting the best pricing. Also, other cruise lines do specifically advertise for these types of reduced rate, some even having children sailing free. Just because they say something is free, doesn't necessarily mean it is. Do your research, and don't restrict yourself to any given cruise line.
  5. Hi ...but you can't suggest that you aren't paying for it. My last cruise on one of those ships that has buffets cost $350 for a 7 day cruise and I was travelling solo. That's not going to happen on Virgin cruises or Oceania. Of course the buffets aren't the only reason for the difference in prices. They are totally different products and if one suits you better than the other, that is why it is there. Specifically, to have a product for every taste/requirement. If that's what you want, you can buy it now. The OP however was suggesting that there might be some cost savings by eliminating the buffets, that's why earlier I mentioned that if it were the case, the companies would have look at and made a determination on the concept years ago.
  6. Hi If you think a more specific question is warranted, then you should go ahead and do a poll of your own. Otherwise, you will never really know. 🙃
  7. Hi Medi This has been discussed many times. If you don't want to leave any valuables on the beach, then the best way is not to bring any. As you said bring your ship card, some cash, and maybe a credit card. These can all fit in a small waterproof pouch that you can swim with. have a great cruise
  8. Hi It also suggests, since you say that the cabin can sleep four, the day bed (couch) would be the forth bed. As opposed to " two upper berths". If passengers were not able or wanting to use an upper berth, it would be something to look for. have a great cruise
  9. Hi I think you are trying to fix something that's not necessarily broken. If you don't like the buffets, there are many other options. Now, when it comes to finding ways to save money, I am sure all the cruise lines actually have people that they pay (money) to come up with ideas. Maybe nobody has thought of this before. Who, knows. 😃 You could try sending a nice letter. As far as illness. I don't know. I do know that as soon as I get out of bed in the morning, especially if I choose to travel in close (enough) quarters with a few thousand strangers, almost anything can happen.
  10. Hi How you perceive others discounting your thoughts and feelings really isn't important here. After all, they should have no bearing on you. What you are saying, though, "MSC did wrong", is inaccurate. They did what they said they would do. What they choose to do as their business practices isn't designed specifically with you in mind. If you restrict yourself because of loyalty programs, then you are doing yourself a disservice. If you turn your back on what you feel is a good product just because of how they manage their loyalty program, then you are doing it again to yourself. This has been repeated on pretty much every cruise line thread... don't pick your cruises based on the cruise lines' loyalty program. They can change the rules any time they wish. They are not necessarily trying to make anyone happy.
  11. Hi I don't know what the problem is but it would seem it is likely something to do with your computer. Try clearing all your cookies. I just tried on two different sites to book a balcony cabin with two different ships (as a solo traveler) and was able to proceed right up to personal details and payment. If calling isn't possible, then just try it on another device.
  12. Hi I don't buy the concept of these individuals just being new cruisers who just don't understand the concept. Very often they are well seasoned travelers who are just plain rude. They know better, probably their mother's told them, but if it doesn't impact them, they just don't care. Historically this was easily discouraged by having an understanding that the MDR doors closed after 15 min. Nowadays, with little interest in any type of confrontation with clients, this is rarely done. If you find yourself impacted by these type of people, you need to address the maître d' (right away). He/she knows it's their job. They either will deal with you and find you another more suitable table, or deal with the offenders. It becomes very hard for them to try to brush you off. If they try, just explain that you will not be satisfied unless the matter is resolved. If necessary escalate the discussion later that evening. One thing to remember, everybody has a boss. If a person isn't doing their job, you can complain. It's easy enough for them, they just have to move someone. Whether it's you or someone else. It's not rocket science.
  13. Hi What kind of people do you think these people are? They are being quarantined for 2 weeks. They are all well aware of the situation and the reason. Whether on a ship or a military base, what are they going to do? They can't go anywhere, except maybe to jail (if they are stupid enough). By the way, those being sent to the Canadian Armed Forces base in Trenton Ontario, will be housed in the Yukon Lodge. It is a hotel located on the base, which is used by the military. As I said before, if there was any possibility that I might get sick, I would much rather be a few hours from home than half a world away.
  14. Hi Welcome to cruise critic. If you are up for a car rental, there are a few companies that have an office near the cruise port, with shuttles that would bring you to the ship. have a great cruise
  15. Hi So you would rather be a few thousand miles from home? Even if you could have your balcony cabin, it might sound like a fine adventure for a few minutes. Remember, you are being quarantined. You don't have free access to anything that makes a cruise ship desirable. Now let's think about it again. So, let's say seven days into your quarantine you start having a fever. You don't have any options then. Now you are stuck thousands of miles from home and you are very sick. Where would you rather be? Without even bringing up the thought that maybe your travel insurance might not be as good as you thought. So, a few hundred miles from home vs. a few thousand??? For me it's not even close. I know I don't have to remind you that even in the frozen wastelands of Canada, we do have central heating. 😷
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