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  1. Hi I absolutely agree. For many months now people have been suggesting that the idea of putting down money for a product that the consumer has no clue of what it will look like (eg. will I have to wear a mask, will I need a dr.'s note, will we be able to get off the ship, how will we socially distance, what happens if someone gets sick????, oh yes!...will my cruise be cancelled), is silly. If you don't understand what is happening and you don't know what you are buying, you shouldn't. The world really is trying to deal with a difficult situation, and "issues" related to cruising are of little importance to most everyone except the cruiselines and those who have lined up to give them money, without concern that the cruise may never happen. Those that do acknowledge they could lose everything they have so far given the cruiselines (on this site) have most often said that if they lose their money it is no big deal.
  2. Hi I think the answer to this question, for many on this site, is because the cruise lines only have so much money. If any of them fail, there goes all those FCC, OBC, deposits, etc., not to mention the inconvenience. I think most of us who are not in that line, would be willing till it really is safe. As you say, "what's the rush?".
  3. Hi Of course, you have your perspective, I might have different criteria. Right now many people from the U.S. would be "happy" to go on a cruise, without a second thought. Someone had to tell them, no, not yet. There have been some cruises leaving from E.U. ports, I believe there were issues on a number of them. Were those people being unreasonable? They did something they were allowed to do. Would you have gone on one of those cruises if it fit your schedule, or is your criteria uncompromising (vaccine & negative test result)? So, in spring, would you go if there still was no vaccine? We all do what we are allowed to do if it is something that we want, some people even try to do what they are not allowed to do. Clearly, many among us, need someone to tell us what we are allowed to do. good luck, I hope it works for you next spring
  4. Hi Because vaccine are not 100% effective, the antibodies would protect different people in different ways, and they would not last forever. They would more likely be willing to accept a negative test result with an isolation period, but that's not practical for cruisers and we realize even that, is not definitive. That is why even if you test negative, if you have been in contact with someone who has the virus, you should be self isolating. Otherwise, it just keeps going on and on.
  5. Hi Your assessment seems dead on. I do see a problem in how many people are actually counting on this vaccine to be able to resume a somewhat normal life. It reminds me of an article that suggested a number of people actually count on winning a lottery to be able to retire. If you reside in a country with a high rate of infection, you are currently not allowed into EU countries without restrictions. Vaccines or not, why would anyone expect countries to change their criteria for allowing people into their country. In other words, the daily numbers of new cases seen in any given country would likely still have to be low enough for another country to welcome visitors from that country. Having had a vaccine wouldn't change anything. First a country would need to allow citizens from another country entry, if so, then they would stipulate conditions. Being vaccinated may be required, but certainly not necessarily the only requirement.
  6. Hi So in your mind nothing should be seen as different from the past. If this were the case, in the past my suggestion always was the same, don't deal with a company if you don't like the way they do business. That's a pretty straight forward and easy to follow. No need to fret about the inconsequential. That should be a rule of thumb for dealing with any company.
  7. Hi Yes. Look how far we have come in the last six months. We just need to go the other way now.
  8. hi I find it interesting in that many express the same view, that if they lose the money it's not a big deal. With that thought, why are people so caught up with the "deal" as it is presented. The money is at risk, and if the money isn't really that important, then if you you have to pay double for the same cruise with a certainty that it will sail, that extra cost shouldn't be an issue either, but definitely a smarter move. It only makes sense if someone where to think that if they missed this once in a lifetime deal they would actually be "losing" something. My thoughts are more like, nobody lost anything by passing the store that had the "90%off sale" in the window and not buying anything. At least with the store you can see what you are going to buy.
  9. hi If you like gambling, isn't there a casino nearby? At least you wouldn't have to wait two years to find out if you won. 😀
  10. Hi At this time. I don't think it's as much a matter of whether "cruising will be okay" at that time, but whether the company you gave your money to will still be solvent. What is compelling to people is the pricing. So, if you could answer the first point with accuracy, you would be much better off investing in the company vs. hoping for an inexpensive trip in two years. That's my perspective. Unless you are considering any purchase as a possible gift, how can you justify giving money to any company that is burning cash daily, with no near term certainty of an end. p.s. I did look at similar offers too, that would be a dream cruise for me, but then shook my head and remembered where I was
  11. Hi Schmoopie Certainly in the past planning for a cruise six months from would by some be waiting till the last minute. At this point in time, you can count on one thing, and that would be, whatever is now will likely not be then. The most likely thing to plan for would be a possible cancellation. If however, that isn't the case and your cruise goes as planned, you will be given information that will be relevant at that time. There really doesn't seem to be any reason to "worry" about it for six months. Either, sometime between now and then, cruises will have started and everyone will understand the required protocols, or they won't and the likelihood of cancellation would be more apparent. hope this helps
  12. Hi You really have to go with the flow. Most often in these kind of situations first impressions are all that stick. You do have some flexibility in responding. With the voting for instance. You can be just as forward and state quite positively, I don't discuss politics with strangers, I am so looking forward to the steak. If they persist, just leave. Clearly, in that situation, they don't understand. You have no obligation. Something like the doctor, you go with it. If you offering a free consultation, maybe we can get together later. If it's just a matter of bragging, you can go over the top, just lie if need be. I am only taking this cruise while I am waiting for work on my yacht to be completed. It's nice once in a while to see how the masses travel. Have fun with people like that. Once they understand, they will either keep quiet or walk away themselves. hope this helps
  13. Hi As you said, if you ignore anything regarding Covid, then you should first consider the intention of cruising and that is to see new places. So, first decide where you would like to go, then when you would like to go. These are things only you can answer. Once you decide on those two questions, it becomes much easier. Then you just check which ships/companies actually can fill your requirements. That process normally narrows it down to only a handful of options. At that point, come back and ask again, with your choices. You will get many more specific responses. If, however, you felt the cruise was all about the ship, then you would probably be happiest with the biggest, newest ship with all the bells and whistles, but that would necessarily be not be taking Covid into consideration. hope this helps
  14. Hi Don't forget, while the companies seem to have positioned themselves to survive till sometime next year, if things don't work out as hoped, they would eventually declare bankruptcy, restructure and wait. As long as there is the market, there will be a company providing the service. The only reason they aren't at this time is because they are not allowed. That eventually will change. The only issue for "us" as individuals will be whether cruising as we remember would be something that still attracts us. I have read many posts on this site where people have suggested that their cruising days are likely now in the past. For myself, I don't know yet, simply because I don't know what the product will be whenever it resurrects. What is being sold at this time is something that is hoped for but not something that is assured.
  15. Hi. Is anybody surprised? I guess, at least it keeps some people busy. That is important for the mental health of people in these challenging times.
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