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  1. Hi I find this hard to believe. If you have a "cash" account, you are only allowed to make onboard purchases up to the amount that is in your account. If there is no money in your account you will not be allowed to make onboard purchases. I don't believe that any cruise line does it differently. For rtead… your cabin card double on the ship as currency. During the check in process you are photographed and it is linked to the card. Whenever you make a purchase, your card is scanned, they can see your picture so the ships crew can see that it is your card. They will also give you receipts, which you can use to track your spending. As I mentioned, if you go below your deposited amount your purchase will be refused and you will need to go to guest services and top up. Try to do that before you run out of money. In case this is your first cruise... you will see that the guest services counter is very often, very busy. One thing to realize is that they are open 24 hrs. a day. So if there is an unreasonably long line, come back late at night or early in the morning. You also need to carry this card when you get off and on the ships at all ports, typically you will also need another picture I.D. card (for security at the ports). This is how they track who is on the ship and who is not. have a great cruise
  2. Hi Think of it this way, they are going to put continuing additional holds on your bank account as the cruise goes on, and you spend. These holds will be (I believe) beyond what you are actually spending. Then at the end of the cruise, when your account is finally tabulated, the holds that are in place could remain for as long as 30 days. They would have taken their full payment and in addition, while not withdrawing the funds from your account, the amounts still on "hold" will not be available to you, which they say can be up to 30 days. If you aren't willing to use a credit card, and your bank balance isn't sufficiently high that you can't manage without the ability to draw on the funds that are on "hold", then just set up a cash account for on the ship. hope this helps have a great cruise
  3. Hi Since this is special, you could comparison shop one of the more upscale cruise lines. There are some on these threads that feel Oceania gives pretty good value with a higher quality, when you add up all the costs. This would depend on what you are wanting in a cruise of course. Or maybe just look for a more exotic itinerary. If you weren't looking at spending much more than usual, then yes, steak house, chef's table, maybe spa treatment (if you like that sort of thing). have a great cruise
  4. Hi Just wondering, since I have never tried it. Why would you "follow" any given thread? If it's an active thread it would appear on the first page of any given section, you would see it any time you logged in. I can't imagine anything on this site that would be so important that anyone would need immediate notification about, certainly not if it results in emails every time someone posts something. πŸ˜ƒ
  5. Hi It looks like it's bought and paid for. You can't back out without some financial loss. So it's a done deal. The planning, deciding whether you would rather go to Europe or a cruise, are typically thought out beforehand. The choice was made by you to choose an exclusive onboard experience. There is nothing to worry about now, you are going to have a wonderful time. Most people don't spend that much on a cruise. Figuring that there are thousands of people sailing with you, so relatively there would only be a handful spending as much. As some have already answered, the question you are likely asking is... are these exclusive cabins worth the exclusive cost? By the end of August, you will be able to tell us what you think. Personally I would rather go on 2-3 maybe 4 less expensive cruises rather than one expensive one, but that's me. 😁 have a great cruise
  6. Hi Jennifer Welcome to cruise critic Decide what is important for yourself, family, and friends. Is it the ports of call and what you can see and do there, or is it the ship itself that must keep you entertained? Decide on price range, some ships/have a wide choice in price range, or do you want to be on a more exclusive cruising experience? So it's, where do you want to go? when do you want to go? what do you want to do when you get there? how much do you want to spend? what kind of ship do you want to be on? Try and answer some of these questions for yourselves and then ask specific questions? Don't commit yourself to paying for anything until you understand exactly what you are buying and what restrictions might be involved. This is a good site to do your research before making those commitments. The process is a big part of the fun for many of us. It does take some time, so If you are one who prefers it to all be presented to you, you might consider finding a travel agent who specializing in cruising. You would still need to have the answers for the questions I posed. happy cruising
  7. Hi While they won't "refund" money after final payment, Carnival will give you an OBC if you see any price drops for your cabin category up to 2 days before sailing, if you booked with their "early saver" rate. For many this works, for some because of certain restrictions they prefer other booking rates. Before final payment they will refund for any price drops, but of course, prices don't always drop.
  8. Hi Stevens 397 I have said it many times before. The things that irritate cruise passengers the most are things that they don't understand, but think they do. I also usually mention that this site is invaluable in helping others, but usually they find the site after they have made their (usually costly) error. You have been a member since 2010... you never thought to ask? The silver lining is that what you describe is not uncommon with other cruise lines. So, now that you know, the next time you make "any" changes to your booking, just ask if there are any penalties for yourself, and if in doubt ask here first. Normally you would expect that an individual might inform you, but relying on someone who may be poorly trained or poorly motivated, is hit and miss. Putting your case to the boss as ValeyVillage suggest, could yield results, but then you would be relying on ones sense of propriety. have a great cruise
  9. Hi Sorry... just a bunch of other guests. 😁 There are some opportunities to speak with the ship officers, but they aren't typically set up for any prolonged discussion about ship operations with the public, more the idea of taking questions. This would be the case on pretty much all the mass market cruise lines mainly because of the large number of passengers involved, rather than not wanting to socialize. You do see on occasion how some captains make more of an effort to be out there "mingling", but that would be an exception and just a personal preference. You can imagine many people would rather not "talk shop" over dinner. There are behind the scenes tours when you could ask specific questions (not necessarily with the captain).
  10. Hi Vicky Since you are traveling with a group of people who have specific medical/dietary requirements, I would contact the special needs department. They could either make sure that you had available on the ship whatever would be needed or ensure that you would not have any issues bringing onboard anything you needed. Their tel. # is 1-800-438-6744 ext. 70025 Here is a link from the Carnival site. https://www.carnival.com/about-carnival/special-needs.aspx As Bury me at sea has said, you are allowed to bring liquids onboard in cartons, but having written permission could help speed things up if someone were to question you at security. have a great cruise
  11. Hi You got to be kidding. You finally read a two year old post??? Did you even read what the OP said? Go back under your rock.
  12. Hi Ethel Yes. If you arrive at the terminal around 12:30-1 p.m. you will breeze through the check in process, because the initial crowds will have thinned substantially and by the time you get on the ship your cabin should be ready. have a great cruise
  13. Hi With NCL I received an offer for a cruise leaving today, yesterday. The only problem, with booking so close to sailing is that any given sailing may sell out and your choice of cabins may be limited. If that is not a concern and you are considering a "guarantee stateroom" then you have to be satisfied with whatever they assign you. There is nothing wrong with that, unless you are picky.
  14. Hi The thing about packing, is that the more efficient you are in using the space in any container, the more you will fit in. That's easy. There are many YouTube videos tat will show you how. The problem is that then your bag will weigh a ton. That doesn't help is you are flying, or if you will have to lift it at all. I clearly demonstrated this to myself after copying one of those videos. What I learned is that for most situations, you are better off, just packing less.
  15. Hi I understand taste is subjective, but I can't help but chuckle. "Literally tasted like dirt"... that's pretty clear. You paid a fair amount for the meal... the chefs are there... they served you. Did you ask someone about it, they would have tried a mouthful of your "dirt". There can be a real problem with any given dish. You have to speak up. This is a dinner with several courses, did you feel they were all crap? Personally I enjoyed my meal (that was a number of years ago), but that means nothing for the OP. I don't know what they like. I probably won't do it again.
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