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  1. Hi I don't think you are giving the staff of the cruise ships any slack. There is no large city hospital emergeny department that can handle being swamped with patients without the support of the rest of the hospital and very often need to also rely on other nearby hospitals. Of course medical staff were intimidated. A handful of people, facing an epedimic in a confined enviroment, with a deadly disease. Do you think there are many out there who could have handled it better? I am sure they did their best. Likely, their first recommendation was to have the sick evacuated, which naturally would not have happened. No fault of the medical staff. Face it, the world isn't equipped to handle this sort of thing, to point your finger at some ship's medical staff, is just not fair. Responsibility starts at the top. If you do want to find fault, why not pick on the captain? Did you never think, that if you got on a ship or plane, or went anywhere that isn't readilly accessible and something bad happened to you, you might be considered lucky to get home again.
  2. Hi I think cruise lines (as well as other companies) will do what is necessary, when it is necessary. I would say at this time they have more immediate issues, one important focus is remaining solvent. Don't forget, to your concerns, governments have a large say in what is required. To that point I would think that all surviving companies will comply with all requirements. Beyond that I don't think most vacationers care about what specific precautions any given company takes. As long as the situation appears normalized, people just want to pay their money and go have their fun. Just look at how many people in the past have even taken the trouble to read their current cruise contract. Nobody is interested in having to read a document before going on a vacation.
  3. Hi I am looking at this just slightly differently. 1. I think people will spend their money as they had before, in other words, if they can afford it, they will. I am curious to see if after an initial push to draw people back with low prices, all cruise lines would likely want to raise those fares as much as possible. How they can accomplish this goal would be uncertain. Considering pricing is based on supply and demand, I would think that they would need to somehow reduce supply. 2. To your second point, I think people won't support cruising, as well as some other vacation choices until they don't have to even consider social distancing.
  4. Hi There is an issue with general statements like this. It doesn't seem to acknowledge the global aspect of the problem. The concept of waiting for the curve to flatten only works for certain situations. It also is only looking at a specific area. Unless you are talking about having waited for the curve to flatten globaly then countries won't even be considering opening their borders. Look in China, where they are glad to say how incidences of the virus has come under control in the city of Wuhan, they are still continuing to limit movement of people within the greater province. Even within their own country they aren't willing to allow free movement. My main points are that you can't have cruising (as we have known it) at all until countries (all) open their borders. After that, people will have to feel reasonably safe. So, for me, that could take some time.
  5. Hi All the water on board is either distilled or passed through reverse osmosis systems. Water bottlers don't do anything more with the tap or spring water they use. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but I believe both processes would be considered purified. The water on board is good to drink.
  6. Hi I am not seeing that as a recommendation anywhere. What you are saying doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Obviously it's up to you, but I would make at least an effort to speak with a health professional before you venture out after your health assessment and one week isolation.
  7. Hi I understood the self isolation period should be 14 days due to the incubation period. Isn't there somewhere you can call for medical advice? You may or may not have been sick (with the Corona virus or something else) and a week after you started feeling ill, you figure you are allright to mingle again? I don't know if that's necessairly prudent.
  8. HI Yes. You truly are being very optimistic in thinking that this will last about 2 months. Look at China, they were much more restrictive when they shut things down for their citizens and that was more than two months ago. Would you consider traveling to China any time soon? Also, to be clear, you are in a restricted country. Travel in or out of the U.S. is restricted at this time. Just keep watching the news. Until you see the number of new cases going down instead of up, nothing is under control. Until you see that same number of new cases reach "0", nobody is going to even suggest that maybe the restrictions could be eased. It will be the case that fewer and fewer people would be willing to go on a trip where they are "thankful that they are fine" on return. I do agree with your point about passports, but by the time cruising is again easy to do, the cruise industry won't be interested in putting up any additional barriers to regaining their customers. It would have to be mandated by the government.
  9. Hi Same here. Schools, day cares, municipal recreational facilities, theaters, casinos, are all closing and people leaving the country for any length of time are being asked to self quarantine. While individual businesses are not being made to close, if they can't find a way to continue operation and be profitable they will close because if you have an open business and no customers, they won't be able to ride this out. That's why governments are looking at how they can help the economy, but we have all seen in the past how the bigger the company the more likely they are to receive the aid. Help will likely mainly flow to those companies and industries which are considered essential. Most companies/businesses don't fall into that category. Certainly not the cruise lines.
  10. Hi I couldn't agree more. As movement is restricted, more and more business large and small are going to close. Not just for a two week (or so) shutdown, but until they see the prospect of being able to make a profit again. Once restrictions on movement are more in place only essential business will likely be operating. Just look at what the Chinese did, they literally shut down a city of 10 million and while they say the virus seems to be getting under control, they are not out of the woods yet and this has been more than two months. Cruise lines are not what anyone would consider an essential industry and they understand that. They have to be able to operate when this is all over. They cannot afford to continually have passengers and crew stranded at sea because of uncertainty. I believe they will sooner than later, whether they like it or not, completely close up shop for a period of time that is unknown. Clearly, a 2-3-4 week shutdown will not be sufficient. They will not be able to restart operations if there is any uncertainty. They will only be able to restart operations if they are financially able. This will likely be devastating to most of their employees, because they will need to be laid off indefinitely.
  11. Hi Just saw your post. I can't imagine how anyone would expect the airlines to continue operating these routes with only U.S. passengers. At best I can only imagine a significantly reduced flight schedule, more like a handful of flights just to repatriate U.S. citizens stuck in Europe. I guess everybody could make their way back to England and fly home from there.
  12. Hi Just wondering???? Since this is going to be happening by this weekend, are the specific details (written) available for us to read and try to understand if/how it might affect us. T.V. news feeds are telling us very little and I am not seeing other internet sites giving much more in terms of specific information. Where are you folks getting information from? Please attach any links that might be helpful. thanks
  13. Hi J.C. Just want to throw this out for you to consider. Most people, especially in the Caribbean, don't use the cruise lines excursions. I am not saying that the excursions offered by the cruise lines don't get booked up, but what many have found to be case was that there are many reputable and reliable excursion operators that offer similar or better excursions, generally for a much lower price than the cruise lines. I see you are new to this site, so be sure to read up on all your port of calls on the "port of call" threads on this site. There will be a link for each of your stops if you look at the "Caribbean" link. You can ask and get opinions about any given tour and/or operator on those threads. Also, be sure to look on TripAdvisor for reviews, or a simple internet search such as "best excursions on ABC island". hope this helps have a great cruise
  14. Hi Katz Just want to highlight what you are saying. You have tried a number drugs as well as whatever wristband you have. Those drugs work for most people. Others swear by any number of homeopathic solutions that can be found on the internet. What I am wondering is why would you think that the results of any random contributor on this site should give you any reassurance on the worth or not of any product like this. Wouldn't you expect that results could easily be different for everybody. My suggestion, if you haven't already done so, it to consult with a doctor or a pharmacist.
  15. Hi I can imagine if the cruise terminal staff haven't been specifically directed othewise you could see the possibility of them refusing because of either/or the "bottle" might not be allowed in itself also it would at the same time contain alcohol, which under normal conditions would not be allowed. Who knows, they might be reasonable, but I would caution, don't count on it. You could consider wipes. have a great cruise
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