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  1. Hi This would be fine if you found a hotel that you wanted to spend the day at because you have been to that port many times before and there isn't anything else that might interest you (which you could put the hotel cost towards). The question is have you looked at other things that might be of interest to you, after all it is a beautiful port city to visit and if all you wanted to do was hang around a hotel, you might as well just stay on board. Considering it is tender port, if you want to be one of the first off it is generally a PITA (even if you have priority). The ship would be very quiet that day. have a great cruise
  2. Hi Eli The fact that your mother is in a wheelchair does not disqualify you from doing the self assist debarkation. There is an elevator that you would be able to use once you are off the ship and in the terminal. The question is, can you manage the luggage? Figure out how to do that and your problem is solved. When I was travelling with my wife I could push her in her chair and pull a suitcase. In fact I rigged strapping to the chair to pull the bag so that I could have both hands on the chair (this was great in airports). She was able to have our carry on in her lap. Maybe you can or can't do the same, but you have 8 people, share the load (or don't overpack) and you can walk off like everyone else. hope this helps have a great cruise
  3. Hi Welcome to cruise critic. I wouldn't worry too much about being moved out of a chosen cabin. Typically if there is an issue with occupancy numbers, they will either not allow the booking entirely, or warn you at the time of booking. My comment would be more about the fact that you made it sound that it took a bit of encouragement to get your husband to agree. If he was a hard sell then you really would like to make the best of the opportunity if you would hope to do it again. Those shorter cruises aren't the best reflection of "cruising" generally. They are often on smaller, older ships. The itinerary would obviously be limited. Very often it is attractive to a crowd that is just looking for a place to party, especially with cruise lines that might have "included" beverage packages. If this is what you are looking for, then it could be a good fit, but if not, consider a cruise of at least 5 days. Many people would consider it just not worth the effort to go on a 3 or 4 day cruise. The first day is often an energy drain (especially if you have to travel to the port) and the last day you will be packing and depending on your situation will be turning in early because you will have to be up and out of your cabin early. hope this helps have a great cruise once you have settled on where you want to go and with which cruise line be sure you come back and ask specific questions on the dedicated threads for the cruise line you want to sail on. If you are a first time cruiser, I always suggest you ask questions here before you commit to anything that can't be undone without a penalty fee for anything you are unsure about.
  4. Hi So, what is it you are suggesting? Should we debate getting out of bed each morning?
  5. Hi James I agree that a electric mobility will make things easier for you around the ship. I gather you are currently using a regular folding wheelchair. Having both would be optimum, that is assuming that somebody is able to help push you. There are few to no excursions that will accommodate a mobility scooter. That is not the case with the folding wheelchair. You would be able to bring it on many busses as well as taxis. If you are able to walk the gangplank and possibly a few steps up or down, you would also be able to get on the tender at Cabo. The crew will simply pass the wheelchair over, they will rarely make allowance for an electric scooter. hope this helps have a great cruise
  6. Hi Welcome to cruise critic. If you don't want to pay for an upgrade, the likelihood of you randomly being upgraded is slim or more realistically nil. However, the price of cabins is fluid, they can change daily/hourly. The cabin prices can move either way, up or down and they don't necessarily move in the same direction or at the same time for all cabin classes. This is determined by supply and demand on your particular sailing. This is generally more useful if you are some time out before your sail date. There are "booking rates" that will give you credit if the cabin class that you booked falls. So, if you continue to follow the cabin prices for your sail date, you may get a price drop. Even if that doesn't happen, you might see that the price for a more desirable cabin class has fallen enough for you to upgrade yourself for little or no extra money. If you see this sort of situation call your TA (if that is how you booked) or Carnival right away. It happens often enough to make it worthwhile to keep checking. hope this helps have a great cruise
  7. Hi MMfan You aren't billed in advance for your meal. It would be like going to any other restaurant, just ask the maître d' or your server to charge it all to your account. have a great cruise
  8. Hi I would bring a bag with all my stuff to dress up for the evening. I would typically be using the gym, but they also have a steam room as well as a dry sauna that you would be able to use. Why would you want to go back to your cabin to get dressed with your daughters trying to get ready too. Your daughters might consider doing the same thing (or taking turns). The steam room is a real draw for me, especially if I just had a workout. There are lockers, as well as unlimited towels for your use. The showers are larger than those in your stateroom and also have the same shampoo and body wash. have a great cruise
  9. Hi Whether it's right for you really would depend on what it was that you liked on your first cruise. All the cruise lines (mainstream) are somewhat different (distinct), but also more similar than not. So, if you ask about which cruise lines will be equal or better than your HAL cruise in "whatever aspects you enjoyed previously", then you will get more than enough opinions on whatever you are looking for. One thing for sure is that the longer the cruise, the fewer the families will be on board. That might provide a quieter crowd. Also, while longer cruises tend to appeal to an older crowd, Carnival promotes itself as the "fun ships". I would say that on the whole you will find things very similar except perhaps the average age of the passengers and even that would depend on chance. As I said, ask specific questions on what you would be hoping to find. Re reading your post again, if all you were looking for was whether there would be places on the ship where you would be able to sit in private, the answer would be of course. They are large ships, if you want to find a secluded spot it would be no problem. It just might not be where you wanted to be. Same with lounge areas on the ship. Sure you can find completely empty areas, but it might an empty bar with nothing around. It will depend on what you want.
  10. Hi Why is that these discussions so often become one of "this is better than that"? The fact is that what Joe prefers really doesn't matter, because I might not have the same tastes as Joe. What these companies do is offer similar products in a slightly different package so that one will appeal to Joe and maybe another will appeal to me. That's one thing that is great about the cruise industry. If one company doesn't do things quite the way that suits you, you just need to enquire a bit and you will likely find that another one does. It's amazing how many posts on these threads are people just whining about why company A doesn't do things like company B does. The reason is because they are different, not necessarily better. Even if it "truly" were, it would be by design to appeal to a different audience. What people (like the OP) really are looking for is an understanding of what difference they may they may expect compared to what they have experienced in the past. This is best done by asking specific questions on the threads of the cruise line you will be sailing on. One of the best ways to find out if you will like something is to try it. Asking Joe is unreliable.
  11. Hi What exactly is the question? If you wish to cancel and you did get a credit for your deposit, you would need to use it within 24 months. That is specifically if you booked with a "booking rate" that allows for a refund of your deposit. Your TA would be aware of that and hopefully would have told you. Also, some TA's charge a cancellation fee, hopefully they would have told you that as well, if it was the case. You should call them and they will tell you your options. Perhaps wait a bit in case the situation changes again.
  12. Hi I agree with the OP on "one" point. It is your choice as to how to deal with this. Honestly, if I felt as concerned as the OP, I wouldn't even bother travelling. In fact it would be really hard to feel safe stepping out of one's own home, considering this virus is everywhere and the same people that cruise are your neighbors and co-workers. Taking public transport would seem out of the question. Handling money would be really scary. I am sure if you really looked into the statistics there would be many more reasonable things to be concerned about.
  13. Hi The thing about "lousy" weather, is that if the weather is lousy either where you are coming from or going to, the flight can easily be delayed or cancelled.
  14. Hi I think you are missing something here. If the product is illegal under "federal law" you are not allowed to carry it into the country, not only as it is in the United States but any other country you may be travelling to that have similar laws. That is the reason the cruise lines (all of them) do not allow certain products on board.
  15. Hi Yes. They don't have a thalassotherapy pool. They don't have a very large area, so, steam room, sauna and loungers would be the main extras available.
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