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  1. Hi Fatcat If she has a regular folding wheelchair, and she is able to navigate a few (4) steps, they would be able to help her onto a tender and bring the chair with her. I can't say for sure about room service...I rarely order from them, but the very worst she could call when she is ready, if she stays behind.
  2. Hi Pertel With Carnival you will need to complete a pre boarding check in on line. You will need to do this to get your check in time. You are required to get an assigned time for check in...that is a time to arrive at the cruise terminal. They have been doing this for a number of years now. If you arrive early or without a check in time, you may not be allowed into the terminal building at all (right away), dependent on the on the flow of people. This was done to relieve the congestion from so many people wanting to arrive early so they could be first on the ship. I believe the check in times are available 90 days prior to the cruise (I could be wrong). I know from the Carnival threads people will try to be up at midnight on that day to get one of the earlier times. Unless there is some reason to board early I always suggest arriving around 12:30-1 p.m., at that time the line ups have dwindled and by the time you get on the ship the cabins will be ready for you to go right to them. (this would be for the 4 p.m. departures) Ounce you have done this online, you will be able to print out your boarding pass. If you have other questions specific to Carnival, you are better off asking on the threads dedicated to them. If you go to the main forums page and look down you will see a listing of each cruise line, click in the link and you will be on that page. hope this helps have a great cruise
  3. Hi You don't have to think too hard...there are many who don't think twice about stiffing their stewards and wait staff by removing the cruise lines recommended gratuities. They discuss it regularly on these forums. Same goes for all those that try to scam the system, whether it's smuggling alcohol, sharing benefits that they are not entitled to etc... The person who eats more than they really need would be a minor irritant. For me looking at the waste is more significant.
  4. I guess this would make them more valuable on ebay. 😁 I think I still have some of the chocolates...I wonder how much they might be worth.
  5. Hi Fatcat Yes you can rent one from the companies that deal with the cruise lines, specialneedsatsea.com or scootaround.com. They will delivery it to your cabin and pick it up from there after the cruise. Both are reliable companies. I would suggest that you might consider buying one instead. You can look online and you will see that for not much more than the cost of a weekly rental you can purchase a good quality standard wheelchair (delivered). If you are travelling by air your mother can have it all the time. No more standing in lines. Just getting onto the ship for many is a challenge. On embarkation day she can relax in comfort. If your father can push her, great. If he has too many other things to manage, you just need to ask and they will have someone push her for you. You can also do this for debarkation. have a great cruise
  6. Hi I still am not understanding what you are saying. You are saying that "cruise encourage use of TA's". What are you getting at. As opposed to "not encouraging the use of TA's". Do you mean that the cruise lines could offer customers who book though them directly additional discounts that would not be available if they booked through a TA? Trying to stifle competition? If that's what you are suggesting. it might not work. Assuming it was legal. All tour operators have had a long history of supporting and encouraging T.A.'s. It might be seen as biting the hand that feeds them. Just imagine, a given company making an effort to discourage T.A.'s. Then imagine an extensive network of T.A.'s refusing to have any further dealings with that specific travel industry company. I could see it being not having a positive outcome. Not likely worth the effort. Even with our internet economy, T.A.'s still fill many cabins, airline seats, resort rooms, etc...I wouldn't consider trying to cut the T.A.'s out of the loop as being a smart step.
  7. Hi If you are travelling to the Caribbean this summer, I don't think you will have any problems all getting late dining. Early dining is the more sought after preference. If your friends aren't assigned the late dining option before boarding, go see the maître d' once you board. It is just a best effort to accommodate you, but they satisfy pretty much everyone. have a great cruise
  8. Hi 2wheelin I have never encountered this issue for a snorkeling before, but then again, I rarely book a cruise line excursion. I would suggest booking with a third party excursion. They are typically less expensive, and better. Check the port of call threads for suggested reliable companies. TripAdvisor, is also a good source for this type of information. p.s. the only time I have seen actual restrictions would be for scuba diving...but that is normal
  9. Hi Go online now, and get on the waitlist for another dining time. If your cruise is a bit into the future, they might make the change before you board. If you have to wait till embarkation day...go to the MDR right after you board. There will be a line, other doing the same. Speak to the maître d' and they will do what they can. This is best effort, but they usually manage to keep most people happy. It might not be the first night, but keep asking if you need to. have a great cruise
  10. Hi I guess anything is possible, but I just can't imagine anyone bidding up the price. I would think more the opposite, people would be looking for a bargain...of course there are no bargains. I'm thinking of something like on that site that lets you bid on hotel rooms. There are no bargains, the price is set and the terms of your purchase are specific to that rate.
  11. Hi They usually want you out of your cabin by 08:30. You can usually get away with staying on the ship for another couple of hours, but by 10:30 they will be wanting you off the ship. There are usually a bunch of stragglers but they are told to leave. They can't start boarding new passengers until everyone that needs to be off the ship is gone.
  12. Hi The thing is that I could only see them resorting that kind of change if what they do now wasn't working. Carnival does try somewhat to experiment, but they certainly wouldn't change things that work for them, just because NCL or RCL did it that way. I think that the way they do offer upsells allows them more control over pricing and they still maintain the options to give any given passenger a true "upgrade" (for free). Look how happy people are on this site when they talk about getting that call from the "upgrade fairy". The reality is that those opting for the upsell are doing exactly what the company is hoping for...they are committing to spend more money than they initially intended. 😀 Whether its a good deal or not really doesn't matter. Without really knowing, I would guess, that if they make a call and get a refusal, it doesn't take too long for somebody else to accept the offer.
  13. Hi Since you have always tipped extra, why wouldn't just tip as you always have in the past? It really isn't that complicated, give what you like to whom you like. have a great cruise
  14. Hi I used one of those a number of times for my wife when we went to beaches I knew had no shade. My wife couldn't stay in the sun like that. I also had one of those roll up beach mats for her to lay on. She was short enough that she was able to lie down using the towels for pillows an was able to read comfortably. While it did work for the purpose intended, I wouldn't call it a game changer. While in there, you get little air flow. So, if it is hot out, you will be even hotter in there. If it too windy, you just won't be able to use it. I brought more robust pegs than the ones supplied. You don't get much holding power in sand, and it doesn't take much wind to make it awkward to put up. Also, I would suggest a little practice, before you go to the beach, both putting up and taking down. I would say...only if you really need it. have a great cruise
  15. Hi If they are being held captive, they are being abused. In Grand Cayman they are wild and free in the ocean, there is a big difference. For the op: If you are apprehensive, do go.
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