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  1. Under Terms and Conditions on "Sunshine and Serenity in the Bahamas" webpage it says "Waived Admin Fee only applicable to new bookings made under Crystal’s Easy Book — All other bookings default to standard Admin fees. Program offers a limited-time reduced deposit of 15% and waives the standard per person administration fee for a full deposit refund when booking is cancelled prior to published cancellation/final payment schedules. These temporary policies may change occasionally as conditions and events evolve. All offers may not be combinable with other promotions, are capacity-controlle
  2. Check out Starting at Post # 5, I asked Aplmac about several hotels I was looking at and he graciously sent pictures and comments about them. I eventually went with Radisson Aquatica on a great beach not far from Bridgetown.
  3. Stay safe. Someone posted this video from Barbados showing ash falling at Noon time.
  4. Thank you so much for those. What a blast from the past and look at the women in dresses The boy with the space ship floater reminds me of a picture I have somewhere of Clint Brooks as a child.
  5. How many people on the Island? What % of population is 63,689
  6. Thanks. I went for an ocean view room. I hear it may be a little dated but price was good and I really like that location. I'm stepping up from the old Abbeyville with pull chain toilet and watch out for the cockroachs lol.
  7. Not boring at all. Great to see the cases falling. Appreciate you keeping us updated. I so want my cruise to be going on Dec 1st. I didn't book any of the hotels I asked you about. I ended up booking Radisson Aquatica which I believe used to be a Holiday Inn ages ago. I thought about booking the Hilton but I think the beach will probably be calmer at the Radisson. The day I was the Hilton the waves were a bit too much for me to venture in. I also had lunch there and wasn't overly impressed.
  8. Oct 16 - Nassau R/T - Catherine First time on Crystal after long time on Oceania. Like MisterBill99 said it could end up being more expensive than planned 😁
  9. Hope it works because I booked the Oct 16th one. I just got my first vaccine shot and second isn't until July 11. Canada is following Britain's lead to get as many people as possible a first shot.
  10. Thanks. I'll keep my P1 guarantee then. I didn't know that P1 verandas had some nicer finishes as Keith said so I would be happy with any of them. I just want to get on the water.
  11. Thank you for your swift response. The chance for an upgrade was the draw for me to book the guarantee. Only the connecting door was something I'm not sure of- I have heard people say it's a problem. One more question. Not sure what cruise line made the statement but the statement was that only people who traveled together or got written permission from the cruise line could dine together. Are there solo tables in the specialties or if this statement is true, would that mean I would have no option to dine in the specialties?
  12. I have read many of your posts and think you provide so much good information for anyone considering Crystal. I just booked Crystal for the first time- well actually first time was for their October 2020 specials back in the Spring of 2020 that got cancelled. Trying again and so hope this one takes. I booked for Oct 16th because I didn't know when I would get the vaccine- Yeah- I got my first shot today. However, Canada is following Britain's lead to get as many people vaccinated as fast as they can so my second dose is not til July 11th or I might have tried for the earlier cr
  13. It appears several of the Cruise Lines have stopped waiting for CDC to open up sailing and are going to start Caribbean sailings. I wonder if NCLH and Oceania in particular will do anything similar? https://www.crystalcruises.com/special-offers/bahamas-escapes https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24600-celebrity-announces-june-caribbean-comeback-from-st-maarten.html https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2021/03/19/royal-caribbean-cruise-bahamas-june/
  14. Thanks Claudia for saying that bookings were open. I couldn't find my TA so I booked myself and added his contact. I booked for October because I'm not sure how long it will be for our borders to open.
  15. After 1999. $2,449 VERANDAH $4,249 PENTHOUSE (PH/SH)
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