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  1. Thanks very much for your reply, but I didn't mean a model of Ryndam. Ryndam was the nautical-theme ship. She had so very many sailing-ship models and other artifacts (sextants, figureheads, compasses, etc). I was wondering what happened to all of that stuff, particularly the ship models.
  2. I've always been wondering the same thing about the magnificent ship models that were on Ryndam but so far have not had any luck in finding answers.
  3. Well, I'm a solo HAL cruiser but I don't exactly understand your question. Don't know if you mean you're curious if HAL (and/or Princess) have a friendly atmosphere for solos or if they plan events specifically for solos or what? I see that you've already asked this on the Solo Cruisers board but you put it as a reply under the Solo Cruisers Roll Call thread. It's likely to be overlooked on that thread. If I were you I believe that you'd get a better response if you went back to the Solo Cruisers board and began a new thread with your question -- as you did here. In the body of your message you also might mention the aspects of solo cruising for which you are specifically seeking answers. There are many delightful people on the Solo Cruisers board who have lots of experience with solo trips on many cruise lines and are always willing to offer a world of help to folks with questions. Hope this helps.
  4. Unbelievable! This thread is devolving into the usual "proper attire on gala nights" discussion when the OP simply requested info on how many gala nights to expect on his/her cruise. I suppose that's to be expected since we haven't had one of those threads in at least a month or so. And I'm out of popcorn.
  5. I always do a wire transfer of up-front money to the ship. If you want to do this, OPC (Ocean Players Club) will provide instruction. On the first night you just do some paperwork at the cage. Then you just withdraw cash at any table at no charge to your shipboard account. I don't know how they do this for the slots because I only play blackjack. Before you disembark you go to the cage and they will give you your remaining funds.
  6. Oh well, as I said in post #92 😐. See also (copied from Dec '16 article in Computerworld, color emphasis mine): Carnival's decision to move IT work to a contractor "is not a cost-savings initiative," Frizzell, the cruise line's spokesman, stated. "Our core business is cruising, and by taking this action and working with a world-class IT firm like Capgemini, will provide us with the ability to significantly strengthen our IT operation for our company and our guests," he said. He added that there is more opportunity for Carnival's IT employees at Capgemini than at the cruise line. BTW, it is my understanding that the actual change was not implemented until mid-2017 but I can't document that. Although a June '17 article in Breitbart stated CCL "is set to" outsource to Capgemini, implying that the changeover would take place in the future.
  7. This sort of crap (includes website issues) seemed to escalate exponentially after CCL offshored their IT services to Capgemini. I say "seemed" because I don't know for certain, but it really appears that way to me.
  8. It is really hard to get information from OPC (Ocean Players Club), particularly since Michael Bayona is gone but what I do is: An up front money wire transfer. You complete the wire transfer before you sail. Then on the first day you just do some paperwork at the cage, after which money is always immediately available at any table (don't know how they work that for slots, I only play blackjack) with no fees to your onboard account. On the last night they remit to you what is left. Don't know if they do markers like land casinos but you might try OPC at 888-OPC-CLUB (672-2582). Enjoy E'dam, she's a great ship. Hope your ship's master is Captain John Scott.
  9. Well, I know something that will CERTAINLY be open on Christmas Day in Curacao. A fascinating place! I happen to be Jewish, but you don't have to be Jewish to appreciate this site if you're "into" history at all. You can spend nearly all day there, particularly exploring the exhibits in the rooms up at the top of the spiral staircase. Enjoy! http://www.snoa.com/synagogue
  10. 888-OPC-CLUB (672-2582). I really don't like dealing with them, particularly since Michael B is gone. They are pretty unresponsive and IMO OPC is the LEAST transparent (regarding tiering, etc) of the three major cruise corporation gambling subsidiaries. Anyway, good luck.
  11. Well, here's a trick for your DW. I've posted this before but you may not have seen it. When I'm having dinner in the PG I politely ask if the chef would consider constructing a strawberry pavlova for me. About 50% of the time this is all I need to do. But if they demur, then I pout and tear up and whimper "Well, they always do it for me on Amsterdam and Maasdam (or any couple of ships except the one I'm currently on)". This has worked every time!
  12. Umm, we're really not permitted to name our PCCs but the first name of mine is the same as the title of a university official. Is yours by any chance the same person? Hope you see this post soon, as it might be removed by the admins.
  13. Just adding my vote to the positives for lunch in the PG. I'll have lunch there nearly every sea day. Love the calm ambiance and the good menu --- and (everyone knows I'll ALWAYS say this) the strawberry pavlova for dessert.
  14. I've had the same wonderful PCC for 9 years now. My experience with him has been similar to * Miss G*'s with respect to awesome results from guarantee bookings, upsells, responsiveness, etc, etc. Don't know what I'd do without him.
  15. https://www.hollandamerica.com/content/dam/hal/marketing-assets/.../KBYG.pdf The smoking rules for each ship are on pages 15-16 of this Know Before You Go document.
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