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  1. Av8rix

    HAL Club 21

    Well that sounds interesting. I've never had such an offer. But then the Ocean Players Club (CCLs umbrella for all of their casinos) has NEVER been transparent -- such as RCCLs operation. Someone recently posted Xs beautiful tier and benefits chart. Wish OPC would learn from that. Would any of you who have received this offer mind telling me if you are slots or table players? I'm exclusively blackjack (a tournament player on land) but somehow I suspect that the slots players have a comps advantage on CCL brands. That's JMO, could be wrong. TIA.
  2. I always use latex or nitrile gloves to handle my chips on the first few days of a cruise, 'til I'm certain that the incubation time for noro since embarkation has passed. I guess this would work for slots too. But then I don't touch menus (on HAL the menus are posted by the MDR door anyway) or stairway handrails either. I don't use elevators...although that's for fitness purposes but also serves me well for protection from noro and respiratory cruise crud. I've been on sick ships but have never gotten noro or any other transmissible disease....so far. I'm still not 100% certain that I understand the transmission pathway of novel coronavirus .. probably airborne so gloves and my no-touch policy may not work for that. Nor do I think that they've made the final determination of incubation time. Don't intend to do any Asia cruises until all this resolves anyway.
  3. Seriously? I didn't know that....and THANK YOU for telling us! Unbelievable that MSC will honor CCL loyalty status when even CCL itself won't do that between its own lines (if you have Mariner status but want to switch to Cunard or Seabourn you'll be starting from square 1). I'm starting to have the same issues with HALs cost-cutting that are shared by many on this board and am considering switching to another line but think I'm too old to start any loyalty program on the bottom rung. My daughter is in the RCCL system and loyalty status is shared between RC, Azamara and Celebrity. Makes sense to me.
  4. Could you please clarify what you are requesting concerning "pinnacle" prices? Pinnacle suites, Pinnacle Grill or Pinnacle-class ships?
  5. Sorry, I have to say one thing more: Strawberry pavlova (all the regulars on this forum knew that I was going to say that, didn't you?)
  6. And that might be a blessing. IMO two weeks without would probably be a "cure" (for the habit). Although it only took me two days. And before I get flamed on this contentious thread, note that I stated IMO and probably in the second sentence.
  7. Thank goodness I'm on HAL. I will NEVER play on a CSM table nor will I ever play on a 6:5 table. HAL still does hand shuffle. However, HAL will generally only open the 3:2 table if asked. So on any HAL ship I make friends with the host on the first day and he will open the 3:2 table for me for the rest of the cruise. Nice thing about the 3:2 tables on land or at sea is that they're always higher minimum and that generally works to keep the beginners away.
  8. You're right about that! I live in the PacificNW so can't go a week without (real) sushi. But I NEVER eat the "sushi" that is offered on the ships. Not because of fear of getting sick but because there are no real sushi chefs on the ships and what is offered is what my Asian friends refer to as "round-eyes sushi" or "beginner's sushi". Like California rolls and similar.
  9. Well, fer shure all of the S-class and R-class (done it myself 3 times on those), Vistas and the Signature Sisters do transit the old locks. Don't really know if the new Pinnacle-class ships are panamax or not. But @Copper10-8 knows.
  10. No, that was Koningsdag (King's Day), a whole different thing from the Orange Party. Koningsdag is done just once a year on HAL ships -- as well as throughout The Netherlands. However, the Orange Party is always done in the evening/night and is done on EVERY cruise. But we (well, most of the pax) do wear orange for Koningsdag.
  11. No, no -- not to worry! I didn't mean that they didn't still have the real brown sugar for oatmeal. I'm also an oatmeal fan. And yes, the server who hands you your bowl of oatmeal still has the brown sugar alongside the raisins, almonds, etc that you specify to top your bowl.
  12. No, it's not brown sugar -- in the sense of the stuff you cook with. It is raw sugar (either turbinado or demerara) -- sugar that still has its molasses. It's all I use at home and all I use(d) on the ships until my October cruise on Volendam, when I found that it was gone. Luckily our first stop on the day after embarkation was in a North American port where I knew the location of a grocery, so I bought a box there. It is very difficult to use from the dispensers provided on the ships because the molasses makes it sticky. I will continue packing my own for future cruises.
  13. OK, Amsterdam is now officially listed on the schedule as a 1900 hours departure. I'll be back then. Bye.
  14. Jacqui -- off-topic but I'm thinkin' about booking your Noordam cruise this fall 'cause I see that there are already a couple of other solos booked.
  15. Hey, was I seeing that right? I got a glimpse of Amsterdam before the focus shifted and looks like she doesn't have "GRAND WORLD CRUISE" emblazoned on her fo'c'sle this year?
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