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  1. Had to quit this thread 3 hours earlier but forgot to thank Lou and Dave and their gang. As always, good job!
  2. Z's bow just popping into view now on the PE cam. Sure is nicer when just us regular Kathi's sailaway bunch are watching🙃
  3. Wow, this is weird! Just now my phone rang. HAL on the caller ID. It was my dear PCC (same one for 10 years) calling about my cancelled cruise. I just yelled into the phone..."Hang up and get on the webcams. Zaandam and Rotterdam are coming in right now!! Talk to you later!". Yeah, seriously.
  4. Well, at least we'll get to see a Netherlands tricolor in a couple of minutes.
  5. Looks like that pilot is heading for the sea buoy because there's a container ship "Vanquish" (Netherlands registry!!!) inbound. Oh, and just noticed another container ship "Caribe Navigator" inbound But I could be wrong .....like so many others on this thread 😒.
  6. I really miss listening to Adagio in the Explorer Lounge (on the R-class and S-class ships) and waiting for the Yum Yum Man to chime us in for late fixed dinner seating. And I really like that Louie started this thread 'cause we are all HAL folks here. Some of the other threads are being invaded by snarky folks who have never EVER posted on the HAL boards until the latest Z and R crisis.
  7. Little early for the port cams. At the moment they're both bearing southbound off the coast of Dade County.
  8. That was EXACTLY my reasoning when I sent the request this morning for a full refund for my May cruise rather than the FCC and OBC. NO ONE yet knows for a certainty (well, maybe Mickey Arison and the board are already mulling over their options) how this thing will ultimately shake out. If HAL survives this I'll be ready to sail again...that is, after they develop a vaccine for this novel coronavirus...but the alternative must be considered. Unpalatable as that alternative is.
  9. Y'all are right, of course. I stand corrected. OK it's 2300 hours here on the left coast. G'nite all. Hope to awake tomorrow to see both ships headed toward safe...and welcoming...harbor.
  10. Actually looks like she's bearing off easterly toward the old Gatun lock.
  11. Yeah, that also startled me on AIS. Done full transit 3 times and don't EVER remember speeds like that.
  12. Oh, I see what's happening now...at least I think I do. Apparently there is only one pilot working now (Pilot04, according to AIS). The pilot vessel and the container ship that we saw depart have both arrived at the sea buoy. I'll bet that the pilot will be heading back in a couple of minutes to take NADM out.
  13. You'd think that if NADM were really going out at 1600 there would be a pilot somewhere near her now. At least that's the way it has always been in the past.
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