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  1. How long has Meraviglia been in operation???
  2. You have to email Voyagers Club, not the regular MSC email.
  3. Probably add two more words. Based on timing. Hurricane Dorian. The weather affecting the European coast is timed right to be the leftovers of Hurricane Dorian. No wonder the cruise was rough. NCL should have rerouted before the cruise and let people cancel with no penalty. Of course, they probably had many Thomas Cook Passengers on board, so cancellation would not really have been an option.
  4. I kinda wish they would expand the bidding to experiences. Would be nice to get Fantastica or Aurea at a slight discount.
  5. We like : Inexpensive Italian Great Food. (Some of the best on the seas as long as you don't want steak at every meal.) Friendly Officers and Staff. They used to have the entertainers and officers eat with passengers. One of the few lines that actually still has a Captain's Table some nights. Not USA centric. That is, more European than American.
  6. My suggestion as well. You can also use the Strawberry soft serve for the strawberry shakes. Although they won't be as pretty as the formal milkshakes they do taste good.
  7. And Carnival pays a dividend on the stocks on about a quarterly cycle. Also, for Texas Wyldcat, the reason the stockholder page on line says it is good until 7-31-18 is that Carnival determines dividends in June and it will be published shortly. Been renewed every year since the early 2000s.
  8. Okay, folks. Been a few years since I was on MSC. Now looking at either the Divina or Seaside. Is the gym accessible to all passengers? Is there a Sauna or Steam Room available to all passengers or do I have to get a spa package.
  9. Been a couple of years since we were on MSC. But I remember the Risottos were spectacular. Particularly the Mushroom one. (different one each day). Also the Mushroom Soup is the absolute best I have ever had. Was disappointed in the lobster.
  10. Our Tickets in March still had the dreaded clause, "Carnival reserves the right to impose a fuel surcharge if the spot price of oil goes over $110 per barrel"
  11. Having sailed on the Opera, the Lyrica, and the Poesia way before the Bella/Fantastica/Aurea levels, MSC has always closed part of the Buffet and made it into a second Dining Room in the evenings. Usually it is part of the Buffet that is decorated in Darker Woods with better tables and Chairs. On Opera and Lyrica this Dining Room sort of took the place of a Specialty Dining Room. And most importantly, the Buffet in that part of the Dining Room is closed and shut off from the Diners. You are not being forced to eat a Buffet Dinner, You probably will not even notice that the Table and Chairs are the same as are used during the day. The Buffet Dining Room for the Evening Meal was quiet and professional with appropriate lighting, Service, and Food.
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