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  1. Agree, not on the balcony - try the library, there’s rarely anyone there! 😂
  2. Yep, same problem with all the RCL lines. I'm a third (III) and RCL actually shows me as "Iii". I've tried to fix it for years, but they seem to have the most trouble with the smallest issues.
  3. Yeah - the problem is knowing what is a "good sale". They can reduce the price but also reduce the included perks. Or what happened to me last time, reduce the price but only on non-refundable deposits. That one almost got me! Best of luck with it.
  4. No, sorry but I never said that. I was saying that a "tone-deaf" customer service dept would have simply cancelled the reservation with no options. The letter and the options provided do not sound like a tone-deaf reply but more the reply from a department that realized they were causing some inconveniences.
  5. Bob, your perfect reply should be cut & pasted to every "is this a good deal?" thread. If someone likes a cruise, likes an available cabin, feels the fare is acceptable, then book it. Then follow it every now & then and if the price drops get it reduced. Sales come & go, some good, some not so good. Find a fare you can accept and if you get it reduced before sailing, be happy.
  6. Sorry, but in the scheme of things the letter sounds very nice. They (apparently) advised you as soon as the decision was made, apologized for the possible inconvenience, they offered you first choice for an event that will no doubt sell out, & they gave you several other options if you did not want to participate. I understand you were frustrated over the change but to call it "tone deaf" or a money grab (one presumes for an additional cost the dinner will be an upgraded experience, wine pairings, etc) is a bit much. Sounds to me they did exactly what they should have.....
  7. It took a while since we started this, but I'm glad it's worked out for everyone. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays.
  8. So, one & a half (+/-) weeks since I started this thread - I just went to the X website and did a search for voyages for the Connie and this is what I got. I think the IT team has either given up, or gone on the Christmas holiday - still NOTHING between April 2020 and April 2021. 😵
  9. You will hear the movies, especially action movies with a lot of bass. We did not think it was too loud and did not bother us. Next door neighbor complained several nights and asked us to do the same. One man's cannon is another man's cricket.
  10. Thinking out loud here - maybe worth watching when the Connie voyages return to the website. They have been basically un-bookable for over a week now, so maybe they will be on sale w/reduced prices to gain some action once they are back on-line. Who knows, but can't hurt.
  11. just tried to simulate a booking on the Connie for Sept 2020 & web states no rooms for 2 adults available. You would think after a week they would have resolved this.........
  12. Rachiem - our little thread took off. At least we are not the only ones.....misery loves company. Good luck to us all
  13. was that quote directly from X or from your TA?
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