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  1. Only time will tell. When we did this in February 2015, the cruise before us had 40 foot seas on the passage between Antarctica and Cape Horn. We had maybe 8 foot seas, going from Cape Horn to Antarctica, at the max. So there is really no way to predict what you will get for that 24 hours or so for that part of the cruise.
  2. Just ask for one at Guest Services. They will insure that you get one. I bailed on the luncheon on our last cruise, because there was an event I needed to attend (Blackjack tournament), but a quick stop by GS and it showed up that evening.
  3. On our cruise last month on the Prinsendam, they split the Mariner lunch into 2 events. All the 4-star/5-stars and those that received Medallions got invited to the first lunch session and the 1/2/3 stars got invited to the second lunch session. Now maybe that because the Prinsendam is smaller and tends to have a larger percentage of 3/4/5 stars mariners than other ships.
  4. Jewelry out of the shop does not seem to count either. I bought a nice ring for the DW on our last cruise and the cost of it did not count towards our Cruise Days count at the end when they posted.
  5. When we did this in 2015, we never thought about the direction, it was more the timing and we lucked out on doing the West (Chile) to East (Argentina) direction. The buildup of the Chilean Fjords before Antarctica is definitely the way to go. While we have not done the other direction, everyone seems to agree that if you do the Fjords after Antarctica, its just not as impressive.
  6. Jacqui, Wonderful so far, we are waiting for our taxi to bring us to the ship in about an hour. So glad to see that at least the Prinsendam is still giving out the Voyage Logs. See you soon.
  7. That jives with what some others have reported Orlando as saying after he recently viewed the Prinsendam. If so, it would be WONDERFUL. The loss of the smaller ports and more intimate itineraries that the Prinsendam does is such a shame.
  8. Left hand for tasting, right hand for serving. Or I might use a cracker if available. 🤩
  9. We got our 100 day medallions on our cruise last August. Now that 100 days on the ship, not 100 Mariner Days/Points. Its like the airline BIS miles. You actually have to sit in the airline seat for 1 Flying Million Miles to earn the 1MM Status. For example, we are 4-Star Mariners (200 days/points) and Bronze (100 Days) Level on HAL. Total and separate distinctions. And if I remember correctly, there are no real perks associated with the various Medallion levels.
  10. I've done that but only with the small dollop I'll put on my plate first to see if I like it. Its sometimes hard to tell what the white dressing (ranch, cesar) if the bottles are not labeled. Also if its something different that I've never had before.
  11. Thanks for the update. It was quite a surprise to see this title pop to the top of topics this morning, as we are joining her on the 24th and I know she should have (and is) in the Med at the moment.
  12. If they are going to do any major modifications to the MDR for CO, then it would probably happen on the ships next dry dock. If its just a service/training issue and roping off a section then they could implement at any new segment start. As to whether it stays or goes, it will probably all depend on the number of non-Neptune passengers willing to cough up $50ppd for the experience.
  13. eah Yeah, that was me. I've only been on the Prinsendam for the last 5 or 6 years and there it is a self serve salad bar. Sadly we will have to move back to a Vista or another of the smaller ships after this cruise.
  14. Thats what I meant. Lido pool deck area. Good to know. I don't remember those being there on our cruise last August. Another Q. Where the appetizers listed on the W&W or did you just have to stumble across them?
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