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  1. It's called humor....find something else to get angry about.....
  2. I will be right near it at the start time 10:00 AM.....As long as I get a glimpse of the ship I am good.
  3. No, but by being local and a Navy sailor...I plan to check it out...
  4. Not me.....I did make some posts about port Canaveral opening up and the scheduled cruises out of it. As a matter of fact, I am on a cruise this weekend out of the port.....
  5. "Massive" spikes.....interesting....More than likely the disease will be eradicated from the earth on November 4.
  6. Because you said GLgrounds was incorrect....which technically is not true....so as much fun as you had trying to prove someone incorrect...I am now proving you incorrect.
  7. It was a perk....priority boarding thus you got to the room quicker.
  8. Well if you want to get technical....you are incorrect....up until the early 2000's all those boarding could go directly to their cabin.
  9. I was really hoping they were done with the tion (shun) ships....Celebration, Fascination, Sensation, Elation, Aggravation.....
  10. "Arena Y Sol"....played in the Boleros lounge on many voyages.
  11. Good for you....you are in his fan club.....nice...personally I am not here to impress anyone...my goal is to learn from others and help people in areas I have expertise...such as onboard evaporated water potentially containing high levels of sodium....or onboard water potentially causing discoloration of dyed hair. You see, being a sea going sailor...I have learned a long time ago nothing is absolute.....in this case, for someone to speak in absolutes with countless posts supporting their theory and dismissing what can potentially happen will only come back to haunt you. Murphy's law so to speak. A good engineer is always aware of the intangibles and does not speak in absolutes. However if they do, I am sure it has or will be brought to their attention in reviews from superiors.
  12. Yeah...the same guy who has been called out on several of his adamant insights...but some on here think he is a god.....
  13. Whoops.....just like I said earlier in this thread....change will come....welcome to the new age muster drill....I heard they are now serving crow in the Windjammer..... https://thepointsguy.com/news/royal-caribbean-emuster-safety-drill/
  14. Ok I am in....had to reschedule from the Carnival cancelled Thanksgiving sailing. Looking forward to this ship!
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