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  1. The ship, (Balearia) which has the capacity for 600 passengers, is 81 meters long with a hull of 26. It offers accommodation in regular and superior seats as well as a café, shop and dog hotel. Call it a Ferry, call it a Shuttle on steroids...there will be more of them in the event cruising does not come back to Florida in the near future. The basis of my discussion in this thread is about Bahamas Paradise getting in the game of shuttling passengers from Florida to offshore homeport destinations the cruise lines are developing. In reality there is no difference between
  2. Just a heads up to the doubters.... need to point out the Balearia out of Fort Lauderdale is already operating doing day cruise and drop off of passengers to the Bahama island Bimini. They have a nice new 1000 ft pier which Virgin cruises utilizes. The island also has a beautiful Hilton Casino Resort. Would not be surprised to see Virgin use this as a homeport soon.
  3. The Chum was referred to as me throwing bait to you so you could ramble on further. In the real world this is how it works in a boardroom....ideas are floated and expanded upon. As usual, I posted an idea which needs "expanded upon" and by expanded upon I mean discussing how it could work versus the no way in hell approach you take. You have a deep history of minimizing people who have suggestions. If and it is a BIG if...the cruise lines make near shore homeporting a long time venture versus a couple month stop gap, there will be flexing of rule interpretations to accommodate getting pas
  4. Your facts did not do you much good with the muster drill changes I accurately predicted...secondly, not worried about the CDC...the cruise lines have already introduced a work around...making you and your wishful predictions mute. In addition, with regards to the lawsuit filed... if the State of Florida truly becomes impaired enough from Federal restrictions....the State of Florida has the ability to ultimately secede. Obviously worst case scenario but Key West did a mock up several years ago...mainly in jest... you can't dispute it is an option.
  5. Just throwing some chum out there to combat ridiculousness on your part. You still have not bothered to mention you were incorrect about Casino ships currently leaving Florida waters with more than 250 passengers. I am sure it does not fit your agenda. You are going to find out just like you did with muster at sea...if Royal Caribbean successfully pulls off near shore ports of call....there will be shuttles from Florida...whether you like it or not. This whole CDC anti-cruise thing is adversely effecting income in the State of Florida so much so the first salvo by the Governor is to file suit.
  6. We shall see...just like we have seen with the muster drill changes you so adamantly denied could not happen. The difference between me and you is...I throw out ideas and innovation....you spend all your time refuting....To sit here once again and say something can't happen is just plain lunacy and to me rings the bell of motive. I will play along...you say they shuttles can't go to a near shore Island for a quick less than 24 hour turn around...and I say (thinking along the lines of innovation) the shuttles go to a certain point and meet the ship....now lets hear some more negativity....
  7. In the event you think I am fabricating some kind of a story.....www.victorycasinocruises.com
  8. Since my November then June just got cancelled...I now went with March of 2022.
  9. It would be a round trip.... one way drop off cruise passengers...bring back passengers (Bahamian as well as debarking previous cruise passengers) for the return. Revenue would be transportation, food and beverage as well as casino .
  10. During this interim period (waiting on the CDC) Bahamas Paradise Cruises could provide a day shuttle for Florida passengers to one of the new RCCL Bahama homeports such as Nassau and Grand Bahama Island. At least they would get some casino revenue. I would venture to say they could get quite a few passengers who can't or won't fly. Currently casino ships are currently allowed to leave Florida ports...just an idea if anyone in the boardroom is listening.
  11. It may reach a point shortly where any Federal suggestion or Federal entity's suggestion will be of zero importance and the decision of our Florida governor will be all that matters.
  12. If this idea of homeporting in Nassau becomes a thing...you will be amazed how quickly shuttles from Florida to Nassau also becomes a thing.
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