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  1. What time does princess start boarding in LongBeach?
  2. Leaving for the port and am wondering, what time does princess (Star) start boarding?
  3. We just rented one with enterprise through Costco. They will pick you up , all you do is call when you get in.
  4. Thanks, we have a car rented in Kakalui, the one island we are going to that we have never been to. The rest we will just take uber ,bus or taxi.
  5. We are not doing tours on these islands since we have been before on different trips. This is our first cruise there and was wondering what is the best way to get to the shopping areas and some local places to eat? Rent car, Uber, Lyft, Taxi? wife wants to shop a little and I will just roam around with her. Let me know what you have done on your on there.
  6. bobnfl

    Tours in Hilo

    Check TripAdvisor they have lots of tour and tour operators listed.
  7. Are there any tours out side of the usual tours offered by Princess or other cruise lines if you are on them? We are looking for something to tour the islands at our leisure. Thanks for any info.
  8. Shop on line. If you know your sizes you can get a tuxedo for a lot less than 1k. I bought my dinner jacket 3 years ago for less than $100.
  9. bobnfl

    Kauai, Hi. Docking

    Thanks I found it about 2 minutes before you replied.
  10. bobnfl

    Kauai, Hi. Docking

    My wife and I want to rent a car when we get there. We will be cruising on the Star. Where does Princess usually dock at? Do you know which rental companies are close? Thanks for the help if you can.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Since we have never cruised out of this port at least now we will know what to tell the transportation people when they ask.
  12. we are taking a cruise out of san pedro, ca. in late march on the star princess and was wondering which pier it will be docked at. Can anyone that has cruised there before steer me in the right direction. I need to set up transportation when we return and want to give them the correct information. Thanks
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