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  1. I appreciate all the input!!!! I’ll be on these boards a lot now that we have our cruise scheduled. Planning and researching is a big part of the fun!!!!!!
  2. We decided on a Mini Suite since we're celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary! Went with a starboard side near the aft. It wasn't that much more in cost! Now for all the rest of the planning! CC has helped me so much on each cruise we go on. 😊
  3. Thanks Jim.... yes I have discovered that site. It's very helpful! I think we will definitely get a covered balcony on the starboard side.
  4. After all the good advice I have had on these boards we are ready to book our cruise. We will do the 15 day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to LA. Wondering about cabin choice. We will be looking for a balcony cabin and assume we should get covered or partially covered. Does it matter which side of the ship we’re on..... port side or starboard? Appreciate any advice!!!!!!!
  5. We are planning ahead and hope to take a Panama Canal cruise in January, 2022. Could someone please let me know about when we might be able to book this? Thank you!
  6. I’m so glad I asked the question here. Really appreciate all the wonderful comments! In re-reading the posts it seems like we should do the full transit from Ft Lauderdale to LA. Not many recommended the round trip LA trip. It seems we should also try for a balcony starboard side! I enjoy the research!
  7. Great!!!!! What cabin did you choose?
  8. I really appreciate everyone's input!!!!! This research is part of the fun for sure! For those that recommend the aft cabins have you noticed much engine noise or bumpiness? On a Hawaiian Islands cruise we had a mini suite in the way aft.... Grand Princess. The hubby wasn't keen on the noisiness! After all the tips I've ordered the book that was recommended!!!!!! Love Cruise Critic!
  9. Thank you Georgie for your quick response. I will focus on the Florida to LA full transit on Princess! The research is a good part of the fun. This is the one cruise my hubby is really interested in.... excited!!!!!
  10. I haven't posted here in a long time as we haven't been able to cruise for awhile! We have decided on a Panama Canal Cruise for the upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. I'm just starting to research. We live in Southern California so are looking at the 19 day round trip LA or we could fly to Florida and do the 15 day back to LA. This will probably be our only time to do a cruise to Panama so would love opinions on which cruise to pick. I think we would prefer the Coral through the old locks just from what I've already read. Thanks in advance for your opinions!
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