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  1. thanks all. plan on taking some of my own anyway as I drink redbush with vanilla and I don't know of any ship that has those onboard. but i'll not take as many as I do drink normal English tea to.
  2. excellent I can leave some at home in that case. thanks
  3. Just doing the last bit of packing ahead of getting on the Indy on Saturday. It's been a few years since we last sailed on Rccl and I can't remember what type of tea bags they have in the rooms and windjammer. I normally take some of my own just in case as I hate Liptons. If that the bag of choice i'll pack a few more of my preferred Tetley ones. Thanks Jules
  4. that's another way to know in advance .
  5. it's written on our set sail passes. the in laws are on a different floor and I spotted when I printed them for her it was different to our.
  6. I'm hoping it will be a ticket system for the ice shows, when we get on board as the In laws who we are travelling with have a different muster station to us. We were last on her 6 years ago I think and it was a ticket system them, so hopefully it will be the same sort of thing. Good to know about the Grease show so will bear that in mind.
  7. We get on board her in 3 weeks and I already took out Hubbies Tux and sorted out my long dresses ready to pack. Hubby wears a suit to work to and loves to dress up when on holiday and I like to see him dressed up to. I also love to wear a nice dress in the evening, formal night or smart casual. Though the formal ones are more dressy than the others. Next year we're on Equinox and it will be odd not to take his tux with us as I've read they don't dress up as much on Celebrity. That said he will be in a nice smart shirt and dark trousers what ever night it is. What ever you decide to wear i'm guessing will be fine, just take what you are comfortable wearing. Enjoy your time on her. Jules
  8. I had to ask my UK TA 3 times for a copy of the CC booking invoice Guest copy, as all they kept sending me was on if their paperwork. i'm guessing the copy had "figures & prices" they didn't want me to see. I did get a copy but they had covered over all the prices. All I wanted was confirmation of the drinks and grats that were included in the price.
  9. we are also torn between the 2 ships and Itineraries. There will be 9 of us 3 of which are teenagers. Rhapsody has the better ports in my opinion but the ship I don't think is "fun" enough for the youngsters. Allure is a better ship but the ports are a bit on the boring side. Been to most already. It's not me that's arranging it as it's M&D that are, they want to do a big family cruise to celebrate the golden wedding ann. My dad has asked for my input having been on a few more cruises than they have. My sisters and family have never cruised before so I suggested the Allure, it's just a shame the ports are not as exciting as the Rhapsody ones.
  10. Really, I'll look for that when we board in 5 1/2 weeks time. I would never have thought to look there..... Jules
  11. latest on this is the airline have not been able to block the strikes. so some will be announced shortly. Yes you are right they have to give 14 days warning before they take place. as in the past though even when announced they can still get cancelled at the last minute. I'd expect the dates to be listed on the BBC website so if I see them I will update you.
  12. Not sure if this is what you are after, Classic Drinks Package: Upgrade your cruise experience and pay one price to enjoy all of the benefits of our Classic soft drinks package, as well as beer, spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass up to $9 per serving. Plus, with the purchase of this Classic Package, you can enjoy a 15% discount on all wines by the bottle purchased on board, even our prized Reserve Wine list and Rare Wine list. $59.00 per person, per day* We have this perk on next years Equinox cruise to.
  13. Next year we will need to rent a car after we get off the Equinox. But as it's a Sunday and due to the lack of choices rental wise, we plan on getting a taxi to the airport and collecting from there. As said more choice and open longer hours. Jules
  14. Interesting, between us we only have 1 credit card and it's a Barclaycard. never had a problem on other cruise lines except last year when they blocked the card due to real fraud activity. Had to cancel it and pay on the last day with a debit card. Found out a day and half before we got off, All our bank accounts are Barclays bar 1, an old one of mine. I've just told hubby about what you have written and as the Credit card is his he said he'd make sure to tell them our travel plans ahead of our cruise in a couple of months, Jules
  15. we have done both cruise lines once so can compare. Found the Ventura to "British" for us so have no plans on getting on another of their ships any time soon. We liked the Indy when we first sailed on her and are looking forward to getting on board again this year. Much prefer the American run ships even when they sail from Southampton as the feel is to so much nicer. I'll disagree with someone else who said the entertainment was better on P&O, for us half of it was ok the rest we had no interest in seeing. Again as others have pointed out Indy does have a lot more in the way of features like the ice rink, climbing wall and flowrider etc. compared to P&O. Your grandchildren should enjoy that side opposed to what P&O have on there ships. Yes you are correct Indy is not coming to the uk anymore next year, we are amongst those effected by the cancellation. But there is the Anthem to try instead if you like Indy. If we had been looking at a Southampton round trip next year I would gladly have swapped to the Anthem. Instead we are trying the Celebrity Equinox for something different. For us we prefer Princess over all the others.
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