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  1. thanks cruisemom42. For now i'll be keeping an eye on what happens if any. Luckily for us no we are not going to Livorno this time, I have several times though so know about the long drive. yep she would not go to Florence but I probably would get her to walk around the town if I paid for the shuttle fare. I have to say I do enjoy getting off there and going nowhere. . We get off in Civitavecchia so no worries there. We do stop in Naples, Kotor, Split and Corfu. I'm crossing my fingers that if something does come of it we aren't effected to much. I'd already promised the kids a ride on the people mover and ice cream..... As well as showing them around in the dark.
  2. Sorry about the cookies..... here is the article copied. So far this is all can find on the matter. Tourism crackdown: Venice to ban large cruise ships in bid to save city VENICE will ban large cruise ships from entering its historic centre from April 2020, in a desperate attempt to save the ancient city’s image. Italy's transport minister announced that large ships would no longer be able to pass through the Grand Canal by the famous Piazza San Marco square, however she said it was only a "temporary solution" to the city's tourism woes. Paola De Micheli, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said: "We are working to remove large cruise ships from San Marco by April 2020. "The solution is not simple, but must be fast, taking into account environmental factors, nautical traffic and economic consequences". She claimed technicians had assessed "all the available material from 2017" and concluded "a definitive solution will come. "Times are tight, so we will go towards a temporary solution, while we evaluate the definitive one later, also regarding the economic resources to invest". In August, the city began limiting the number of cruise ships allowed to enter the city's historic centre. The move marked a victory for residents fed up with living in a city overwhelmed by tourists and huge ships. Locals have long complained the enormous ships ruin the beauty of Venice's historic sights and pollute the waters. However tourism is Venice's main economic activity, with 30 million people visiting each year, many of them from the more than 600 cruise ships that anchor in the lagoon. In June, a 900ft ship collided with a dock and a small tourist boat in the city's Giudecca canal - one of Venice's most important waterways - injuring five people. The incident revived protests against the ships and calls from residents to ban them altogether. The move to ban ships is not the only effort Venice is making to crackdown on its tourism problems. From July 2020, day-trippers will be slapped with a fee that will be used for the upkeep of the city and to "improve the quality of life of residents'. All tourists arriving by plane, water taxi, cruise ship, trains or coach who are not intending to stay overnight will have to pay €3 (£2.70) during the low season and €8 (£7.20) during the high season. If visiting during “critical” periods including summer weekends, they will have to pay €10 (£8.90) to access the World Heritage site which encompasses the city centre and islands of the Venice Lagoon. The city came under fire as officials issued fines and exclusion orders in a "draconian" big to clamp down on "anti-social behaviour" such as urinating or sunbathing in public. This summer saw police hand out 100 fines to tourists in two months, including a woman being forced to pay €250 (£224) for sunbathing in a bikini. In September two Czech men were fined around €3,000 (£2,690) when police came across them skinny dipping in a canal near Piazza San Marco. And a German couple caught making themselves coffee on a portable stove were given a €892 (£800) fine. From the way I read it, it will be coming in, back in June when the ship crashed in to the dock, I said then that is a nail in the coffin for cruise ships. I do think that the Infinity is classed more of a mid ship size and not a large one so i'm hoping the it's not one of the ships that will be banned. But agree if it does it does but I will be gutted for the others sailing with me. My sis has already said she will not get off if she has to be "taken" to the main place of interest. So if it means we are docked on the mainland she won't see any of it. First cruise and I don't want her to stick to just the ship for 7 days. Plus I want to be able to show her Venice at night.
  3. It may have been discussed before and I know they have been limiting the numbers docking but i'm talking about a report that is more recent. ie 4 days ago. found the article in the end it was in the Express. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1200985/venice-italy-tourism-cruise-ships-europe-holiday-news it does says it's "temporary" but will come in to force in April next year. I was wondering if anyone else had seen or heard anything about it. It talks about mainland docking as an alternative which is miles away. Jules
  4. Last week I read somewhere the ban is finally going to come in to force in Venice. I can't say I blame them and it's been talked about for a few years now. We have sailed from there twice already and have spent a long weekend there so i'm ok with it. I really can't blame them....... But next year we are on the Celebrity Infinity with my family in tow. None of them has ever been to Venice and it was one of the bonuses of booking this over others. Not only does it start in Venice, it over nights to, i'll be gutted if it docks else where and we have to be ferried in to see anything. Can anyone on here shed any light on what ships it effects as from the details of what was and didn't happen already it looks like we may be ok. IE we will still dock in the original terminals. All I seem to be able to find out is details put out in August that said ships bigger than a certain size will be moved and I think Infinity is under that tonnage. As yet I have not heard anything from Celebrity or my TA about it. many thanks in advance - Jules
  5. we are doing something similar next year as been to Disney twice before. we are starting with a cruise out of fort Lauderdale, then hiring a car to get us to Orlando for the Disney part before flying home. I don't see why it can't be done the other way round, have fun looking for the right combo for you, Jules
  6. We will be doing the same thing Nov 2020. I have worked out it is going to be better to get a taxi to the airport and pick up the rental from there. There are not a many companies close by the port and for us we need it on a Sunday, so the choice is even smaller.
  7. I'll second this suggestion. We need to rent a car next year after our cruise on the Equinox. There are not a lot of offices open on a Sunday near the port. So the plan is to get a taxi or a end of cruise excursion that drops off at the airport. Jules
  8. what the problem may be is the offices don't open in Port everglades for the times you have entered. We will be wanting to rent a car after getting off the Equinox next year. Disembark on a Sunday. There are only a few offices in the area and have limited opening hours. We plan on getting a taxi or a end of cruise excursion that ends at the airport. From there the offices are open I think 24 hours a day and will give us a much wider choice of companies to pick from. hope you find a solution that works for you. Jules
  9. that's good to know. no plans for next year as have 2 celebrity ones booked. but not to say in a few years if they have the right itinerary we may come back. but I will remember the problems on this one when if we do. Jules
  10. My biggest warning is if you get a card in the door talking about "cash account" and you know you added a credit card question it straight away "do not leave it." the debit account is still a problem as the Pending has not cleared off. Annoyed as the amount is equal to the one they put through on the credit card and the pending went off that today. They had no right to put it on that account, if it had been £42ish equal to the $60 fair enough. but it was £425. the girl put us on the spot and the queue was HUGE. I wanted to fetch another card from the safe but hubby said it's only $60 that's no problem to take it from his debit account. Today he is calling and complaining. In the past with Princess, we have preferred to Pre load the account so at the end the balance is small or we are due a refund. But I don't think RCCL do "refunds", I know Carnival and Celebrity think it is ok to keep unused credit which is theft plain and simple. So I had no choice but to put on a card no to charge the whole lot. Have no plans in the future to sail with RCCL any time soon, this has left a bad taste on my tongue which I will think of if I consider another cruise with them.
  11. I hope it works better than the RCCL one ( it appears to work on the same platform). some parts were ok and very useful. But the daily planner of events were screwed up. Just off the indy and had it on several devices in our party. a couple of devices the line up matched the compass but other didn't. one night it showed a film and 2 DIFFERENT acts all in the theatre over lapping each other. in the end only used it for the menus and account as it could not be trusted. Jules
  12. I know this has been brought up before but if anyone in the uk is planning on using a credit or debit card with any of the above make sure they know you are on a cruise in advance. I told my husband to advise them and he didn't so he now have the fall out from it. We got off the INDY last Friday and at they put a payment through at the start and Visa accepted it, but then they blocked any further ones. So RCCL decided without telling us to turn our credit account in to a CASH account. When they did they stuffed a card I the door slot saying our cash account had a balance and we needed to see guest relations. I told him it was an error as there was a credit card on the account and they had made a payment ok already. had the note said "there is an issue with the card listed on your account" we would have gone to the desk straight away. As it was when we went to order a few photos some days later, the transaction failed and we had to go see them when we finally found out what they had done. That's when we learned what they had done and they allowed us to call Barclays to try and sort it out. But that didn't fully solve it either. Barclays allowed them to put through the balance at that time but 1 payment only. they told RCCL if they wiped the card details out and reinstate it that would clear the block, simple would you not say? anyway RCCL said no we can't do that and will not. we still had a day left on board and planned on buying drinks that night ( no drinks package as we never drink that much to justify the high cost). So RCCL said "if you have another card we could make a credit in advance payment for you to spend later". this was our ONLY option. we don't have another credit card and Hubby only had his DEBIT account card to hand. If the queue had not been as long as it was we would have gone back to the room for another account card rather than his everyday one. WE REALLY SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS as it caused further money probs that after 5 days are still on going. when we got back to Southampton he was able to check his bank account and guess what RCCL have stolen £425 of his money. before anyone starts to say it's common practice hear me out. Yes I know it's common for them to put a pending transaction through to insure they get paid, but they TOOK the £425 from the credit account and then had the nerve to put a pending hold on the same amount on the debit account which they only took $60 worth (hence the stolen money they have no rights to). if the pending had been for the GBP total of $60 fine but the pending is the amount agreed with Barclaycard on the other card. so be warned this does happen and quite a lot to UK card holders. Hubby went down to the desk before we got off to complain and several others including a Lloyds bank customer were there for the same reason. Oh no really help but "i'm sorry we have left you with £67 in the account!" we are sailing with Celebrity next year and hope they don't work to the same ethics. as said UK card holder BEWARE you could be next to fall fowl of their actions.
  13. thanks all. plan on taking some of my own anyway as I drink redbush with vanilla and I don't know of any ship that has those onboard. but i'll not take as many as I do drink normal English tea to.
  14. excellent I can leave some at home in that case. thanks
  15. Just doing the last bit of packing ahead of getting on the Indy on Saturday. It's been a few years since we last sailed on Rccl and I can't remember what type of tea bags they have in the rooms and windjammer. I normally take some of my own just in case as I hate Liptons. If that the bag of choice i'll pack a few more of my preferred Tetley ones. Thanks Jules
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