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  1. thanks for all the replies, that's worth remembering about the sailing point and grats. This years is from Southampton but i'm hoping to be on the Allure next year from Barcelona. And maybe on the Indy again for the Trans next October. Also that's good to know we can book cancel and rebook with an issue.
  2. so I just went through it as if I was buying the deluxe drink package and the price worked out at £44.08 each per day. ($58) In the cart it did not add any extra grats to it, I don't think they are allowed to show it without over here, the price has to be calculated to include everything. That's a very good question about us Brits being able to cancel and rebook. If we could without a penalty that's not to bad.
  3. I've had the same email for our sailing on the Indy in September. From what I can see the price per day is no different to what it was last Thursday.... I think I have seen emails claiming to be for 25% maybe even 30% off but I'm not 100% sure.
  4. we have been twice. 1st time we took Kroner and ended up bring 95% of it back. Then last year we decided not to bother, paid for the only trip on line in advance - Viking tour from Stavanger. Every thing we bought using our cards. We were lucky in a way as the 2 loo breaks we had to make were free ones. Olden and Bergan, there's a museum there that is free and had a toilet we could use to.
  5. we booked through looking 4 parking. Booked the triangle car park which is just across the road from Ocean terminal. Used them again last year to but we were out of one terminal and back in to Ocean. So I booked the option with a taxi transfer, worked perfect and would book it again if needed. Hubby is VERY funny about where he leaves his car and prefers to keep his car keys so no one else can drive it.
  6. not seen a price drop on ours so far. But booked with Tesco vouchers, anyone on here had any past experience getting a price drop when booked this way? Good to see it's worked for others though....... Jules
  7. thanks for posting those. I'm still debating doing the Oct 2020 repo on Indy. I'll be 50 while it's at sea, i'm still on the fence if Hubby will enjoy it or not. He's not a fan of lots of sea days. Still deciding to do it or not with an extended stay in Disney after to cover his birthday to. Jules
  8. Not really sure if the above link is relevant or not as it may be better directed at those booking in the US. We booked direct using Tesco points and made a nice saving. I've also booked via a TA in the past. All depends on which gioves me the best value for money. But to answer you will be fine, if you go on their website and scroll right the very bottom of the home page you will see their Atol and Abta no's. Happy booking and cruising. Jules x
  9. You do have a few nice sail in and out of ports, Split / Kotor / Venice, I see it's an over night there. We had a balcony on our Med cruise on the Island Princess that sailed out of Venice. You do need to be on the right side though as someone else pointed out otherwise you miss St Peters Square, so do your research. I would have booked a inside but the difference between the types was a small one. Some of the tours can be more expensive than ones in the Caribbean so something to consider. Aside those few nice ports a lot of the rest aren't that special to see. You don't over look Barcelona, Your docked a 10 mins shuttle ride from Civitavecchia, Livorno is an industrial port and you have to get a shuttle out of the port. Naples is an old town but if your up early enough you will get a view of Mount Vesuvius at sun rise, we had to go up on top deck to get that the last time as we were on the wrong side..... not been to Nice. Hope some of this is of help. Jules
  10. No probs,, I have read of some that were able to book using a UK family member or friends address. It's not just an issue for those in the States it's the same for those in Europe.
  11. Hi just a word of warning if your outside the UK you may have a problem booking P&O. Just like we have issues booking cruises on a USA site, those outside the UK will have the same issue with P&O.
  12. we always stay in the Travelodge Eastleigh, but you would need to arrange parking separate. We have sailed before when the boat show is on and know rooms anywhere around Southampton book up quick.
  13. Welcome aboard Faye As someone who has sailed from the UK a few times, I can say sailing on any ship from Southampton the turn out on Formal nights is quite high. You will see lots of tuxes and long dresses, the more Brits on board the more dress up nights are adhered to. I always pack Hubbies tux and several long dresses, i'm never seen in the same one twice lol. I'm not sure what dinning option you have booked but we always go my time dinning and request a sharing table. It's a great way to meet new people and if you don't like your table mates you only have to eat with them once. This will be our 2nd time on Indy in September, although we only have a Inside promenade room booked we still can't wait. I'm sure you will have a fab time and enjoy the experience cruising brings. Jules
  14. We are on her in September and Hubby is taking his tux and bow ties. So i'm saying take it and enjoy yourself. you will not be alone as we Brits do like to dress up...……... Jules
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