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  1. Next year we will need to rent a car after we get off the Equinox. But as it's a Sunday and due to the lack of choices rental wise, we plan on getting a taxi to the airport and collecting from there. As said more choice and open longer hours. Jules
  2. Interesting, between us we only have 1 credit card and it's a Barclaycard. never had a problem on other cruise lines except last year when they blocked the card due to real fraud activity. Had to cancel it and pay on the last day with a debit card. Found out a day and half before we got off, All our bank accounts are Barclays bar 1, an old one of mine. I've just told hubby about what you have written and as the Credit card is his he said he'd make sure to tell them our travel plans ahead of our cruise in a couple of months, Jules
  3. we have done both cruise lines once so can compare. Found the Ventura to "British" for us so have no plans on getting on another of their ships any time soon. We liked the Indy when we first sailed on her and are looking forward to getting on board again this year. Much prefer the American run ships even when they sail from Southampton as the feel is to so much nicer. I'll disagree with someone else who said the entertainment was better on P&O, for us half of it was ok the rest we had no interest in seeing. Again as others have pointed out Indy does have a lot more in the way of features like the ice rink, climbing wall and flowrider etc. compared to P&O. Your grandchildren should enjoy that side opposed to what P&O have on there ships. Yes you are correct Indy is not coming to the uk anymore next year, we are amongst those effected by the cancellation. But there is the Anthem to try instead if you like Indy. If we had been looking at a Southampton round trip next year I would gladly have swapped to the Anthem. Instead we are trying the Celebrity Equinox for something different. For us we prefer Princess over all the others.
  4. I've been putting off deciding which alternative we should book till I saw what was on offer on the Indy , but like wise very disappointed in the choice so nothing there for me. So going to stick with my 2nd choice of the Celebrity Equinox for a 9 day to the Caribbean, which will suit us perfectly. I can board in my birthday, get off have 6 days in the Orlando area doing the parks, then fly back on my husbands birthday. Added a £1000 plus to the over all bill which i'm not best pleased about as we are now needing to cut corners where we can. Sorry RCCL I doubt we will be back on another of your ships after our Canaries this year.
  5. tell me about it, last time we went to Florida was 20 years ago. We both flow and stayed for the price of 1 of us this time round. Then there's the park tickets WOW expensive again i'm sure the price of both tickets is as much is 1 is now. We hired a car last time now wondering if maybe we can get away with shuttles and taxi's. I've noticed some hotels now charge a daily rate to park a hire car as well as the room rate.... Then there's the car park charge for the parks, I have all the parking tickets from last time $5/$6 a day, now it's $25 a day. I think next year will be the VERY last time we holiday there. Jules
  6. Thanks for that Mysticmum, i'll have a look later. We have been to Orlando twice before, once on Honeymoon the other my 30th. Both times stayed on international drive all be it different ends of it.
  7. So I think I've found the one for us, no way as cheap as the TA on Indy. As said i'm struggling to come up with anything as close price wise. Still looking to be paying £500 more each for flights cruise and hotel afterwards. I noticed a 9 day on Celebrity on the Equinox sailing on the 6th of Nov, (my birthday). Ports are Grand Cayman, Aruba Bonaire and Curacao, no silly private islands Good. The price at 1st looks high but they are including a classic drink package and the gratuities are free. Tips are worth about £105 each so that in it's self is a good saving. Don't normally purchase drinks packages as I really don't think they are worth it for the amount we drink... But if it's included well that's another saving even if we only have 2 or 3 drinks a day, Alcoholic or not.. So with those included it levels it out to about the price of some of the others I've seen. Afterwards we will stay in Orlando for 6 nights flying home on the 21st (hubbies birthday). LOL I made the mistake of telling the new girl at the TA we wanted 6 days in Disney and she took that to be where we wanted to stay so priced up a Disney hotel. Ouch no wonder it was so expensive a quote. I asked what it was for just the flights and cruise and re quoted £2100. Still working out where in the Orlando area we want to stay. Anyway it's looking like that's the cruise we will be taking, just got to convince Hubby it's the best alternative. So looks like RCCL have forced us to jump ship and try someone else. We like Princess and I've heard Celebrity is similar. For anyone still looking for alternatives you may want to try Celebrity ah the offer lasts until the 31st of August. Jules
  8. The package I had the travel agent alter for us was the Trans on Indy, coach to Southampton, Balcony cabin, transfer to hotel at Universal for 5 nights, they were doing 3, and return flight to the UK. all in £1860 each. Can't get close on most parts with any other cruise. Lose out flight wise as now got to get at least 2 maybe 4 rather than 1. length of cruise has shrunk now from 12 to 7..... disappointing. We won't get the free transfer to the hotel so more expense. Get to do the same days in Disney though which is a must for Hubby as he wants to go to the Star wars part at Disney Hollywood. I have to include that part as he's also 50 around the same time I am..... The Freedom is coming out at £2600 but if we do one from the Florida area I get something for around £2100 but no way as nice as the package I had planned on. The travel agent is also doing a similar package on the Anthem but the ports days are fewer and more sea days which is a no no for Hubby......
  9. I was going to book the TA back to the states for my 50th birthday, but then they pulled it. Now i'm trying to find something else to fit around the rest of our plans which are to go to Disney afterwards. I don't want to sail for 7 night and only have 2 / 3 port stops....Boring...... Likewise I don't really want to do the Bahamas as none of the stops interest us. Plus the idea of being taken to a private theme park island and being trapped there is horrible. The package put together by a UK travel agent on the TA was a good price and I can't find anything that includes flights and hotels that come close. At the moment i'm looking in to the Freedom out of San Juan but it will cost us nearly a £1000 each more........ Lots of nice ports stops not many days at sea but the down side is lots more flying which is making it so expensive, plus it's shorter than I want to do. Was hoping for a 10 day then a week in Disney. Before anyone points outs yes I know there were a lot of sea days on the trans and I was prepared for that. But the cost of the package made it worth it. Now i'm waiting to see what they come up for the Indy instead but i'm not hopeful...... Oh and I've looked at all the others cruiselines and none of them have anything that gives us all the elements of land and sea we are after. I'm hoping they have got their figures right by pulling the Indy and make what they want from more stops to Coco Cay. Was it worth upsetting so many over on this side of the pond, who now don't trust them and are going elsewhere, well I don't know. For some over here, we have long memories and don't forget having our dreams shattered by what some would say is a greedy unkind act by a company. If anyone can suggest a Ship with a Balcony cabin sailing around the 6th of Nov 2020 for 10 days disembarking in the Florida area including flights and then 5 days in the Disney area that comes in under £2000 i'm happy to consider as i'm out of further ideas.......
  10. Agree would much rather be on RCCL or Princess than P&O. for us it's more about what's on the ship rather than a cheap price. Been on 1 P&O cruise and don't plan on getting on another one any time soon....... But a lot of people out there look at price first. I wanted to do this years Canaries cruise on Princess, but had to switch to the Indy due to the "fun stuff" it's had added. Hubby gets bored and I needed to get us on the best ship with the most things for him to do. Again a reason why I had convinced him the Trans on Indy would be a good choice. Glad to hear they have seen sense to keep the FCC in line with the US. if not i'm guessing it would have left a very bitter taste in a lot of Brits mouths.
  11. totally sympathise as I've lost count the hours I've been looking at all sailing on several cruise lines over the past weeks. I'd just got to the point of convincing Hubby we should take the Nov Trans. we are BOTH 50. 2 weeks between us so we could both be away on our birthdays, so The trans was perfect in so many ways. I had been putting off booking as I wanted to see what cruise option Princess were doing, they only came out today. So i'll be heading to their site to see what Caribbean sailing might suit us. But as said all other options are coming out at £1000 to £2000 more than the Trans. Neither Explorer or Anthem stop in the Caribbean long enough so they are no good to me. Bye Bye RCCL in 2020 for us.
  12. not really. It sails at the right time but doesn't stop in enough Caribbean ports. Indy "was" due to do 4 stops Allure just the 1. Not enough for us. The other stops are in the Canaries, which if we weren't going there in September would not be so bad. Hubby will not half consider Allure as a good alternative. Like wise Anthem will not be heading for the right port for us as we want to do Disney afterwards. As said shame as it looks like we will have to look at what carnival and Princess can offer as fly cruises. But so far all options are a lot shorter and anywhere from £500 to £1000 more per person. As said before Shame on you RCCL
  13. best of luck to those that had booked in finding something else to swap to.......
  14. I was going to post about it to. We are on Indy this September and had planned on booking the Oct Trans for my 50th birthday. This has screwed my plans as the Anthem trans is no good to me finishing in New York. I'm planning a stay in Disney afterwards... So it looks like a Fly cruise with another cruise line now. I bet this will have one TA that has a tv show, jumping this morning as they have a special package for both Trans. Cruises with 3 days stay in orlando. I was going to book through them...... What I could not get about RCCL was in their Q&A it says with the Anthem in the UK we have more choice? how does the maths work on that. 2 Ships down to 1 - looks like half the choice to me. Agree there always seems to be a sale on prices of some sort but the prices on our Sept sailing doesn't seem to going up and down by much since I booked last Aug. As said shame as i'll have to go back and look at what Princess and Carnival have in the way of fly cruises now. Last thoughts to RCCL Shame on you. to cancel 1 or 2 sailings is bad enough but to pull a ship out of a port for a whole season is the worst of the worst.
  15. OK so this is a question for UK cruisers only as i'm after an idea how you got on. I have a booking in September on the Indy. I've been tracking the price and promos and worked out i'd save not a huge amount but a bit if I got our booking swapped. It was booked back in August last year on a buy one get one half price promo and I picked out room so it was not a Guarantee fare. I know they weren't do it on a Qty fare but I was under the impression I could for the my type of booking. So I called and girl who did not speak great English told me I could only change a name and nothing else. After a few moments of me telling her she had the incorrect information I put the phone down in disgust. having read on here if you don't get the right answer the first time ring and try again. So that's what I did and got another none very good speaking English girl but she was a little better. Again she told me I could only change the name but I could cancel and rebook. Not an option as the saving was less than the £300 PP deposit I have paid. I told her when I booked I was lead to believe I could do a price swap and she replied by saying " we don't do that in the uk , are you looking on the USA site!" no I was not and that is what I told her. Anyway they refused again. So i'm looking for others experiences for UK only bookings please. IE did you go through a TA, ours is a direct booking with Tesco vouchers. and how far from making the booking were you able to swap.... Pretty pee'd off right now.
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