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  1. March 2021 Jewel is in Galveston; I wasn't talking about now. It was doing the Middle East out of Dubai when the pandemic shut down occurred ( I was on it), two cruises later it was transitioning to Europe. It was supposed to do Europe over the summer/fall and then return to the states in the fall to Galveston for Caribbean cruises, that is why it is in Southampton now. Who knows what the ships will do once they start up again...I have nothing better to do now then look up all this stuff.
  2. Oops March 22, 2021, in 2020 Jewel was in Dubai I was just looking at these March dates because my daughter was all excited over the rocket launch, so I thought I would use my FCC out of Galveston or Cape Canaveral to give her a NASA visit.
  3. FYI Jewel leaves Galveston March 22 of 2020 since I saw it was mentioned. 16 day transatlantic to Barcelona.
  4. Do a search because this was mentioned about a week ago for someone looking at 2021, you can limit the search to the rccl board if you don't want other cruise lines. Seattle is cheaper for most to get to Vancouver one ways are good if you want to spend more time in alaska,but cost a lot for as transportation and airfare (excursions, food and hotels are pricey there). If you have only have a week do Seattle The Seattle itineraries have the larger ships with more bells and whistles than the Radiance class, which does not have some of the "fun" items like bumper cars.
  5. We almost always stay at the Dania Beach Springhill Suites. It is across the road from a shopping complex, but the parking lot has a Burger King. They have restaurants that deliver locally or a short walk to some in the shopping area, though my favorite restaurant is on the far end, maybe a mile. They have free breakfast and free pick up at the FLL airport and you can sign up for a free bus ( sometimes a van) to the cruise port. They are usually in the $150-200 range so a perfect precruise hotel. For more luxury we stayed at the Embassy suites on 17th. Almost the same amenities as above except add a bar with happy hour and a nicer hotel/amenities ( better pool, hot breakfast). You just need a cab or Uber ($15ish from airport or port). In the $300ish or so range. Happy hunting
  6. This is my husband, he needs a coffee and mug everywhere we go. They are only imaginary temporary... And I fully embrace my weird. My husband loves to take credit for last minute things, but leaving the pamphlets on the table for him to find is planned...
  7. If the ship has a pool and a kids club your seven year old will be fine. I recommend eliciting the teens in planning as you will get more buy in that way. Seattle is popular as it is cheaper and easier than a one way trip for most. The big ships have more to do, but cost more. Unless you have to do RCCL for FCC, there are many choices in Alaska. There is a similar thread on the Alaska board now, take a look at that for more information to plan your trip.
  8. I love to plan, but my husband likes to wing it, so I plan time to wing it. I have a packing list, but I get distracted when I pack it (kids and dogs), so I have packed and forgotten essentials several times. When my twins were 2, I forgot socks once (had four in the diaper bag and washed a pair every day, I could not find socks for kids anywhere) and the last trip, I forgot bathing suits for the kids (now 8), but we were in Dubai so a trip to the mall solved that problem. I research so much, but we do 1/2 of what I have looked into. A lot of the time, I know what we are doing, (choice of one or two activites), but we don't officially decide until the morning, depending on whether the kids will be grumpy and what we feel like doing that day, except for the must do items that can only be done on a tours, but we tend to stay away from those with kids (who don't do well on a time schedule.) I have planned several imaginary vacations in quarantine and have done so even before house arrest, so once we are able I can go at the drop of a hat. We tend to book most vacations last minute.
  9. I did the Joy last year over Thanksgiving, it was the noro-virus cruise on the news so it has a lot of issues with keeping everything clean, much like now. Hand sanitizer everywhere and we couldn't touch items in the gift shop, they would bring it to you and if you didn't buy it, wipe it off, and put it back. Pro:lots to do, Le Bistro was delicious ($$$ if not on speciality dinning plan, our bill was over $100 so you are better off getting a package of you didn't get one with your booking.) Con: you needed a reservation for everything and they told you that you couldn't wait, but we usually did and were able to get into things, but they discouraged it and sent us away alot, they charged for all the fun items like race cars and laser tag We had fun, but we all agreed we wouldn't do it again. We were on a holiday sailing so your experience may be better as we had other issues (family member ill) that tainted it for us.
  10. FYI hotwire is finally refunding our money, but it took 4 phone calls and now the waiting game to actually get the refund. After reading your review I stuck with it and they did eventually come through. I hope you can do your next cruise so I can read the review.
  11. Yup, it looks like all cruises and not just Alaska will be cancelled, as you can no longer book anything in July now. Carnival cancelled all through August 31, 2020, so I suspect most cruise lines will cancel through at least the same amount of time. No way they are going to cancel more cruises then they have to unless they need to.
  12. I did it just fine with three year old twins and it took an hourish with stops to get a drink, take pictures, and catch our breath. Of course watch your kids, but it wasn't unsafe with toddler kids. Just take water with you and a snack because they get expensive as you climb. It only took us 30 minutes back down. My daughter and husband did it faster then my son and I, he was the most entertaining of the trip, burying his head in my leg saying "I don't like people talking to me" every time someone said what a good hiker he was, but after a rest on top then a piece of chocolate "people can talk to me now". He earned his hot chocolate in town ( we climbed in November).
  13. I do Rick Steve's , I can't remember if he had a wall tour, but his are free and may be useful in other ports. I know we used his tour in the old town, though I didn't need him to tell me when we came across the famous steps (Shame Shame Shame!) Look up info. on line and have it with you while you tour is another option. That's how we knew what was Game of Thrones related.
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