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  1. Hello, In answer to the thread's question, no I am not booking - or at least not with RCI. I think that in order to protect the company they let go anyone and everyone that knew what they were talking about and able to do what they are supposed to do. I, and my TA, are arguing with them over refunds that should be FCCs, refunds or FCCs (I don't mind which) that are due but have been forgotten completely, the 25% uplift on FCCs on cruises cancelled by RCI but are only FCC'ed at the 100% rate, the transferability of NextCruise BoB OBC to another booking - and
  2. Hello, I agree with you 100%. I can only presume that neither you nor I is a politician. Anything I might say further could put me in breach of the CC guidelines. But what I will say is that our bureaucracy (the Civil Service) is fixated with procedures and not deliverables. Regards, Cublet
  3. Hello, The problem with here, the UK, the injections are being given as a free 'service' from our National Health Service and the government has taken a policy decision not to give certificates showing/proving vaccinations. So far anyway. As a (very) major purchaser of the vaccine, the government has also told the drug companies not to supply any private enterprises (for private vaccinations) until the contracts to supply the NHS have been fulfilled. We Brits could be in a bit of a bind. Regards, Cublet
  4. Hello, I thought I would look at the Single Special price vs 60% Off Second Passenger from first principles using algebra. Unless my algebra has failed me completely, it is a mathematical impossibility for the 60% off Second Passenger rate to be better than the 50% Single Special assuming the single passenger gets 75% of the C&A Balcony/Suite Discount and the same price per passenger is used for the 50% and 60% calculations. Other, tiring, points: 2022 Prices ex UK for Single Special does not allow for 'Flash Sale' Discounts (but only £40 when I last booked it), a '
  5. Hello, It would be simpler (in the UK) if either (1) the formula was loaded on the website, or (2) the single special prices were loaded on the website. For 2022 there are only two cruises showing single special prices and they are the ones that were worked out for me and I have booked. I haven't booked any more as my poor TA spends hours on the 'phone to RCI only, at the end of the call, to be told he can be given the price but they don't know if he can book it until the price is confirmed. I'll wait and book on board and have them do the work for my next o
  6. Hello, In order to save you from a trip to The Tower of London, the Queen (or King) is HM, the hangers-on are HRH. Regards, Cublet
  7. Hello, I don't know whether this is supposed to be humorous or sympathetic - you decide. A friend of his went up to Noel Coward and said 'Noel, I've been told I'm going blind - please give me some advice'. Coward replied with 'Yes, don't try to eat fish off a white plate'. Regards, Cublet
  8. Hello, Love knows no chains. Regards, Cublet
  9. Hello, When I was at university in the 1970s, there was a student that used to carry his loose change (coins) in a condom. This proved too much for the servers in the students' union cafeteria who had him banned but was OK for the cashiers in the local Sainsbury's supermarket. For those not familiar with the brand, Sainsbury's was very 'establishment'. Regards, Cublet
  10. Hello, Many thanks - you have been of great assistance (as usual). Regards, Cublet
  11. Hello, Many thanks for your assistance. Unfortunately we seem to have no-one left in the UK with a brain cell and my TA's last contact with RCI was routed to Kansas. Would I stand a chance getting the OBC if I make another booking and ask for it to be transferred? Regards, Cublet
  12. Hello, I've got 12 bookings outstanding - 10 in 2021 and 2 (so far) in 2022. The 2022 bookings have been made since the booking with the OBC was cancelled by RCI. Should I, or my TA, have said at the time the new 2022 bookings were made "and by the way, I want to transfer the OBC from a Next Cruise booking to this new booking"? Regards, Cublet
  13. Hello, For the avoidance of doubt, here are the facts: I purchased a NextCruise 'Book Later' reservation on board for £150. £150 is the standard UK deposit for 1 passenger. I used it later on land to make a definite reservation on an itinerary within two months that entitled me to $200 OBC (the range of possible OBC was $25 to $600 depending on cruise length and type of accommodation). Nothing more was paid by me as the BL reservation cost = Deposit Cost. I was due to sail in October 2020. Sometime last year RCI cancelled the October sailing and before I had
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