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  1. The MDR isn’t a nice restaurant. It’s equivalent to an Olive Garden or chili’s. Food is good but it’s not upscale. And where I live in Florida most people go to eat in shorts and even flip flop type shoes. That doesn’t make my food taste any better or worse. Everyone just needs to stop worrying about what strangers are doing. You can’t control it, the cruise lines no longer care, and calling people “special” to insult them doesn’t change anyone’s mind.
  2. This entire thread is based on the "facts you think you know". This is a simple discussion where people have different opinions. No need to be dramatic. No one is going to jail based on this thread.
  3. And you can't "insure" tips. If the acronym was correct it would actually be TEPS (to ENSURE prompt service)
  4. It's not patronizing to staff. It is a normal way of life for us. For many people in the US, their first job is often one that works for tips like being a server at a restaurant, so there is an understanding of how hard they work for very little pay. I see nothing wrong with tipping extra if someone feels the service warrants it. I personally don't feel the need to tip more in the beginning because I know they are going to provide great service regardless, but we have given extra at the end to one of our waiters who always went above and beyond for us.
  5. I 100% agree with this. Grief does funny things to people. And for it to be such a horrific loss makes it even harder. I think at this point they feel a need to blame someone else. No one would want to believe that someone would be so careless with a child. And unfortunately they probably have a lawyer encouraging them to pursue this.
  6. How horrible. Makes my heart hurt to think how she suffered in those few seconds.
  7. Yeah doubtful. I read this same thing on every travel board I am part of. Read some of the Disney boards. It’s non stop whining about how greedy Disney is. 🙄 The solution is simple. Find a different way to vacation. Don’t like the way a company is run? Don’t give them your business.
  8. Someone could say the same thing about medical marijuana. It’s still illegal to possess in many countries and you can get in a lot of trouble bringing it on board. Go to the doctor and get a prescription for something that is legal. Simple.
  9. exactly. We’ve all done dumb things and looked back and said wow that was stupid. Unfortunately this time had horrible consequences.
  10. I’m not disagreeing that he probably knew the window was open. But if this was your family member I’m sure you would want to believe that he didn’t know as well. No one would want to think he knew the window was open and hung her out it anyway. I would imagine it makes them feel better thinking he didn’t know it was open.
  11. My comment was directed to post 11. He said . “ It was not an accident,“
  12. I’m sure they are blinded by grief right now. When stuff like this happens there is a need to blame someone. And with the grandfather saying it wasn’t his fault, the cruise line gets the blame.
  13. I haven’t seen any video and have no desire to watch any. It’s just too horrible to imagine what that poor baby went through. But if it does in fact show that then as the parents of that child I would have a really hard time forgiving him. And while I’m sure he didn’t drop her on purpose, if he knew the window was open he should have known what a bad idea it was to sit her there. He may be telling them he didn’t know it was open and they want to believe him vs him doing it knowing it wasn’t safe.
  14. No I didn't miss the point. To cruise any particular line over and over to get benefits that could go away at any time is crazy. They don't have to give anything and could stop the program at any time if they really wanted to. So yes you should be grateful for whatever they decide to give to you for free. And before you say that you earned those "perks", no you paid for cruises which they have provided. Anything else is simply a nice bonus.
  15. It still was an accident. He didn't deliberately drop her.
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