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  1. Has anyone heard how the current cruise Is going? Are they missing any stops?
  2. Paper straws don’t work for a frozen drink and I find some of them leave a strange taste as well... I’ll be bringing my own plastic straws. If disposed of properly, they don’t end up in the ocean and I’m sure a majority of those 13B currently there are not from cruise ships.
  3. That’s disappointing! Seriously thinking about cancelling my cruise now. As much as I enjoy my vacation time, too many sea days can get a bit boring. I just checked the weather in St Kitts and was a bit windy, but I doubt that alone would be enough to cancel today. I’m sure they were just trying to make sure they made it back to FLL in time for the next cruise.
  4. Are they on the 10 day cruise? Or longer? What other ports did they miss?
  5. We received an email about an itinerary change for the Crown Princess due to a mechanical issue that prevents the ship from going full speed. I was disappointed to see the port times being reduced and would like to hear from someone that has recently been on the Crown as to whether or not the port times were further reduced once on board. My thought was that due to these issues, they could miss a port or further delay port arrival and I’m curious to know if anyone has experienced that.
  6. What is the typical menu for this?
  7. We are arriving back in FLL on a Wednesday and trying to decide if we can make a 10am flight. Has anyone done this? What is the earliest time you can disembark the ship?
  8. We board the Ruby Princess soon and were wondering if a ship tour is available or a behind the scenes tour? We heard others say it’s worthwhile. How would you book this and what is included?
  9. We are supposed to be leaving on a trip to Alaska next weekend, however, one of the people in our party fell and broke their wrist. Initially, she was told she just needed a cast, however. Now she’s been told she needs surgery. The soonest they can do it is during the week of our cruise, however, her doctor also told her she could wait a week and do it when she gets back. She can’t decide what to do and is really torn because she was so looking forward to our trip. We have insurance so canceling isn’t much of an issue... we would be out some $ for the insurance itself, but not too much. She’s in some pain, but she said it’s manageable, although, she has only been laying around the house and not really doing much. I’m concerned that it won’t really start to heal correctly until after the surgery so perhaps it’s worth getting it done sooner. Also concerned she won’t be able to have much fun if she starts hurting more. Has anyone traveled with a broken bone? And if so, what was your experience?
  10. ccndfw


    Why doesn’t Princess sail to Bermuda? Have they ever sailed there? I find it odd that they don’t sail there since so many of their ships are registered there... I had some friends just return from Bermuda and said it was a must visit destination.
  11. You can email her and ask... there’s a link to contact her on her webpage. If she can’t, you might try Harv and Marv as they do have boats that accommodate more than 6 people.
  12. We stay in these locations as often as possible. Never had an issue with noise and find it very convenient to be close to the elevator.
  13. Is there a difference in balcony size between decks? If booking a regular balcony (not premium), are they they same layout in decks 10, 11, and 14? Also, which balconies are covered in mid-forward to forward? Also, during the dry dock, were the TVs replaced? What size TV is in the room now and how does that compare with a mini-suite?
  14. Curious what kind of credit was applied with the elite minutes. We are in the Ruby next month... can you exchange the minutes for credit in the Ruby as well?
  15. We had high winds and rough sea conditions on one of our cruises out of Seattle and it started later in the evening while we were going to bed. We were able to sleep fine and woke up to much smoother sailing. You should be fine... enjoy your cruise!
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