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  1. Could she have cruised on the Holiday? June 1992 was our first cruise (honeymoon) and I still have the brochure, so just grabbed it and am looking at it now. Carnival had both the Holiday and the Ecstasy doing western Caribbean cruises out of Miami. The Mardi Gras and Carnivale were sailing out of Port Canaveral to the Bahamas. There were no itineraries showing ships sailing out of Fort Lauderdale. My SIL/BIL sailed on the Holiday in September 1992 (shortly after Hurricane Andrew hit), and their itinerary was the western Caribbean. Ocho Rios; Grand Cayman; Cozumel was the itinerary Holiday did.
  2. We've toured with Spencer twice and just love it there. Beautiful scenery and the best snorkeling I have experienced in the Caribbean. We did the "Land, Sea, and Beach Adventure" on our second visit to see more of St. Lucia, which is just beautiful. We still had about 2.5 hours at Jalousie Beach, so I've gotten to do that twice. Next time we get to St. Lucia, we'll be doing the beach break again. Thanks for the pics...wish I was there now.
  3. I stumbled upon CC by accident in 2010 while looking up the port of Grand Turk before our 4th cruise (the cruise prior was in 2006). I knew Grand Turk was one of our ports but didn't know much about it. CC has been a world of information and we've been able to get so much more out of our cruises. Love the Ports of Call section for ideas of things to see and do, other than tours through the cruise lines.
  4. We booked a cruise a couple of weeks ago that will be stopping in Aruba and Curacao next year, so this is GREAT information. Arashi Beach in Aruba is one that I wanted to see. Thank you!
  5. Thank you for sharing another cruise! I have enjoyed your reviews for a few years now and I really enjoy the beautiful pictures you get AND you're writing style. I love the humor you throw in and always a great and entertaining read. OMG, the love bugs! We used to go on land vacations to SC every May and those little buggers were EVERYWHERE! We're scheduled to go on the Magic next year (booked just over a week ago), so I'm going to go back and find the review you did. I'm thinking that was a Magic review you did that I read a few years ago. This will be the biggest ship for us, the largest to date has been the Conquest class so I'm already preparing to be a sponge to soak up as much info. as I can on the Dream class.
  6. Jeff, I really, really enjoyed your review and Patti's pictures. I am so glad that your 25th Anniversary celebration will go down as one of your favorites. Again, congratulations to both of you and wishing you many more happy years together. From your words and Patti's pictures, it looked like a GREAT vacation. Thank you both for taking the time to share your cruises with us, I really enjoy your reviews and I know many others do too. Looking forward to your next adventure and I hope you and Ryan have a great cruise.
  7. That's what you're using?!?! Awesome!!! I JUST got one a few months ago, so I am very happy to hear this. I forgot to mention, I just love your pictures, from ALL your reviews I've read. 🙂
  8. Today, as in June 13? I thought we were the only "crazy" ones to pic the 13th (June) for our wedding day. Hey, it worked for us, 27 years today and still happy together. Loved your hubby's comment, btw! LOL!!! Happy #10 for you and wishing you many, many more. It will go fast, believe me. Jeff, sorry for the hijack (I believe that's now hijack #2 in your review). I just saw that comment and had to reply. I am really enjoying your review and Patti has really gotten some great pictures, wow!!! I also love getting a lot of pictures and try for pictures of the inside of the ship/venues when they are empty too. I was up super early on one of the mornings on our last cruise in 2015 for those pics, but several of the venues had the doors closed and locked and some were being cleaned. Really enjoyed seeing the "Big Island" through your words and Patti's camera since we didn't get there. It's gorgeous! Holly
  9. Yaaayyyyy!!! Another Wildra review! I have loved your others and will happily be following along on this one. Thanks for taking the time to share another cruise with us!
  10. I'm so glad I shared with you then! When that popped up in my news feed this morning from a friend's post, I immediately thought of you and Sakari. "Mermen" tails, love it!!! 😂
  11. When we were in Hawaii in Sep. 2017 celebrating our milestone anniversary, we spent our first 5 days in Oahu and booked the same tour of Pearl Harbor through our hotel (we still have our tickets and they are identical). I had no idea that the ramps to get onto the actual USS Arizona Memorial were damaged/being repaired, so I am so glad that we were able to get onto it. We also saw the movie before they took us to the memorial and I am so glad they did. My hubby and I both felt it added a personal feel to the whole experience and we felt the same way after seeing it. When we went inside the memorial, it was almost as quiet as a church. Many left in tears. They day we went to Pearl Harbor was Sep. 12, a day after the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I noticed you mentioned the traffic in Honolulu. We got a rental car while we were there and were staying in Waikiki Beach (Hilton Hawaiian Village - the large building with the rainbow down the side), and every time we went out, we sat in that traffic. Traffic was not bad once you got out of Honolulu. We were joking that we were on vacation but sitting in the same rush hour traffic as we did at home (we're in VA, about 30 miles southwest of DC) but at least with Honolulu there was beautiful scenery and mountains to look at while stuck in traffic. I'm really enjoying your review and since we've been to both Maui (we stayed just north of Lahaina, in the Ka'anapali area), and Oahu so I'm recognizing several things in Patti's beautiful pictures. We also spent several days in Kauai and really enjoyed the beauty, but didn't get to the Big Island, so I'm looking forward to a "Big Island" experience through your words and Patti's pictures.
  12. I just saw this pop up on my social media newsfeed and thought that you, and Sakari, would get a kick out of this. You may have already seen it. Enjoy! Holly http://www.fox35orlando.com/news/local-news/marine-does-mermaid-photo-shoot-to-make-his-buddies-overseas-laugh?fbclid=IwAR0ZeBiKXHrVBihDqho-O2DyPotSlWdsUonvSj_WkJoRheFhKHEjF5i4N2o Short video https://www.wdrb.com/news/wdrb-video/mermaid-photo-shoot-lets-us-marine-show-his-fun-side/video_4f78bf65-30e1-5ab7-81bf-ff86132bd037.html EDITED: May have to copy/paste links into browser to view.
  13. I just finished with the last part of your review. I really enjoyed it and thank you for taking the time. You have some beautiful pictures!
  14. I definitely can - oh wow, this is awesome! Only had time to browse a through a few Aruba beaches (next cruise may be to Aruba/Curacao). Love how you set it up, looks really nice! Can't wait to spend more time going through this. I'm always looking for ideas of places to go.
  15. We've stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott - Isla Verde one night before our two most recent cruises out of San Juan. It's very close to the airport, right across that main road. It's about 20 minutes away from Old San Juan. Our flights arrived around noon, both times, and we wanted a hotel on the beach that was within our budget. We really enjoyed it and it was very easy to get a cab to the cruise terminal the next morning. Both times those cruises left at 10PM, so after checking in we had the whole afternoon in Old San Juan to see the forts, etc.
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