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  1. I saw your review yesterday since I get email notifications on the Southern itinerary/Fascination since I'd love to do that itinerary out of San Juan again. We did it on Valor and again on Liberty, but would not hesitate to book it on Fascination. I've seen it mentioned frequently that lines aren't as bad and it doesn't seem as crowded, which would be a plus for me. I was so sorry to hear about your friend and hope she's on the mend. Thank you for taking the time do do a review.
  2. I'm so glad you mentioned this in your current review. I just now finished reading and really enjoyed reading it and your beautiful pictures. I feel terrible that the weather didn't seem to cooperate on your trip. Even with the wet weather you're pictures are really beautiful. When we were in Oahu for the 5 days (Sep. 2017), we were debating on whether to hike up Diamond Head or go to one of the other overlooks and went to the other one. Kicking myself now after seeing your pictures, especially the one with the view overlooking Waikiki Beach. I know you mentioned you're prone to motion sickness - I am too. I tried ginger on one cruise and it just didn't cut it one of the days when the water was choppy, so I stick to my loyal friend, Dramamine non-drowsy. But when we were flying into Honolulu on our trip to Hawaii, our landing pattern was similar to yours from your pictures, but we flew in a over the mountains instead of around Diamond Head (did get those views on the flight home), but other than that, it was the same from the pictures you posted. Ours was the 9.5 hour flight and as we were approaching landing I was really enjoying it and the scenery, until I could feel that turning in my gut, but luckily we were five minutes from landing. I grabbed the barf bag and told my DH if we don't land soon, I'll be needing it. Lol!!! But I'd never felt motion sickness on a flight before and was curious if you felt that way too, just before landing. I didn't even think to take any Dramamine with me on that trip, but no issues before landing on our flight home. We've never done a helicopter tour and I really loved your pictures of that. I did recognize a few of the places we were while there, but from a much different perspective. Did you take something for motion sickness for the helicopter tour? We'd love to do one someday. Friends of ours did a helicopter tour in San Juan the morning before they got on Valor on their Valor cruise out of San Juan and I'd just love to do that, but if necessary, I'll be prepared with my loyal friend. Again, I really enjoyed this and do hope to get back to Hawaii someday. There is still so much we'd love to see and do. We went with a wholesale vacation package, but one that just covered all flights, hotel, rental cars so we could do our own thing. It was a lot less expensive that way than we thought. Friends of ours did an Alaskan cruise on Legend that same year and their cruise (one week) was more than we paid for the 2 weeks in Hawaii. But like you said, that price is still more than 2 - 3 cruises. 🙂
  3. Thank you! My last review from 2015 was the last cruise we've been on, hoping to try for another one in 2020. I just started your Hawaii cruise review late yesterday afternoon, but haven't gotten to where you boarded yet, but hoping to catch some more today. San Juan is a great place. We actually did a 3rd cruise out of San Juan on Festivale in 1992 and since it was our honeymoon, we flew in the day of since our wedding was the day before that. We didn't get back off and explore because all cruise ships were docked in the industrial area, way across the harbor, so we didn't bother. That was due to the Columbus 500th anniversary and they had the replica ships at the cruise docks in San Juan then. Then again, we were cruisin' newbies.
  4. I just finished reading your review and really enjoyed it. We did a similar cruise in May 2010, but went to HMC instead of Amber Cove. Loved what all you saw and did in San Juan. Two of our more recent cruises have been out of San Juan and I'd love to go down several days early (or a week's vacation there) instead of just one night before the cruise, so much to see and do. Your pictures are gorgeous! I also saw where you did a review of your Hawaiian cruise, so I finally found that one and bookmarked it to start reading. We were in Hawaii for 2 weeks in Sept. 2017 (Oahu, Kauai, Maui) so I'm really looking forward to reading. Can't wait to see your section on the Big Island, which we didn't get to. DH would like to go again someday. Thanks for taking the time to do this, I really enjoyed it.
  5. We went to Pearl Harbor when we were in Oahu and so glad we did. I have no personal connections, but found it very moving. I really liked seeing the movie first since it gave the whole experience a personal feel. And to think we almost skipped it since my husband had already been there when he vacationed in Hawaii the year he graduated from high school. We both agreed tht yoiu can't go to Hawaii and NOT visit. We were able to book it through our hotel, which worked out perfectly.
  6. I really enjoyed your Roatan section and after seeing your pictures, I definitely think we need a re-do. We were also at Bananarama in the loungers that day and there was only one row up against the wall in the shade because the water was coming up almost to that area because it was so windy and rough that day. That does NOT look like the same beach we were at, but I know it is because everything else looked familiar. I loved your snorkeling pictures! I was thinking if we ever get back to Roatan we'd just stick to the beach at the cruise center, but I think my mind is changed. And the sloths are so cute!!! I'll be writing down the name of the tour guide you used. We used Victor Bodden the last time and I enjoyed it, but there are things that take time away from the actual tour and our guide seemed to think we'd be more interested in seeing the big houses that "Americans" lived in, so I felt some of that time was wasted. And all of the tours have a stop at Victor's place to pay, which also takes time, especially if it's one of the cruises with an 8am - 3pm (back on board by 2:30pm) port time. Again, BEAUTIFUL pictures!
  7. I am so happy to have found this!!! We were in Hawaii (land vacation) in Sept. 2017 and spent 5 days on Oahu, 4 in Kauai, and 5 in Maui. We stayed in Waikiki Beach and rented a car. Before our trip, everyone else I knew who had been to Hawaii raved about Kauai and Maui, but didn't seem to like Oahu. Once we got there, we were not disappointed at all and loved it. So much to see and do and it was just beautiful. We couldn't get over how much the scenery changed from lush/green (east coast) to arid (southern/west coasts). The rental cars there have a lot to be desired. We're also from Virginia so I know exactly what you mean about that long flight (9.5 hours) and waking up very early while there. I never did get used to their time, but it made it easy for me once we got back. Hope you get to some of the beautiful overlooks just before getting to Sea Life. I'm looking forward to following along. Your pictures are beautiful!!! Thank you for taking the time.
  8. Hoping someone else will answer you specifically about buckets of beer and current prices. We were there in Sept. 2015, which is 3 and a half years ago. My husband purchased us each rum punch drinks at the bar at Divi Little Bay and he said they were basically the same price we paid on the ship, so that would have been about $8.00 each. The drinks at Divi Little Bay didn't skimp on the alcohol, definitely stronger. There was a group of people in the water with bottles of beer that day, but I don't know if they had buckets or just purchased individually. EDITED: Just looked up the bar at Divi Little Bay. Buckets of beer are available, $15.00 a bucket/5 beers. Attaching link to the menu. https://www.diviresorts.com/files/1614/LittleBay_DrinksMenu.pdf
  9. I got my first digital in 2003, gift for my birthday from hubby. I think I mainly have 8 and 16GB memory cards but did get a 32GB as a gift that I have. But having smaller cards w/less pics in case a card breaks/gets lost is what I've heard recommended too. I usually have one card for each day of the cruise. I am really looking forward to your time in Roatan. We need a "re do" there. When we were there it was a short port day and even though we did a private tour, we felt rushed and we were kind of on her time. We love hearing about places we visit, but slowing down/stopping in front of every huge house to be told "Americans live here" got to be a little much. I finally told her that most Americans don't live in houses that big in the USA. Lol!!! I can't wait to see your pictures of West Bay Beach...it was so windy when we were there and the water was pretty rough and coming up so high that there wasn't much beach in some areas, including where our loungers were. We never got in and didn't get to snorkel, as we'd hoped.
  10. I have seen the negative comments here on CC about Costa Maya and am left scratching my head because we loved it. I did have a digital camera then, my first one, but the memory cards at the time only held about 75 pictures and I think I had three, but one of the pictures I got was from the pier of the water looking back toward land and it's one of my favorites. I got a print and have it on the wall by our phone and smile every time I see it. 🙂 Thank you for letting me know it's working now. When I went in earlier today to check it, when I clicked on the link, I didn't get the page with the links, only the section where I had to sign in. I forget what I did, but did get to where I saw the link icon and copied that and emailed it to myself then edited my signature again and put in that link and it seemed to work then. I did have the same issue, having to click on the link twice. I'm not the greatest when it comes to computers, so it's probably just me. Lol!!! But for now, as long as it's working (and you confirmed that), that's good enough for me. Thank you again for sharing that.
  11. Oh God, no!!! Poor Billy. 😥 His uncle and now his baby sister? This is just too much!!! I lost a brother, suddenly, in April 2011 and that devastated my family. That was a terrible time, still is, but in reality, I know that tragedy hits all of us, but in Billy's case, that many and in such a short period of time...I just can not imagine. I will definitely keep him, and all of you, in my thoughts. I'm just so very sorry.
  12. I'm following deladane's review and I saw her post on the St. Kitts board in response to your post looking for ideas with a possible solution to the signature/link issue. I noticed you'd posted here so just wanted to let you know in case you haven't seen it. But oh jeez...Kim, I just saw your posts about your losses! That's just terrible and I'm so sorry. Especially Kendra's fiance, to lose that many in such a short period of time has to be very hard, but I know it's hard for all of you and anyone who knew them. I'll be keeping Kendra's fiance and all of you guys in thoughts.
  13. Small world, I AM from Pittsburgh (Greensburg to be exact). We're in VA now (only 4 hours from the 'burg), but if we're out and about during football season wearing Steeler shirts, we've actually been asked if we are from there or just fans. I hope you enjoy your Hawaiian cruise on Legend. We loved Hawaii, so pretty.
  14. I really enjoyed reading about your day in Costa Maya and loved the pictures and what a gorgeous day. The pictures from the ship looking toward Costa Maya look like it did when we were there, except that large pyramid peeking above the trees was not there. The actual cruise center area looks a little different since it was pretty basic when we were there. There were shops and there was a pool there, but it seemed rather "open" when we were there. But that was in 2006, and exactly 13 years before your visit since our cruise was 3/12 - 3/19 and Costa Maya was our last stop. But I'll never forget getting up to Lido deck for breakfast that morning and seeing outside, we were awed by the lush, thick trees and that gorgeous water. We had no idea what to expect. We just did the "beach break" through the cruise line on that trip but we really enjoyed it. I'd love to get back one day. Glad you're posting about the Google Document to add to the signature line. I'm trying it but can't figure out how to cover the link with my own text to still open, but no biggie. The other thing I'm noticing is when I go to open the links, I have to click on it then it brings down a box with the link and by clicking on THAT one, it will open up to the review link. I just shared it in an email to myself, but maybe I need to share to the web. I did see your post to Kim (Mitsugirly) on the St. Kitts boards but know she's going on a cruise over Spring Break out of San Juan on RCI and they usually leave a few days early. I don't know exactly when their spring break ism but here in Virginia it's this coming week. I know she'll appreciate that since I saw where she mentioned the link limit after CC's update. I know I appreciate it, so thank you for sharing that information.
  15. I've never been on a cruise in Hawaii but we were in Honolulu in September 2017, so you can purchase beer/wine/liquor in a CVS or Longs pharmacy and also the Hawaiian ABC stores (many of those around), but they may be limited on selection. If you're looking for a particular wine, I just Googled it and there are a few places that specialize in wines near the cruise terminal. Attaching a screen shot listing the names and locations of those places.
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