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  1. We are boarding the Glory a week from tomorrow ! I know it's an older ship, so I am expecting not to be highly impressed with the ship itself. This is my third Carnival cruise, and have never been as impressed with Carnival as I am with other cruise lines. BUT, it is a vacation, I am taken care of, I don't have to cook or clean, and I'm in the middle of the ocean watching the world go by. Like the previous cruiser said, your vacation is what you make of it. I am going to make My Glory cruise very relaxing and fun. ( Plus, this was a free cruise for sitting through a time-share presentation !) 😃
  2. I booked last week ! I got the panoramic room for my husband and I. Got the guaranteed interior for the kids. Friends of ours are going to probably book a panoramic also. I did get a refundable deposit for 69.00, just in case. Thank you all for your help ! 😊
  3. Thank you all !!! I will definitely book now !!! So excited ! But, it's soooo far away ......
  4. We want to do a cruise Jan. 2021 for my 50th and twins 21st birthdays. I noticed Royal Carribean just posted that Adventure of the Seas will be sailing out of Galveston at that time. We still have over a year and a half till it sales. I checked online on RC's website, there are not many ocean view cabins available. They are either front of ship or back. When would be the best time to book this cruise ? Are the prices better, the further out you book the cruise ? Are there certain times of the year that sales seem to appear ? We would probably need 2 ocean views, and one interior room. Thank you !
  5. Thank you all so much for your help. Royal Carribean announced their schedule from Galveston for January 2021 ! Thanks again.
  6. Looking for a car rental place after we get off ship in May. 😥 Our cruise ends on a Monday. We plan to get a LYFT to car rental, and keep car until we return it to the airport the next day. Any recommendations ? Thank you !
  7. I want to do a cruise in January of 2021, for my 50th and my twins 21st. I want to leave out of Galveston. I do see a few cruises right now with Carnival that are available. Is there any chance more cruises may become available as we get closer ? I was hoping there may also be some Royal Carribean cruises available, but there isn't any as of this point. Curious, how far in advance cruise lines post their dates. Thank you !
  8. Hi all, We went on the Imagination last year for an introduction cruise for my sister and brothers. My husband and I will be going on the Glory in May. Looking at pictures of the Glory, it looks very similar to the imagination. For any of those that have sailed on both, can you tell me how similar or different they are? They both have Guys burgers, Awesome !!!!! I'm thrilled about that ! Any other differences or similarities ? Will I feel like I'm on the imagination ? Thank you all in advance.
  9. Just finished reading your report. Love it ! We are sailing on the Glory in May and I enjoyed reading what we will be looking forward to. Your pictures in the report were fantastic, I love when I can find a report with lots of pictures. I've always thought scuba diving looked so amazing, after seeing your pictures, WOW. Very amazing, how awesome that would be to see how beautiful it looks in the carribean ocean. Thank you for posting them. Also, I love that you are from the ABQ ! So am I. And, I really love the fact that your name is Robin. Me too ! Crazy, small world. Thanks again for taking the time and posting this report. - Robin
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