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  1. There should be an option in their planner to make specialty dining reservations.
  2. 1. In February it was players club Tervis tumblers 2. Casino only, and only if you are at a machine or table. You can’t walk up to the casino bar. 3. My companion (who actually had the offer) has won on occasion. 4. It was a cheap bag, IMHO 5. Casino was super tight. YMMV. Good luck and have fun!
  3. Thank you! Yes, she checked the website but apparently missed it.
  4. I am asking for a friend headed there in late April. Question 1 - how far apart are Mr. Sanchos & Playa Mia? Question 2 - Does Playa Mia have paddleboarding? If they don't offer it what are the odds an independent vendor on the beach might offer it? Thanks in advance!
  5. They will refund your tour back to the original source of payment. I am sure tours for Tortola will be posted soon.
  6. You can choose from Guy's Burgers, Blue Iguana, the Lido Restaurant and La Cucina (the italian place upstairs from the Lido). All of these are free for lunch. I personally do Guys as the line moves fast. It will totally depend on what you like to eat.
  7. Friday I paid $10 per lb for peel and eat shrimp, and $23 for a lb of snow crab legs. Those were “market price”.
  8. We have had both rooms that were connected twice. I never heard my kids unless we had the doors open. Once was on the Fantasy, once on the pride.
  9. I have done it three times. So totally worth it. If you were considering a cabana anyways, definitely consider this. Having a private bathroom, a cook, a bartender and a host at your disposal is a great luxury. I will confess to them bringing drinks down to the waters edge for us many a time! If if you don’t have a group you can always reach out to your roll call to see if some might want to split it with you.
  10. I am traveling with a friend who has a power scooter. We would like to go to the beach, but I can’t remember how steep it is up from the dock to the port area. Her scooter doesn’t do inclines well. Will we be able to get her to the beach on her scooter?
  11. Question from a "Plus One" on the 4/27 Ultra on the Sunshine... does this one have just the DOU card or does it allow you to get drinks anywhere on the ship? Also, I understand from the above thread that the +1 guest won't get the big prize (iPad mini etc) but do we get the other gifts that are left in the cabin?
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