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  1. Our next two years major vacations are land trips.
  2. We boarded in Rome I think April 27th. We’d spent three nights in Positano beforehand. We had some pretty serious rain in Rhodes but the other days were good. We also hiked from Thira to Oia..great time to do it. Our Greek ports were Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes & Athens. I don’t remember any rough seas.
  3. Already been. We had a fantastic day. We’ll split the month between Seville, Provence and Italy. I do want to return to the Italian Riviera area. Possibly Santa Margarita this time.
  4. See, that's exotic :) Very true, which to be honest is another turn off for me on the itinerary I was referencing. It has an overnight in Livorno...why the he** would I spend $2000 for two days in Livorno when I could either be in the Tuscan countryside or in Florence? Enjoy your cruise, it sounds wonderful
  5. I can't say whether they are or not "worth it" as I haven't sailed on them. But... I think you need to take itinerary into consideration. Are they worth $1,000 a day to go to run of the mill ports? not to me. But, you get some of the more exotic itineraries that are harder to get to and transportation between locations is more difficult, then probably yes. I don't think you can give a flat yes or no until you know where you're going. We're doing a month land trip to Europe next year for DH's retirement and am looking at adding in a cruise in the middle. Azamara has a Monte Carlo to Rome, 7 days, decent itinerary but not that hard to do on our own. I'll probably not opt to spend $900 a day on a balcony for something so easily done on our own. The but the more exotic itineraries, probably would.
  6. Read it's full label...it's the Silver as I said in my post. If you just order Mer Soleil, you're likely to get the regular.
  7. Only Mer Soleil Silver is unoaked. The regular has lots of Oak.
  8. It is super hot, especially Oporto. I was so disappointed that May 26th 2021 journey. sailing goes right by it and hits Vigo and La Coruna instead. Such a missed opportunity. I get La Coruna, but you should drop Vigo for Oporto. Your stops in Oporto in 2021 are 50% of 2020
  9. When we were there in November there were some delays of smaller aircraft but jets were flying as normal.
  10. GBR was bucket list for me. Couldn’t afford to chance it on a cruise. We did a week in Port Douglas.
  11. Now that explains why I got an extra perk:)
  12. We currently have $500 on Silhouette. $200 from using a future cruise credit and $300 from the 3 perk promo. They’ll likely be at least another $300 from TA when we board.
  13. Holy smokes, I knew she gave up CC but not cruising completely. That's sad
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