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  1. Lots of group rates going. Just moved a cruise booked direct to a TA and saved over $1,000
  2. Well they’re vaccinating at 10x the rate of the US, so you tell us?
  3. Honest to God, do people even think before they post crap like this? Who do you think this harms? Cruises run out of Vancouver. We lose the pre/post cruise revenue and the jobs. Seattle cruises hit Victoria. Most of Canadians outside of Alberta couldn’t give a toss about Keystone. We have taken this pandemic seriously since the start. If the US had, we might not be shutting down Alaskan cruises.
  4. Ah, I didn’t have an end date. I knew it was in effect to start up cruising again. Yeah, November won’t work for that.
  5. In theory ships could go. They’d have to be probably minimum 2 week cruises. Leave out of LA or San Diego with Ensenada as a port stop.
  6. What? We’re not even going to be vaccinated by end of summer.
  7. I was pricing a cruise yesterday on Canadian big box store and noticed lowest level of Balcony did not include it. The cruise was for 2022.
  8. I’m on the fence right now. We drink and would use the internet. The Transpacific I put a hold on today didn’t seem to be too much higher than prior years. I’d have to price more cruises to form a decision.
  9. I happened to look earlier today and saw the TP. I put a curtesy hold on a angled hump.
  10. Not a hope in hell Canada is allowing ships in 2021. Canadians won’t be fully vaccinated until the end of September and that’s ambitious.
  11. I would say not a hope in hell. We “may” be able to travel our own province by June but they won’t be letting any ships in.
  12. There has to be a massive decrease. I’ll have to search for stats but it was being reported only 30% of the normal amount we’re going down. Some did go but had to jump through hoops unless they didn’t need their car. You couldn’t cross the border in your vehicle. BC is full of snowbirds from the prairies this year.
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