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  1. ahhh spelling and proof reading have never been Celebrity's strong point It's ACCOMMODATION
  2. But isn’t there a third person involved? They would have to pay full price for O’s overpriced tour.
  3. Sounds like you'd be better off just not taking any Olife perks.
  4. Do any of the restaurants still have a private room like Murano? Or could you approach them about doing this in a specialty restaurant before dinner service? Mid afternoon?
  5. Does anyone know how booking the Non Refundable rate with 1 perk works with a Future Cruise Credit that is refundable? I'm assuming it turns non-refundable but do you get anything extra with the FCC?
  6. Reflection, September 15th in the fall and Apex in the Spring May 10th
  7. Deck plan says Crown grill. So does the restaurant write up on Star.
  8. Exactly. I have been saying this for years. I need to train myself to book after final payment. I’ve seen so many Azamara cruises that have depressed the hell out of me because I love the itinerary, I make a very good salary and I can’t afford them. And then three months before sailing they’re on a fire sale but I’ve moved on and booked something else. I cannot possibly be alone in this. Just how many people are moving on?
  9. I think more non stop flights might help us but distance, no, that wouldn't change much. We're heading to Australia for the 3rd time in three years in November. Once you've done it once, it's not as bad.
  10. I'M NOT A HE. I'm trying to explain what the outside non Azamara cruiser sees when comparing the next step up in cruising from the mainstream lines. The onboard experience does not come into the equation when comparing lines like Azamara, Oceania & Crystal. You assume all are a step above the mainstream lines. Price and Accommodation does play a large part on the comparison. I only compared a 242 sq ft suite on Marina to a 143 sq ft on Azamara showing that Azamara was far more expensive. I never commented on the experience. A new to Azamara cruiser would have a hard time doing that comparison and then booking Azamara. And give up on the whole..you haven't sailed Azamara, it's getting old and boring. They're going to need new cruisers and quite frankly, they're not looking appealing at the current pricing.
  11. And that's the hard part for someone just comparing cruises on paper to comprehend. To be honest, it doesn't even enter into the equation until you've sailed a line. I fully appreciate that Azamara has a fierce following but for all of us cruisers looking to make a move, the old small ships with small cabins and crazy high prices don't appeal.
  12. It’s not all about price with me it’s getting value. Marina’s OV cabin is 100 sq ft larger than Azamara’s entry OV cabin, plus floor to ceiling windows instead of a window. To me paying extra for Azamara makes no sense. I actually think we’ll end up on Crystal because it has a better itinerary than both of them.
  13. The Azamara Cruise isn’t under the promotion just regular high price. There are no additional taxes on the Oceania cruise. They don’t hide their fees, yes there are gratuities. I would take Marinas size any day of the week over Azamara smurf staterooms. Tax is $260 on Azamara so an extra $520 It’s a B2B. Can’t afford to be away for a month, just book one leg.
  14. Yes, I got quotes for Crystal today and looking at Oceania. What made my jaw drop was looking at the similar route on Azamara vs Oceania on Marina, so a much better ship, larger cabins, better restaurants. 13 days on Quest for $5499 + taxes vs 26 days on Marina for $6499. Cruises leave a day apart. Quest was Bordeaux to Barcelona Oceania was Amsterdam to Venice. Many same ports on the first leg. Azamara is out of their minds with those prices. Oceania and Crystal are taking them to the cleaners.
  15. Yes, this is our third time there. We loved our previous rental but the owner sold it :( so time to try somewhere new. It's only 4 nights here but should be great. Our last two trips to Port Douglas were a total of 15 nights, so we're good with only 4.
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