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  1. What does 2019 have to do with late 2020 early 2021?
  2. Yes. March 2021. 43 days Auckland to Seattle.
  3. Sad that they butchered her. We liked her 45 day LA - Singapore segment but just saw a 43 day on HAL of a similar route, wayyyyyy less money and includes drinks. $7,000 pp on HAL with drinks and $11,000 pp on Princess. I'll take the non butchered ship for $8,000 please.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Some prospects for a retirement cruise on Oosterdam
  5. Could you put your skills to use finding the Australia releases now? ;)
  6. why guess, it's all listed above in Coral's post
  7. I don't think there has been any confirmation that she's leaving but yes, as you said, certainly confirmation that she's not doing the WC. Did the e:mail give any details of the trip? It may be something we'd be interested in.
  8. If you didn't want discussion why didn't you just use the search feature?
  9. Heather, did you willingly cancel the flight rather than waiting for AC to do it?
  10. Sounds like Princess is dropping the ball here. Air Canada are not charging change fees for affected clients. If you used EZair, they should be on this and rebooking you. There are a lot of ways to get to LA from Vancouver. This is on Princess to reschedule you. https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/book/travel-news-and-updates/2019/737-airspace-closure.html
  11. How tied are you to HAL? why not just book a one way cruise ? Celebrity and RCL do them.
  12. Yes, found this... 2020/21 Australasia programme On March 26 Princess will release its full 2020/21 Australia and New Zealand itineraries aboard Majestic Princess in Sydney Harbour. It will be Majestic Princess' last call in Sydney for the 2018/19 season before she departs for Asia. She will return on September 17 this year.
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