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  1. Connie would be in Europe in October 2019 and they have similar laws against discrimination based on age as North America. Not saying it would work, but I'd love to see someone try.
  2. I know this is on the Vendor and not Celebrity but I'd love to see it challenged for age discrimation. They'd need to provide proof that a 70 year old couldn't do it. I certainly can't get away with that at work.
  3. Ok, let my try this slowly. I’m paying the same price for Regent as Oceania, same itinerary...the SAME price. On Regent, I get shore excursions, gratuities, upper end alcohol and a stateroom of over 300 sq ft. So exactly what point am I missing?
  4. You can’t generalize like that. My Regent Cruise is about $410 Canadian PD PP. O is running about the same for an OV but I get so much more on Regent.
  5. Princess doesn't seem to have an issue seating women wearing tiny jumpsuits or short shorts, it's the men the turn away
  6. If you tell us the ship and date, we can tell you. RCL is too vague.
  7. The last minute deals that Azamara had were eye wateringly cheap. And I seem to remember a bunch of regular posters telling Bonnie that Alaska was a mistake when they were released. It's over saturated. Grandma, other lines can go into Glacier Bay, not just HAL and Princess. In fact, Viking just got a license.
  8. Which Princess ship? I'm not seeing that kind of price disparity at all.
  9. I was looking at the exciting deals earlier today, some good deals for Europe this year, obviously they're not getting the prices that they hoped to. I'd wait before booking anything at this point
  10. When Seabourn has sales, they're pretty good. This year you can do a 14 day Greek Island Cruise in July for $4,999 PP. In October there's a 21 day cruise for $7499 PP When you look at my per day rate on Regent for 2021, it's not that far off Celebrity when you add in upgraded drink package, tips, specialty dining. Celebrity are nuts.
  11. OMG this 100%. We have friends that are fruit and alcohol bomb fans. Won't drink white at all no matter what they eat. They'll often comment that a certain wine was bad and my first question is always...what did you eat with it?...oh crab and lemon...hmmm no wonder your napa cab at over 15% wasn't as good as you though it would be.
  12. Our Normandy land trip remains one of our favourite vacations we've done. It's such a beautiful area.
  13. My dilemma. As you know is either regatta or navigator, month apart in 2021. They are the same price for an OV and I get so much more on Regent than I do with O so if I want to splurge on personal shore excursions, I will. But 25 people on a snorkeling excursion wouldn’t bother me in the least. We did the GBR with at least 30 and it was fabulous.
  14. Beautiful shot of Petra, but it's not in the Med.
  15. Love the itinerary but a lovely land trip of Brittany and Normandy would be a fraction of the price and very easy to do on your own.
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