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  1. This November just dropped to $1,400 before taxes for Aqua on this route pp. probably closer to $1,750 with taxes. This is not a cruise to get locked into early. It always drops.
  2. Why would I care if the agency went out of business when the cruise line has my deposit? The only time you worry is if the agency processes your payments. You’re also covered by your credit card. These big discounting US agencies have been around for decades and some are backed by Credit card companies such as AMEX. .
  3. I’m Canadian, we don’t have the same credit cards available to us. It’s been very rare that they have no transaction fees.
  4. Its a special Amex, not every one is dropping their transaction fee.
  5. A mix. We have a great currency exchange place across the street so we always buy some foreign currency. My AMEX is dropping the 2.5% exchange fee August 1st so I’ll certainly use that where I can. ATMs when I need more cash. I try and find a partner bank to mine and then there’s no transaction fee.
  6. See my response above on the prices. I love the box we’re talking about but not for travel now they don’t take AMEX. It’s our card with the best insurance on it.
  7. Well they’re certainly doing it. Just did a quick check on a random 14 night cruise next September. $1,400 total less on the TAs site. I went right to the end on both bookings so all taxes are in there. $16,400 on TA and $17,800 on Azamara’s site.
  8. I prefer the discounted price vs a gift card. I book through a US agent. They seem to offer better rates than Canadian TAs
  9. I’m not surprised that booking for this December has Select all booked up. You mentioned a comparison to NCL. Apples and grapefruit. Celebrity still has two set dining times to cater to that their clients also want. I really appreciate that Celebrity restricts the number for select, it keeps the wait times down for those who book it.
  10. Exactly. I have my WSET 3 and just smile with some of the things they try and tell me. I never want to make them feel bad but please don’t make stuff up.
  11. I actually always do. Not a concrete plan, but definitely back up thoughts.
  12. The mother is a lawyer. She probably has contacts.
  13. Interesting it doesn’t apply to the specialty restaurants. We’re on an all EU cruise next year.
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