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  1. After reading all these posts, I fail to see very little that is positive and helps anybody reading them. Have we as people forgotten compassion and replaced it with negative, elitism comments? You can and should express your opinion, but do it with some sympathy for those that this virus is affecting. Let’s try a little less to “attack” and a little more to help people find an equitable solution. Perhaps more people would read and post things, if they didn’t feel like they were being attacked. I will get off my soapbox now. Thank you
  2. Looking for input as to what to have phone, tablet, apple watch settings set to on the cruise. I realize that with the Medallion now being used the settings may have changed. I don't plan on using my phone or tablet for any phone calls. Just email. I don't want to get charged by my carrier because of some random robocall or text message. I will be using the phone/tablet for the onboard Medallion apps. Using apple watch just for daily use. Thank you😀
  3. Chocolate Martini available?
  4. We booked our cruise under "the All Aboard" sale, I don't see that listed under any of the add-on sales category. Anybody have info?
  5. Does anybody know if you add on as opposed to referring, can you use the credit from a previous cruise that we had to cancel and received cruise credit? The cruise we cancelled had more credit than the one we rebooked. thank you😁
  6. Anybody know if there is any where in the medallion apps to check on the status of when the medallions will arrive at our home? I know, from reading in the thread that it should be a few weeks prior to the sail date, but since it is Christmas time and the many delivery services are always running late, I would like to get a realistic date, when to expect them. I know if they don’t show up in time I can get them at boarding time, but I would like them prior to boarding. Thanks
  7. Anyway to check the prices of a previously booked cruise if the area you want to check is sold out? The prices don’t show for sold out areas. Thank you
  8. The missing cruise not listed in the Medallion app is on the Coral Princess in April
  9. Actually, the cruise that is missing is between the 2 cruises that are showing. It shows the closest one and the farthest one out, but not the middle one.
  10. Why does the Ocean Ready app link only 2 of the 3 cruises I am booked on in the future? When I enter the booking number it says incorrect information. I have checked the booking number of the missing cruise and it is correct.
  11. Dear askoceanmedallion, how far in advance of your sailing does this dining information show up in Journeyview?
  12. Cue the people who believe “ my way or the highway”. “Fair winds and following seas” Ideas are like your kids, Yours are always the best. And I am out of this topic.😁
  13. I am so hoping that Brisbane41’s message is a joke. What happened to live and let live? This is Cruise not a military dress inspection
  14. AF-1 when you open up the Medallion app there are 3 lines at the top of the app, if you click on the lines, it opens up a window with a “link your booking” option, when you open it up it shows your name etc, it doesn’t show your booking number. Even though the booking number shows up in the Ocean Ready app part. I see the countdown clock, so it knows my booking number, but does not populate the booking link part. I am interested in why it doesn’t and what that part of the app, the booking link, that requires you to put in your booking number does. I am on an iPad and perhaps it is different on an Android device
  15. What exactly does “link your booking” mean and do? My booking number is in the Ocean Ready app already, so why doesn’t it automatically populate to the “link your booking” part of the Medallion app and what are the advantages of linking it?
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