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  1. Thanks for the fleet report. We were hoping to join the healthy ship Eurodam here in San Diego for a cruise to Hawaii today! So sorry about all of this!
  2. I hope you put these suggestions on the comment forms provided in each room. Those comment forms get prompt attention and these are issues for the cruise staff to address while you are onboard. You can also make the suggestions on your HAL online review but the onboard comment cards will get immediate results. Someone will probably come talk to you about your concerns which are valid, especially now!
  3. We have just received the HAL e-mail offering FCC if we feel the need to cancel. I’m also following the Grand Princess discussion. As much as we were looking forward to visiting Hawaii again we may put it off until next year. We were planning to use the public bus system in Honolulu (may not want to do that anymore). Also I have concern about the staff onboard the ship becoming ill. I would also prefer a refund instead of a FCC. Maybe they will end up cancelling the cruise before we have to decide. We have a week to make up our mind but we will probably cancel the cruise.
  4. If there is a problem diagnosed on the current sailing (Eurodam) the next cruise (March 18) will be cancelled by HAL and you would get your money back.
  5. The article says the AJ dock in Juneau. Maybe we’ll be able to see it arrive on the Juneau Harbor webcam! I was expecting it to end up in Whittier to wait for the season to begin but Juneau has more dock space.
  6. Who is your cruise director? EXC locations rep? Kainoa is a well liked Hawaiian locations personality. Is he onboard? Lei making sounds like fun. Did you make them for Gala night? It sounds like your roll call meet and greet was planned for a perfect time with a good turnout.
  7. You’ve got to be kidding. See my comment above.
  8. If you are in open seating you will probably have to ask for the Club Orange (white menu) every time you have new servers. With fixed dining you may have to tell your servers to give you the Club Orange menu and they should remember for the remainder of the cruise. I don’t know how the servers would know, otherwise, since they don’t have any way to identify your special status. If you use the Club Orange entrance and all Club Orange diners have a special area assigned for dining this would not be an issue. No big deal, just ask.
  9. With the triple Denali you will have three nights in Denali. You can do the TWT as scheduled and have another day to take a park bus out to Eielson, Wonder Lake, or Kantishna and/or do some hiking. There are flight seeing opportunities, rafting, Husky Homestead, etc. There is a visitor’s center, a tour to see the sled dog demo, shorter ranger hikes in the area, plenty to do. Look at what HAL offers as far as excursions for 2020, they will be the same for 2021. Go online at nps.gov and look at the schedules and activities. In July you will have almost constant daylight so there will be a lot of time to enjoy the park.. You may also find HAL offering midnight golf! I have never heard of HAL offering a credit or exchange for the TWT but it never hurts to ask.
  10. Downtown near the Franklin Street Dock
  11. You are looking at two different adventures. The Maasdam 14 day is a very good cruise. Your tour was put together by a travel group to include the Rocky Mountaineer which is also highly regarded. The itinerary doesn’t work well with a Denali/Fairbanks tour since the land portion for that will begin or end in Fairbanks or Anchorage. How much time do you have? You could fly from Vancouver to Anchorage or Fairbanks and begin a land tour and sail back to Vancouver. Why not tell a travel agent what you want to do and see of they can put together a custom itinerary for you.
  12. No question, I would choose the larger balcony on Deck 4. VA4129. Yes it has plexiglas for great viewing from the balcony. Have you looked at the halfacts.com website? Look at similar cabins nearby. I don’t know if the TV’s have been updated but I think they should have been updated in the last drydock.
  13. It seems to me that renting a car and staying in Healy would be a lot more strenuous than having someone handle your luggage at each location and having accommodations just outside the park entrance with shuttle transportation from your cabin to wherever you want to go on the property and to the national park visitor’s center. The tour group is certainly not a burden but it does facilitate your tour. No waiting to check in or out at the hotel. You are told where to meet for the TWT and go directly from the hotel out the park road. No change of bus once you get to the park. Have you ever taken a HAL cruisetour?
  14. HAL cruise tours are not terribly strenuous. Your luggage is handled for you. All you have to do is put it out for pickup. You will receive it in your hotel room shortly after you arrive. The Chalets at Denali is a huge property but shuttles run constantly from the cabins/lodge to the activity centers. Mostly you will be on the train, the bus, or a shuttle unless you choose an activity. So, as long as you can get on and off of these modes of transportation you will be fine. You will probably do more walking on the ship. The Yukon tours are a bit more strenuous and activity based. Princess usually offers the shorter Natural History Tour in Denali while HAL on almost all itineraries includes the longer Tundra Wilderness Tour which goes much further into the park for wildlife viewing. The park road usually opens in early June but there may be a delay in the road opening this year due to a landslide or late snow. You can look at road conditions on the Denali section of nps.gov. Check with your doctor.
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