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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I hope we’ll all be sailing again safely sometime in 2021.
  2. It depends on the lab that handles the sample. Some results have taken a week. Testing can be done by the state, the county, or private labs. Some tests seem to be sent out of state for processing.
  3. This is really disappointing. Thanks for posting the ADN article. Too bad the US has not been able to offer people who have been tested for covid19 a reasonable test result within 24 hours.
  4. I wondered why the Wilderness Adventurer was in Juneau again this a.m. when I checked the webcam. Thanks for posting. I guess a private yacht will be the tourist solution to cruising in Alaska in 2020. I have seen a few yachts in Juneau harbor recently but I get concerned about quarantines when they hang around for several days. I’m so looking forward to 2021 and hoping for a safe cruising environment in Alaska.
  5. There are fewer salmon at the falls in August so the bears go to other streams and rivers in the area where fish spawn earlier than Brooks river. Once the salmon begin to spawn and die in Brooks River in September many bears will return. We began watching this webcam a couple of years ago and listened to the ranger talks and learned to identify some of the bears. Now we just check in now and then. We had family visiting a few weeks ago and put the webcam up on the big TV for entertainment. It’s a real icebreaker for conversation! I especially like to watch the moms and their cubs. And the rain in Juneau has been a real eye opener this year!
  6. Yacht, Hodor, sailing in Juneau harbor this a.m. We’ll see some pricy yachts in Juneau this summer!
  7. I found the Wilderness Adventurer on cruisemapper. It was supposed to sail on July 25 but it’s been sitting in Juneau. It looks like it will sail on August 1 as rafinmd noted. The kayaks are ready and one was out for a trial run in the harbor tonight. Oh, to be aboard!
  8. How about starting farther south in San Diego?
  9. Another clear day in Juneau and it looks like the Wilderness Adventurer may finally be ready to sail. It’s been docked in Juneau for a few weeks. Quarantine maybe?
  10. I’ve been watching this webcam for several years now and have been surprised by all of the rainy, windy, overcast days this year. I miss watching the cruise ships come and go.
  11. I am glad that you can enjoy the amazing low prices that HAL offers on inside rooms. There is certainly nothing wrong with getting your best price for a cruise. Those who are able to sail in inside rooms are getting a great value. It sounds like you establish a great rapport with the crew and generously reward them for their hard work. Good for you and happy future cruising.
  12. I enjoy cruising and have thought about cruising alone. I’ve met lots of delightful people who are cruising single even when they may have a partner at home. I know they pay double fares for the most part. I also know that there were some very nice insides on the ships that were just sold. My conclusion has been that I would need an obstructed room on the lower promenade.
  13. Many times we have wandered around looking for lunch seating in the Lido with tables occupied by card players. We have learned to eat lunch in the dining room or at Lido off hours. This would be high season Alaska cruises which are pretty fully booked and provide lots of scenic viewing.
  14. Just me. I need the light. My first cruise was obstructed, then OV, then lanai, balcony, and finally suite. It’s great that cruising has so many options. I would have a panic attack in an inside cabin.
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