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  1. Find out what time sunrise is for the day of your arrival. Find out what time you have to be at the train station for your 8:00 a.m. train ride. There is a hotel near the train station that many people use. You may just want to hang out.
  2. I just called Club Orange and was told that priority check in just means there is a “priority” boarding line. It does nothing to get you onboard early. We are 4 star and Club Orange and have been moved from Group B to Group C. I have no clue as to how the computer assigns boarding times. I called my PCC and he says there is nothing he can do to get us into Group A. I like to have lunch in the dining room on embarkation day.
  3. The Tundra Wilderness Tour is offered by the national park system. The other tour that HAL uses is the Natural History Tour which does not go far into the park but has a focus on the history of the park. They will possibly use that tour or another variation offered by the national park system. Time will tell. After many land trips in Alaska I can tell you that they are always an adventure. Fires, landslides, wildlife….anything can happen. You will still have a good time. Denali still has hikes, the dog kennels, ranger educational programs, a great bookstore, a visitor center. We will be in Denali in late August and I’m looking forward to seeing what changes are happening for 2022.
  4. They are near the Spa and forward on deck 10. We had a spa veranda as an upgrade on a different ship. We were offered the use of a Yoga mat and a DVD and free bottles of water. Definitely not worth paying for unless you plan to spend a LOT of time working out and relaxing in the Spa. The area was quiet. No special spa discounts were offered at that time.
  5. HAL still recommends faxing to 1-206-270-6080. I always request e-mail confirmation and the last request took about a week. I faxed it on 9/22 and the e-mail confirmation came on 10/1 for my 11/7 cruise. This time I booked through a PCC so I may ask for a copy of my cruise confirmation a week before a cruise. Then I will be sure everything is in order. We also asked for the Veteran’s promo OBC.
  6. Thanks for pointing that out! They are under the Lido and Canaletto. Have you checked on halfacts.com? Look on that site for pictures posted by people who have been in them.
  7. You will get those points at the end of your cruise. Look at the HAL site for Mariner benefits for achieving higher levels. We have benefitted from HAL’s giving credit for cruisetours in Alaska. A 14 day cruise in a suite (7days on ship, 7 on land) will give you a minimum of 28 days 7 cruise +7 land x2 plus spending credits for ship only charges, no credits for land tour excursions or spending. Yes, you can be left behind if you don’t get back to the ship 30 minutes before sail away. The Captain will page you so everyone will know that there are people who didn’t sign in as returning to the ship. If you have a balcony on dockside you may see people running as the gangplank is pulled up or waving at the ship with their shopping bags in hand!
  8. Cruising another Carnival line will give you a one star status on your first HAL cruise. That first cruise will begin your Mariner points. After your first 7 day cruise you will have a minimum of 7 points, doubled if in a suite, plus spending credits.
  9. The cruise is just an Alaska cruise. The focus of this adventure is the Yukon. Dawson City is my favorite stop. It is part of the Parks Canada program and has guided historic tours of the old restored buildings. The confluence of the Yukon and Klondike rivers with the riverboat experience on the Yukon is interesting. There are excursions like Midnight Dome and the gold fields and the Dempster Highway. Whitehorse is a big town but if you have a complete day here walk along the riverbank of the Yukon, visit some museums, visit a local art collective. Most Yukon tours arrive too late in the day to fully appreciate Whitehorse. As far as Denali…at a minimum tours should get the Natural History Tour and have a chance to see the mountain from the road on a clear day. There are park exhibits, Jeff King’s Husky Homestead, take a bus out the road to do a hike at Savage River, ranger led hikes are available. We have seen moose close-up on the NHT and walking by our cabin at the Chalets. There is always a chance of a bear encounter around the park entrance. In Alaska there will always be unexpected adventures.
  10. I’m sure Captain Albert will be notifying his e-mail subscribers soon. Changes, changes🤔👨‍✈️⛴
  11. We did this Yukon itinerary a couple of years ago. We flew into Vancouver and HAL put us up at the airport Fairmont hotel (very nice.) The hotel greeters were aware that we were with a group and they had a packet of information for us as to when and where to meet the next morning to walk as a group to the boarding area for the flight to Whitehorse. Very well organized. At each stop along the way you will get a packet of instructions and your room key. As I recall our tour included the train from Anchorage to the ship. This is the first year for HAL to sail out of Whittier and I would expect the mode of transportation would be spelled out in your itinerary. You'll have a great time! I'm guessing that you will be at the Westmark Anchorage, but it could be the Captain Cook.
  12. I agree with @Crew Newsand you may have to narrow your choices according to your time and goals. For an excursion the Aleutian Ballad crab fisherman’s tour or maybe called the Bering Sea fisherman’s tour is definitely worth taking. It’s a demo of the crab fishing experience. Creek Street has some great shops with local Alaska merchandise and art. Take the funicular up to Cape Fox lodge and walk down Married Man’s trail. Totems and great views. Tongass Trading Company has lots of merchandise and great pricing. Look for the tourist books with coupons at the visitor center or downtown.
  13. I always put a plastic hanger in my luggage for drip dry hand laundry. There is a pull out clothesline in the bathroom and you can just carefully hang undies, swim wear, etc but some things require a hanger to maintain their shape.
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