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  1. I agree about their invoices. I’m not a fan of the Cash Cards instead of OBC but it won’t keep me from booking with them.
  2. Fly into Anchorage and arrange a transfer to Seward as described by many above. The cruise line will also arrange the transfer for you. OR, fly into Vancouver and take a cruise to Anchorage (Seward). The port for Anchorage will be either Seward or Whittier depending on the cruise line.
  3. I always insist that the Big Box store gets everything I am expecting in writing and I take that piece of paper with me along with my confirmation of shareholder credit. Sometimes the TA who does the booking has to get a Big Box manager involved to get all OBC, drink cards, etc listed on your confirmation. I feel more comfortable if I have everything in writing up front!
  4. Here's my version of the dolphins....
  5. Thanks for the link. I’m pretty sure the demand is there, especially if a vaccine is available. We booked an August Alaska cruise expecting this would be sorted out by then. I do hope the cruise lines require proof of a vaccine before boarding.
  6. My bet is that the Alaska season will happen. Alaska lost a whole year of tourist dollars in 2020. HAL needs to get their ships sailing and Alaska needs the revenue. Other than that, who knows.
  7. There were some wonderful books about Alaska in the EXC library on the Maasdam in 2019. I think the books were chosen specifically for the in-depth itinerary. They also had the “book club” selections which could be checked out at the front desk but did not relate to the itinerary for some reason! Actually the Maasdam was probably one of the last ships with a full library and no librarian. Like you, I have been known to “tidy the library”. I miss the libraries and I miss the librarian who could answer most questions or tell you where to get the answer to your question. With future sanitation issues I expect even coffee table books will be discontinued along with magazines and the book exchange. Where did the books go? Hopefully to a non-profit book sale.
  8. Yes! We were on the Westerdam. It was a surprise to see our sister ship already at the dock so I had to get the picture!
  9. The scenery that you will view from the ship is amazing. There will be lots of snow on the mountains in May. Juneau and Icy Strait are good ports for whale watching. Who knows how many whales you will see but most people enjoy whale watching excursions in the rugged waters of Alaska.
  10. Could you have gotten it right so quickly if I had posted this photo....look closely to see the HAL ship.
  11. We had a large gospel group on a Mexican Riviera cruise recently. They had their activities and the only time we saw them as a group was when they were heading to an event. We were seated with a couple from their group at the Mariner’s Luncheon, nice people. The ship never felt crowded because their group was in private events much of the time. We did not go to the Lido so can’t judge that impact. We usually arrive at the showroom early to choose our seats and one evening we had to wait for them to clear out of the venue. I thought the group would be an issue, it was not.
  12. Oct 13 is a beautiful day and there is some activity in the harbor waters. Over on thesnowcloud webcam in Hoonah a new building is going up. Wonder what it will be!
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