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  1. We have just left QV and I am sure Sasha and maja said they would be still on they are really nice people and can dance too say hi from me (Eleanor and Norman)
  2. He was on QV and as stated was leaving when we got to southampton I have to agree best host we have seen on any cruise ship and he will be a sad loss good luck to sadeki whatever he does next
  3. ukellie


    Hi can anyone advise if we need an ESTA cruising to Alaska in and out of Vancouver ? Thank you
  4. Hi Richard we are joining QV in Cape Town would you be able to advise who the professional dancers are ? thanks ellie
  5. Tried to delete this as I have just realised Iona hasn’t yet done her maiden voyage blonde moment
  6. Hi can anyone who has sailed on the new Iona let me know if there is a dedicated dance floor used for ballroom dancing thank you ellie
  7. Hi sorry for late response I have just seen your post my friend received a call back from her TA saying they had rechecked with Cunard and it was just the cost of the cruise that was taken into account should they wish to transfer
  8. We have stayed and are staying again this time in the new harbour hotel very nice and a great start to any cruise
  9. Thanks for your responses, now sorted flights Not included in transfer price 🤪
  10. Please could anyone give me some advice for my friend cruise M005A has been booked including flights, total deposit was £1400, Total cost of cruise and flights Is @ £10k they now need to transfer to another cruise They know there is an admin fee to change the cruise, and aware it has to be equal or more cost wise, ideally the new cruise would be out of Southampton so no flights required however they are being told by the TA (who say they have confirmed with Cunard) that they need to book a cruise that is in excess of the total costs £10k Has anyone had experience of this ? It seems to me a bit unfair hope that makes sense, any advice appreciated just to confirm booked in the UK
  11. We had private lessons on QV at Xmas and the cost is $70 fir 45 there was no professional dancer on board one of the entertainment team did the lessons
  12. Hi we are travelling on majestic later this year, we enjoy ballroom dancing, just woundering if there is any venues on board where we would be able to dance the night away thank you ellie
  13. Hope your both well, Seems ages since last years cruise, we will be sure to go to lunch in QG instead of the buffet 🤦*♀️
  14. I don’t disagree with you grass and greener although we had a fantastic deal so all in all it was worth it
  15. we booked our cruise with a US agent (we live in the uk) We decided to request an upgrade BF balcony cabin to mid or aft BE or above I have done this previously with uk agents Well after 4 days of e mails, going backwards and forwards including screen shots of the policy from our brochure ) due to my persistence the agent did a conference call with a US Cunard agent so I was able to ask queries the costs, the US rule is you pay today’s prices for any upgrade, which would have cost us in excess of $3000 dollars to go from a BF to a BE, which knowing my luck would be next door *♀️ So guess we are staying where we are ah oh Just wanted to make UK aware
  16. Hi can I check is the coffees ( lattes) in the grills lounge chargeable ? Thank you
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