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  1. I'll have to join up that roll call....at least that one should last a year....assuming the cruise stays on track to sail next year. We've another "tenuous" vacation planned in August for 2 weeks at the Outer Banks.....probably our 2nd favorite "regular" vacation spot next to cruising....we don't know WHAT we'd do it that got slammed cause of all of this Corona stuff
  2. Cool....just hope of course we'll actually sail. Have you had that cruise booked before all thats gone on, or a rebooking due to cancelation?
  3. Horizon ABC leaving May 29 outta Miami. I paid a few more $$$ for May 2021 vs what we had booked for next month, but like the itinerary enough to wait another year.
  4. Horizon ABC leaving May 29 outta Miami. I paid a few more $$$ for May 2021 vs what we had booked for next month, but like the itinerary enough to wait another year.
  5. Carnival canceled May 2 2020 ABC cruise...moved all costs for that to Sunrise cruise on July 27...even "upgraded" to a Balcony suite and a few $$ OBC...Carnival canceled that....waived white flag and gave up on cruising for 2020...maybe...moved all $$ to Horizon ABC cruise for May 2021.
  6. We did this as well. Had a May 2 cruise canceled, rebooked another for July 27. PVP moved what we paid for May 2 cruise over to July 27 cruise....it took an extra day or 2 for the non FCC $$$ to move over, but it did and the July 27 cruise was booked, even had an upgraded cabin. Of course that July 27 cruise has now been canceled so we'll be doing it all again. But was pretty painless outside of the couple of days it took to complete the entire transfer to have our PVP move everything over.
  7. Just tossing this into the pool here. My wife and I made our first purchases of Carnival cards this week from Allstaterewards. We each purchased a $1000 and $500 card, using different emails, but of course same address. Ordered them Wednesday evening, they were delivered Friday evening by UPS. Very happy with that quick turn around, especially since we made the rather late decision to purchase those to pay the balance of our cruise which is due in about 2 weeks. Now we'll be regular stalkers to this thread, as well as the Allstate site for more cards, particularly for our cruise coming up in May, to fund Cheers and other on board spending. Thanks to all those, too many to mention, but you know who you are, who provided those codes to bulk up our Allstate rewards points!!
  8. I just received this code: HOMEDEPOT1K Apologies if a repeat.
  9. We are new to the Allstate Rewards Carnival Gift Card "game", we've "migrated" from AARP's Rewards for now, Not so Good. We placed our first order for Carnival gift cards last night, my wife and I each ordered 2 cards. Today I checked, and the site says our cards have shipped, but with a shipping method of "Miscellaneous"? Does Miscellaneous eventually change to an actual shipping company/vendor? There is a tracking button that goes nowhere right now, but do figure tracking info may not be available yet from the Miscellaneous shipper.
  10. We renewed ours through the same local post office we got the originals from. We got the renewed passports in about 10 days
  11. Other than Java Blue, are there any other spots on The Horizon to get a specialty coffee, ie. Espresso, cappuccino, americano...etc? Last ship we were on those options only seemed to be available at Java Blue, however those were served from Keruig like machines, not actually brewed or came from like say an Espresso maker. Is there a coffee spot in any of the MDR's? How about the Havanna Bar or even Ocean Plaza? Thanks.
  12. While I agree with that, lots of marketing mumbo jumbo with RCI's BOGO and other sales. And the prices they charge vary by which ship/cruise you are on. However you can get deals/discounts on their drink packages that for us have been better "deals" then what Carnival has offered. Of course you have to stalk their website daily to catch when the deals are available, plus do some "figurin" ie. sometimes the drink package "bundled" with the internet package come out "cheaper". We've paid less than $50, closer to $40 per day for their drink package on the last couple of cruises we've been on with them. Last May we cruised with RCI...paid just under $53 per day for booze and internet package. As we like to have internet when we cruise, that we thought was a good deal, but again, I caught it "at just the right time" to get the lower cost. Not bashing Carnival here. cruising Horizon in May, will probably get Cheers, pay for it with discounted gift cards of course, but RCI can offer some savings if you catch it at the right time and weed through their sales rhetoric.
  13. Just adding on a similar comment. We've taken 3 TA"s out of Barcelona. On each one, we've either gone back down to the duty free shop in the terminal after checking into cruise and bringing our luggage to our cabin, and or bringing something on from the port city, as well as from the duty free shop. First time we did it, we were traveling a group. My wife and I brought 12 bottles of wine back up to our cabin from the duty free shop. After the rest of our group of group showed up, we estimated between all of us we brought on over 60 bottles of wine!!!
  14. Guess I'm confused on what the OP's issue is. Carnival's site, or at least the one I look at for the Horizon cruise we have booked clearly states the prices is SET at $32pp....with a $25 cancelation fee if a reservation is canceled with 24 hours of reservation time. Where did $38pp come from?
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