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  1. If the cruise isn't until 5/19 they are NOT in penalty phase. They can cancel with no penalty and get their buck back..
  2. Our entertainment is watching pier runners..NCL staffs entertainment is watching passengers who partake in the "Running for a Vibe pass' that occurs on embarkation day on AWAY CLASS ships.. Good times.
  3. Wouldn't CAS be better off hiring an outside Tournament director ? Land Based casinos do it all the time.
  4. Who ran the Main Event, Provide dealers, run cash games, and other tournaments ? CAS or was an outside company hired to run everything ?
  5. Sorry to hear that. This Tournament has a lot of potential if it's run correctly.
  6. https://www.ncl.com/pokerchallenge Here's a link to 2018 Challenge.. I'm sure a good time was had by all..
  7. NYcruzzer

    Thanksgiving Escape to the Bahamas!

    Welcome Home. Really enjoying your review so far. Getting us excited for our NYE cruise on Escape.
  8. NYcruzzer

    Suite/Have Pricing

    I certainly do. Before the advent of bid process we received a deep discount via an upsell offers from the elusive upsell fairy. In 2016 we went from a BB to a 2 bed courtyard Haven for an additional 1k PP That was a 10 day NYE cruise on the Gem. Last year we went from a BB to 2 Bed courtyard Haven on BA NYE cruise. That was our first time going through bid process.. Our final price was less than half MSRP...
  9. NYcruzzer

    Suite/Have Pricing

    I agree with much of what you say. However I'm not sure most Havens are sold at sticker price.. For example on my last few cruises the Havens were almost all available until about 2 weeks prior to sailing. Then miraculously they all sold out as bids were awarded. Last three NCL cruises I was able to go from Balcony to 2 bed Courtyard for well less than 1/2 retail. These were holiday sailings which go for a premium..
  10. NYcruzzer

    Suite/Have Pricing

    I suspect that the overwhelming majority of Haven/Suites are sold through the bid process and are being sold for less than half of the "retail value" of 5k pp
  11. NYcruzzer

    NCL Cabin Bidding

    We are on same sailing as you.If you booked a "Sail away" rate with no perks then you will not get any perks if your Haven bid is accepted. What perk are you most interested in ? If you want the UBP then you should change booking from Balcony Sail away rate to Balcony GTY. You would then get all 4 perks...Then if your GTY to Haven bid is accepted you would keep your 4 perks
  12. NYcruzzer

    Ruined surprise

  13. NYcruzzer

    Bliss: Wash Washy Song in My Head

    Think that's bad..Had this one stuck in my head for weeks..
  14. If you take the unlimited social package does it include i messaging ?
  15. Maybe I can opt out of eating on my next cruise ? That should be good for a nice gift card.