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  1. I am Platinum on Carnival and Platinum Plus on NCL.and.enjoy both products equally. Please give examples of NCL Nickel and Diming for things that are complimentary on Carnival..Both have free and pay dining options. Both charge for internet access. Both lines have optional entertainment for an additional fee.
  2. Might not be so lucky if arrested by some island cop in the Bahamas or wherever....
  3. This: https://www.foxnews.com/us/woman-arrested-for-cbd-oil-at-disney-demands-apology
  4. Thanks for the quick response. Soon as I board I have to tighten up the reservations I made online for Cagney's and La Cucina. They only had 9:00 pm. We prefer a 6:30 time slot . I'll book one night at Bamboo at that point as well.
  5. Welcome home. Enjoyed your semi-live posts. I'm on the June 8th sailing. Quick question. What is reservation policy for Bamboo ? If memory serves my correctly from my Gem Sailings you can only make reservations for Asian venue same or next day.
  6. Recent reports have Luz as the CD . Is this still accurate ? If so any idea how long she is on till ? I'm on the Dawn 6/8 sailing.
  7. Yes the Dawn is an old friend. Our first cruise on Dawn was August 2003. We are on the June 8th sailing. Absolutely love the N.E./Canada cruises. Safe travels. Have a fantastic cruise.
  8. I'm on the June 8th NE cruise on Dawn..Thanks for the tip !! I love me some Lobster
  9. Same thing they do (or not do) when they catch Chair Hogs
  10. On the Escape the area just outside the Vibe is lovely. There is the other half of the Vibe bar situated on this side of the partition. There is also a large hot tub and cool misting area. Plenty of loungers there on my NYE cruise. I would much rather spend the extra money on a Thermal Pass. Escape's Spa is wonderful. A real nice place to escape the madness...
  11. I'm sure there are plenty of folks that are still making no more than minimum credit card payments for a cruise they went on several years ago.
  12. Over the years I have noticed Carnival and Royals pricing strategy is a little different. They both offer their lowest fares further out, then slowly increase them as inventory decreases. Additionally their lowest fairs have non-refundable deposits. NCL's strategy is quite the opposite. In most cases NCL's fares drop the most after final payment..With upgrades moving many up the category ladder to free up insides at last minute deep discounted sail away rates.
  13. On my upcoming cruise on Dawn I was able to get a free "upgrade" from inside to OV due to price drop after final payment. i was told by rep that this was a one time allowance and that no further upgrades will be issued. Going forward unless I'm sailing on a high demand holiday cruise such as NYE I'm going to book 30-45 days out.. Lower fares and still decent midship locations. No more booking 1+ years in advance. !!
  14. Did they tell you that you are only entitled to one OBC adjustment ? If so I would definitely refrain from monitoring these fares in the future as there will most likely be further drops as you get closer to sailing.
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