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  1. You don't need Real id if you have a valid passport. Just keep the passport updated
  2. As far as the Mexican hospital comments go the mom is wrong. 2 sets of friends at separate times were admitted to the International Hospital in Cozumel. Once home their physicians said the care they had received was equal to the care they would have received at home.
  3. My take on insurance is this, if you can't afford the insurance and can't afford to lose the cost of the trip you don't need to travel. For us cancel for any reason insurance cost an extra couple of hundred dollars or less. We figure it as part of the cost of the trip. If it puts us at a cost we aren't comfortable with we don't go. We do not and will not travel without cancel for any reason insurance. To the OP sorry about your mother and the situation with the cruise line.
  4. Aware of it and taking normal precautions but scared no not at the this point. I wouldn't go to China but I wouldn't have gone before this so....
  5. What about people who are allergic to dogs? I'm sure those people understand if it's a true service dog but emotional support dogs not so much.
  6. Sit outside on the upper deck. We are fine when we do this. If we sit inside I get queasy every time
  7. 75% is still better than nothing
  8. Yes some friends did that last week
  9. It is fine even in January
  10. Heck my significant other is gripping about have his parents ride with to Christmas dinner. That should be interesting
  11. In most cases we tip 10% of the bill in restaurants give or take depending on the service. One of our local restaurants we don't tip other than at Christmas as we know the owner and knows he pays a living wage. Neither do I tip mu hair dresser or massage therapist except at the holidays. Tours we are likely to leave behind what local currency we have as the tip as long as it's not an outrageous amount. Tipping is controversial and I do wish businesses that employ people who most feel require tipping would pay a livable wage.
  12. https://www.riviera-maya-news.com/two-of-3-cozumel-reef-areas-reopening-for-tourism/2019.html
  13. Public message board. I have my opinion on what I think about your technology question.
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