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  1. Nana57

    Ferry Pass

    What is the cost of a two day pass? Is it cash only? Thank you.
  2. Thank you! I thought you would have to go to that event from 5-7 pm to get unlimited drinks. I believe there was a time where you had 3 drinks on your seapass.
  3. Are we still entitled to 3 drinks per day on our seapass or did Celebrity take away that perk? What time are we allowed those drinks? We usually get the classic beverage as a perk but when we did book it was a gratuity perk that was offered. We usually just get water, a glass of wine with dinner. Can we use that at dinner or we have to get the glass of wine by the bar and bring it to dinner? The water I think I can get at the cocktail hour from 5 to 7 pm.
  4. Nana57


    Received an email offering to upgrade my room by making a bid. How much do you bid? The amount they say and where are the rooms located. We are sailing next Sunday.
  5. Nana57

    Bermuda cave

    What days does Sweet Pea have tea?
  6. Nana57

    Swizzle Inn

    Thank you!
  7. Nana57

    Swizzle Inn

    Thank you! So I will take the ferry to St. George and take a taxi to the Original Swizzle Inn? Then maybe take the bus back to St. George and ferry back to dockyard.
  8. Nana57

    Swizzle Inn

    Will be in Bermuda in a couple of weeks. Would like to take the bus from Hamilton to the original Swizzle Inn. Is the lighthouse in the same area? Thank you.
  9. We were considering an August 25th sailing. Would like to know if a Category is sold out on the Celebrity site do travel agents still have cabins available? Or are they given back to Celebrity at some point?
  10. FLL. Delta. Domestic.
  11. What is the flight time to participate in this program?
  12. Nana57


    How far is the ride and do I have to make a reservation?
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