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  1. We are on the same Allure trip as OP and have arranged the Daniel Johnson animal visit and snorkel combo, so I hope it is as great as I am making it up to be in my head!
  2. Back in August of last year, we booked a morning 2 tank dive for next week April 4 with this company. Yesterday, I emailed to do a final confirmation and have not heard back. We didn't put down any deposit, so its OK. There is conflicting info online about whether they are closed or not. Anyone local who can tell me? We are doing Daniel Johnson's Hangout and snorkelling trip instead. Are there any cool beach bars within walking distance of the Coxen Hole port? We should be done snorkelling around lunchtime, so any suggestions for laid-back beach bars would be great for a snack and a cold drink. We leave for FL tomorrow and sail on Sun. Allure OTS. Thanks in advance! Amy
  3. Thanks all for your help ! Have a great weekend, last one till the cruise!
  4. Hello, I have a few questions for anyone on the Allure now, or recently on: 1) Who is/will be the headliner for our cruise? 2) Will bartenders give you an unopened bottle of beer to take back to your room? I would like to put a couple of bottles in an ice bucket to have ready on the balcony, but I don't want them all open at once. 3) Does Park Cafe have all coffees/teas that are covered under deluxe drink package? We are on Deck 8 and that would be a very convenient place to go in the morning. Is the coffee any good? Not interested in buying Starbucks. 4) My mom recently had to start using a wheelchair, and this will be our first time on a trip having to use it - can anyone give tips on getting her decent "parking" for the shows, navigating congested areas, etc? Are there designated wheelchair rows at the venues? I don't think we have to use a tender to get off the ship in any locations, so hope that debarking goes smoothly too. 5) Setting up the text feature on Royal App. Can we do this without being on the ship, like the night before, in our hotel room? Do I need the phone numbers of everyone, room numbers, reservation #"s? We have 5 couples with us that we want to put in the app and be able to text with during the trip. Thanks for any answers you can provide.
  5. We are cruising on Allure OTS on March 31 and have 10 people in our group. We are staying in FLL the night before, and my parents are the only ones who will have their personal vehicle. I plan to ride with them in their car from FLL to POM in the morning while everyone else takes a shuttle from the hotel. Here are my questions/concerns: Is it clearly marked where to drop off passengers for Allure if you are driving your personal vehicle? My mom will be in a wheelchair, so I was hoping to drop her off with the luggage, then go park the car. Will there be porters available to take the luggage right away so my mom can just hang out in the shade and wait for me and my dad to come back from parking the car? Where do we park the car - is it close by or a long walk away? What is the cost per day to park and do you pay before or after? Where would be a good meetup point for the 3 of us to get back together with the rest of the group before boarding? Do shuttle people get dropped off at a different place than personal vehicle people? Sorry about all the logistics questions, I just want everything to go smoothly for my parents. We are cruising for their 50th anniversary and I want it to be as stress-free as possible (for all of us!). Anyone with firsthand experience in dropping off handicapped people at Terminal A new RCCL area, I'd love to hear your tips and experience!
  6. We are on the same cruise as you 🙂 I am an obsessive over-planner, and we have a group of 10 adults ranging from 47 to 80 yrs old, so I hope everything I have planned goes as scheduled. My mom has been doing chemo since January and has had persistent pain in her leg so has been using a wheelchair lately. I am concerned about how this will affect her cruise and her overall enjoyment. We will make it work somehow!!
  7. Do you add it in the cruise planner somewhere? We have already paid in full but I would like to add in the gratuities before the cruise in March.
  8. I apologize in advance for not having all the details, but I was looking into booking scuba for our stop in Cozumel through Sand Dollar Sports. We have used them before ( booked separately from ship excursion in the past) and wanted to use them again. It seems like if you are coming by cruise ship, you have to book through the ship and they won't accept cruise ship passengers to make separate reservations outside of the ship. Not sure if this is just for Sand Dollar or all scuba companies on the island? I don't know how they would know you were on a ship if you didn't mention it while making the reservation, but was wondering if anyone had a similar experience lately. I think a tourist died diving in the last year and now they all have to comply with this? Again, sorry about lack of details, just wondering if anyone has first-hand knowledge of whether this is a true rule now or just something SDS is doing. FYI - we are on RCCL Allure for scheduled stop on April 3, 2019. Booked our dive through the ship this time, but I don't even know what scuba company they use as that is not listed. TIA and happy holidays!
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