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  1. Yes, it is luck. When I booked, I ended up hanging up with 2 different, totally inept agents. I mean, I found myself wondering if they were on drugs. The 3rd was great and booked us no problem.
  2. Ok, that makes me feel better. If it's just a case of bad website and great ship I'm ok. I was talking about this with my husband last night. Here in the States, we are spoiled and accustomed to living in a capitalist society. Our business is highly competitive, and if the website sux, customer service sux, we assume the whole thing sux. I do know, however, this isn't always true. Yesterday I called and an agent picked up right away, and that was in the afternoon. But then I tried in the evening, and after 40 minutes gave up. This morning it was over an hour. I also chose a different option as I thought I was getting tech support. Usually, I choose the "I have a booking" option. Sometimes planning travel is a pain. Welcome to my luxury problems. :)
  3. Update: Someone finally picked up - waited over an hour. Even though I chose "technical support" option, the agent told me that all options end up in the same place - reservations. He said they are having problems with the website, with no ETA on a fix. He confirmed my booking. He did say sorry for the wait, but that they had a high call volume and that an hour wait is ordinary for them. I just don't know. I'm worried. If this is how they handle things before I've even left the country...
  4. I can't log in to my booking. I've called, emailed, tweeted, Facebook messengered. Even posted on their pages in FB and Twitter. I've been on hold for an hour trying to get to customer support. I've never dealt with this bad of a company. I've never had this much difficulty planning a vacation. It's literally sucking all the joy out of it. I'm thinking of canceling. Someone assure me. Is it that their customer service is atrocious but the cruise itself will be good? We are sailing out of Barcelona in October.
  5. Ah, really good point. I always forget about the T&C. Hope I don't have to rebook. We used a 10% coupon...
  6. Hey! So we did book the Seaview in late October, boarding in Rome. But we are considering switching to the Barcelona embarkation port since flights are much better there. I've tried emailing MSC to no avail (no surprise there). Anyone know if this switch can be easily done? I checked and it seems they have plenty of cabins available.
  7. Oh and wouldn't you know it, but we ended up with a cabin on the port side, mid ship! Was hoping to see the ports. We are on deck 14, hopefully smokers down below won't bother us.
  8. Ok, thanks! We booked. I called and reached an awesome agent who helped me pick a room and gave me the 10% discount code I got off the website. He said I could have my cruise status from Carnival transferred and then apply another 5% on the cruise by calling them back. We shall see about that. Now my biggest problem is the flight. They've gone up. We are coming from Denver and they were around $700 not too long ago and now they are $1000. I'm hoping I can catch a sale or something.
  9. Also, I read somewhere that someone booked a room and that MSC reserves the right to randomly move you. But then another person responded and said it was due to their room type, i.e. a guarantee room? Anyway, is this true? I mean, aside from a guarantee room, will MSC just randomly move my cabin??
  10. Hey all, I'm just about to book an MSC cruise. I have the 10% off code, but can I get 5% voyagers club applied too? I have never cruised MSC before, but I noticed that on the voyagers page it asks if you are booked for a cruise.
  11. Yeah, there's always the balcony smokers. So...is port side even numbers or odd? Which side do you get to see the ports on?
  12. You know, I realized how silly I was being - of course if are on deck 13 its unlikely we'll smell cigarette smoke from the boardwalk. LOL Thank you!!!!
  13. Am I not in the NCL forum? Maybe you meant Epic forum. In any case, I decided to go with MSC. So sorry for any time anyone spent on this question. Thanks to all.
  14. From the agent: "There is no such thing as a bad balcony onboard. The disclaimer on the site is really applicable for Oceanview staterooms where the lifeboats could obstruct the view, however, the Norwegian Epic is our only ship that has no Oceanview Staterooms." True??
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