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  1. Since Princess always wants us out of our room by 8 AM we use that as our guide as we do not enjoy dragging our carry-ons around with us. We go to breakfast and then return to our room just before 8 to get our bags and head to the disembark lounge.
  2. katisdale


    What does "subs" mean?
  3. Anytime dining is eating in the MDR. Also waiters in the MDR also work shifts in the buffet.
  4. We also had no immigration on disembarking in Southampton. We used Silverfleet for a transfer to our hotel in London. They were waiting for us. It was so easy. We are doing a British Isles cruise next summer and waiting to find out if Brexit will change anything. We will stop in Ireland and France before returning to Southampton so it will be interesting to see what happens.
  5. I am so glad I chose brown grout for around my tile floors.
  6. katisdale


    As many as you want. The first one per person is free if consumed in the cabin. After that, $15 corkage per bottle applies.
  7. I have been taken to the holding area as well. We waited well over an hour before being taken to immigration and then on to baggage. Our luggage was over to the side as it was past the time when the luggage arrived at the carousel. We flew business so that made no difference. We are going back to Heathrow in June and have arranged a transfer with "Silver Fleet" in both directions. I know they will be waiting for us. We have used them before and it went well.
  8. If I was in your situation I would call again. If turned down a second time I would ask to speak with a supervisor. It is common for lower prices after final payment to be for new bookings only however people here on cruise critic have reported getting a better cabin or some OBC.
  9. When is your cruise? Can you refare? I have gotten the lower airfare from ez-air by using the "modify" feature on the cruise personalizer. You need to have flexible air booked that has not been ticketed for that to work. Your air is ticketed at around 45 days out from flying. Once ticketed or if you bought non-flexible you are under the airline rules, not Princess. Good luck
  10. This is scary. What type of battery do you use?
  11. We have done a vow renewal. It was fabulous. I have no idea of the cost of the video as we didn't ask. The only thing you may find displeasing is that you don't get the choose the day of the ceremony. They will try to accommodate you but the day depends on the Captain's schedule. We didn't do it in Alaska so I don't know if that particular day requires him/her to be on the bridge.
  12. When you have a booking with Princess you can sign in to your booking and the personalizer shows up. You put the information you need to board into the form, choose shore excursions, etc.
  13. We were in Trinidad this past February and just got off the ship and took a taxi for a short tour through the area. We saw the Victorian homes, went to an overlook, and into the downtown area where there are lots of banks and lawyers offices. It was interesting to see the preparations being made for Carnivale. I never felt unsafe. As far as food goes, so subjective, I greatly prefer Princess to Celebrity.
  14. You may find that they allow Victor's vehicle into the port. I went to the shore excursion desk and told them how sad it made me that I might not be able to leave the port area without the vehicle being able to enter. I did not threaten or yell, just described my problem while seated on my scooter. The young man I spoke with said he would see what could be done. He called back and it was arranged. My DH had to walk out of the port and meet the driver and they came back and got me. I was surprised. We both got delivered back to the dock at the end of the tour.
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