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  1. If there are segments, then yes they do. We did a 50 day that had two segments and got two mini-bars. On the 49 day around South America a year ago it had three segments and we got three mini-bars.
  2. If you have "Princess" insurance you do have cancel for any reason insurance.
  3. I think Princess has handled this exceptionally well, therefore, my answer is no.
  4. The under bed outlet was available on the Sun and Star, both older ships.
  5. I saw "special needs at sea" deliver a recliner to a ship when we were doing a b2b cruise. First, one of the beds was removed from the room. Second, the recliner was placed where the bed had been. I did not see the brand of the chair nor do I know if it was an electric lift type chair. I found the process interesting. This was placed in a standard balcony cabin and we were across the hall in an inside room. There were two people in that cabin, both able to walk, and I don't know which one used the chair but I do know there was one recliner and one bed in the room
  6. I used a travelscoot scooter for 10 years before I had to change to a "fold-and-go" wheelchair as I no longer have the balance to step across the center of the scooter. I traveled extensively with the scooter and would suggest having two batteries. I only ran the battery down once but it was wonderful to have a second battery to get back to the ship. I kept the battery charged overnight and alternated between the two batteries. I also purchased a second charger so if the original broke I would have a back-up. I never used the extra charger. For airplane travel I went to a "Dick's" sporting good store and bought a hard sided golf case. My husband was with me and we collapsed the scooter and made sure it would fit into the golf carrier. This worked well and the scooter survived all the travel. Finally, we got a rider on our homeowners insurance to cover our scooter and have kept it for my wheelchair. It is only about $24 per year and covers "accidental" damage and theft.
  7. I find the steps quite steep and it is much worse if the seas are even slightly rough. I have chosen to stay on the ship at many tender ports. I have seen a few beaches with special wheelchairs for use on sand. I don't know if any beaches in Nassau supply beach wheelchairs.
  8. We did a Royal cruise around south america last February. The library was so-so after the first day. I happened to be in the area outside the library shortly after we boarded. I watched at least 10 people walk out with more than five books each. After they left the picking were slim to say the least. Perhaps having a crew member present to restrict books to one each for the first day or so would be helpful.
  9. I used a travelscoot for over 10 years and was never denied access to the tender on Princess cruises. I did however avoid the tender on several occasions when the seas were what I call bouncy - not really rough but the tender was bouncing up and down at the access point. I have now "graduated" to a fold-and-go wheelchair as my balance has deteriorated. I no longer even attempt to tender. However, that is my choice and has nothing to do with Princess. Have fun on your cruise.
  10. The cost was $8.00 per person on the Star Princess over Christmas. It was fun. We were a group of 5 and were joined by another 5 or 6 people. No hints or directions, that would lessen the fun. Our was held in the wedding chapel.
  11. I used a travelscoot scooter for over 10 years but have now "graduated" to a fold-and-go wheelchair. After buying other mobility aids that were not ideal, my best experience was getting a referral to a physical therapist who listened to me explain my needs and then did a series of exercises before suggesting equipment that meets my needs. I chose (and it was a choice) to put my scooter in a case and check it to the final destination. This worked OK but I was always concerned if it would show up. Now having a wheelchair, I gate check the chair and that is easier for me. The primary problem I had with the scooter was as my balance deteriorated I found it much more difficult to step over the center section. Now, using the wheelchair that is not a problem and it feels much safer having four rather than three wheels. I have no idea how wide the doors on a standard cabin are as I must have the zero entry bath and extra bars provided in the accessible bath. Within the room I use a walker unless the seas are rough. I use my wheelchair to board and exit the ship. I am always assisted by ship crew. I no longer tender. I hope to continue to travel and wish you and your DW well.
  12. Ensure is a brand name for a nutritional drink. I think insure is correct.
  13. That is interesting that you have had a door that opens toward the corridor. I have never been on such a ship. I've always had the door open into the room. A door stop has helped with the inward opening door, especially when leaving the cabin.
  14. I made payment before 45 days so I could upgrade using miles and money. Making payment took me out of EZ-air and I am now under the airline rules. This was great for me as I really wanted to upgrade. But I can no longer make changes without going through the airline. I think you may be in a similar situation.
  15. There was no charge - nor reservations - for any of the three pub lunches on the 12/19/2019 Hawaii cruise on the Star. Also, I have never been charged for going to a pub lunch on Princess.
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