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  1. katisdale


    You have to call if you want to spend some of your own OBC for your wife's excursions. Otherwise, if you have already paid for her excursions you can use your excess for onboard charges such as the daily charge or specialty restaurants, etc.
  2. 20+ cruises and this has never happened to me.
  3. I have been on the Royal Princess in February and March of this year on the 49 day cruise around South America. I had polio as a child. I was using a travelscoot brand scooter at the time. It is a very lightweight scooter that completely collapses. I have never been refused a tender ride on Princess. However you must be able to go down (and back up) at least three or four steps from the tender pier to the tender. The crew are able to offer you an arm to assist you but you must be able to bear your weight as they assist you. Even if your family offers to lift you it will not happen. Also if the seas are rough then all wheelchair/scooter transfers will be stopped. That said, I have stopped going on tenders as my condition has progressed. I choose to stay on-board and enjoy the empty ship.
  4. No, they do not shuttle to the tour buses and sometimes the walk is quite long. I used my scooter to ride to the buses and then it was loaded into the luggage compartment beneath the bus. However, my scooter was a travelscoot and very lightweight and completely collapsible. My post-polio has progressed and I have "graduated" to a fold and go wheelchair. It is also lightweight and collapsible so as long as I can manage the bus steps with my half-step assistance I can continue to use the bus tours. I haven't taken the wheelchair on a cruise yet but will have it with me in December.
  5. I did this through ez-air on Thursday this week. I chose flights on American and could not figure out how to select seats on the American site. I went back to ez-air. I chose modify flights. At that point at the top of the page is a box labeled "select seats". I chose that box, selected the seats and when I went back to American's site my seats show as selected. I hope this helps.
  6. I have been on the Royal. There is a made to order omelet station I believe in the last section toward the aft of the ship. There may also be a station in the middle section. You can get any type of omelet you want.
  7. For day tours, I have been on buses with no restrooms but a stop about every two hours where there may or may not be facilities. For cruisetours which involve stays in hotels either before, after or during the cruise then the buses I have been on have had restrooms.
  8. On an Alaskan cruise? Debark in Vancouver or Whittier?
  9. My experience with travelscoot and tendering is as follows: First, if the seas are at all rough you will be refused. Second, if it is possible to tender you must be able to transfer independently to the tender including going down the stairs into the boat. You will not be carried onto the tender, nor will you be able to ride you scooter onto the tender unless it is a specially adapted tender. Even with an adapted tender it will be necessary to get off the scooter and onto a wheelchair. Finally, the crew will lift the scooter onto the tender. Luckily the travelscoot is less than 50 pounds so this is permitted. You should expect to be the first on and last off usually.
  10. The last time we did this the transfer with Princess from Heathrow to Southampton it was on a large bus with steps. I travel with a small half step which I use to get up into the bus. Now we use "Silver Fleet" www.silver-fleet.co.uk to do the transfer. The last time we were there it was five of us with luggage and a scooter. They did a good job for us.
  11. I have had it go both ways. In Fort Lauderdale, I went up the same ramp as all the other cruisers (no elevator). In Charleston, SC I used a different entry which was flat and then took an elevator to the floor of our cabin.
  12. I travel with a wheelchair. I recently "graduated" from a scooter to a wheelchair. The first thing I would do is call whoever you reserved the cruise with (either your travel agent of Princess) and see if there is a handicapped cabin available. If none are available, get on a wait list for one. The entry door on the accessible cabin will be wider than the standard cabin. Also the bath room will have lots more grab rails which will greatly increase safety. I find cruising to be a nice compromise between traveling and traveling without hassle. The mobility device must be brought into the cabin. It is a hazard for other travelers (especially those also using a device) when left in the hall. I think you will do fine but I would definitely get an accessible cabin.
  13. Without knowing you and your needs, I would not recommend a particular type of mobility device but rather a visit to a physical therapist. I found their advice invaluable in choosing the right equipment for me. My doctor did a referral so I only paid a deductible for the visit but it was worth everything I paid and more. I wish you luck in finding the right equipment for you.
  14. It would help to know what your plans are in Bermuda. What transport are you planning to use? If you plan to cross the island on the scooters then I would doubt the batteries would last. If you are staying near the ship or taking some sort of public transport to the attractions you plan to see then you should be fine. Another factor to take in to account is if you need to go up steep inclines. Inclines use more battery power than flat transports. Also it is important to add the rider's weight into the discussion as well. The smaller the rider, the longer the scooter will go on a battery charge. All of that said, I have never completely used a battery on a day on the ship. Just once, in St. Petersburg, Russia did I use up a charge after a full and long day touring but I had a second battery and the day was almost done so we changed the battery and it was all good.
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