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  1. I, too, am very happy to announce our Option 2 Refund showed up in our credit card account this morning. The actual "post date" from Princess was May 15 but did not show up until this morning, May 20, on our statement and we have checked for it Every.Single.Day. for weeks now. Princess cancelled our March 26 Crown Princess TA cruise on March 12. We chose Option 2 on March 12 with confirmation on March 13. We received the Cruise Fare, EZ Air, Princess Vacation Insurance, Port Fees and Taxes. I will have to contact the Princess gift card people for the $200 we used at final payment for a new card (I threw away the original gift card as I thought why do I need to keep empty cards?!?!). Also, no 50% FCC in either of our Princess FCC Accounts, but I'll wait a few days before I inquire about that. I'm just thrilled we got what we got as I was seriously having doubts.....
  2. Cruise Date: March 26 Cancel Date: March 10 I cancelled because I was at 75/25% CFR penalty Cancel Date: March 12 Princess sent Option email March 13 Received email confirmation of Option 2 Refund + 50% FCC Status: Zero, Zilch, Nada for Refund or FCC Also had EZ Air and Princess Vacation Protection. Used 2 Princess Gift Cards at final payment in December. I threw gift cards away - didn't know I had to to keep them - nothing was noted on gift card or packet they came in, nor did CSR tell me to keep them when I used them at final. Spoke to Princess Gift Card people, they said any refund would go back to original cards....even though I don't have the original cards. They couldn't (or wouldn't) give me the card's numbers or pin numbers. Then how do THEY apply refund to original cards?
  3. We were booked on the March 26th TransAtlantic (Repositioning cruise) for the Crown to start her Mediterranean season. Of course, it was canceled. With both Italy and Spain still showing huge numbers of C-19 cases and deaths, as well as most of Europe and the UK, I think the European season is kaputz.
  4. Late on Thurs, May 5 at 11:14 PM I received an email from Princess; Subject was Booking Notification. At first glance I didn't see anything different from my current Booking Confirmation. After reviewing it the next day I noticed a new line item had been added at the bottom that said: Onboard Credit Adj: $15.97 (per person) with no other explanation. Then on Friday, May 6 at 1:35 AM, I received (what everyone else has received) another email with subject: New Cancellation Policy Changes. The sailing is the March 26th TransAtlantic. My husband thinks Princess already knew they would be missing a port and the Onboard Credit Adjustment is for the a port charge credit...speculation only. Anyone else get 2 emails like this within hours? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I could call Princess and ask but I really don't want to be on hold for 2 hours to ask a simple question.
  5. I would like to know the answer to this question, too. We had pre-paid gratuities and $250 OBC.
  6. Even before receiving the email this morning, we had decided to cancel our March 26th TransAtlantic to Barcelona cruise. We will cancel before or on March 11 as that's the last day to get the 25/75% option. We have the Platinum CFAR insurance so everything should go smooth according to previous posts. We also purchased Princess EZ Air which should also be Refunded or EZ Air credits???? We purchased seat upgrades to Economy Plus for $500 directly through United after the EZ Air flight had been ticketed. I assume Princess will not be responsible for our upgrades. My Questions are: When Princess cancels the air what happens to our upgraded seats? I am assuming they will go "poof" as soon as EZ cancels the seats and we will be out $500. Has anyone else had any experience with independently purchased upgrades and a canceled EZ Air flight? I plan on contacting United this weekend to see if they will refund our upgraded seats also but was hoping someone has had some experience in this matter and how it turned out. Thanks.
  7. With that kind of attitude, not only will you probably "catch something", you will also be spreading whatever you do catch to everyone else on the ship.
  8. On the Caribbean Princess there are many hand-washing stations in the buffet. Attached are a couple pictures. The water is motion activated so you don't have to touch the faucet. They are kept spotlessly clean.
  9. I don't know when the last time you were on a Princess ship, but on Sept 4th, I just got off a 16 night cruise with 9 sea days of which we ate every meal in the buffet. On our ship, the silverware was wrapped (tightly in my opinion) in a cloth napkin and placed in a metal container on the table NOT in front of individual chairs. I won't say it has never happened, but I, personally, never once saw anyone taking a folded up napkin out of the container and take out a spoon or fork and walk away for a waiter to later replace said spoon or fork and place in it back into the napkin and back into the container. I am attaching a picture I took of the metal containers of silverware at each table so you can see what I am talking about.
  10. I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else to do what I am doing, but just to give another option at the buffet. I am left-handed. I pick up the plate with my right hand and use the serving tools with my left hand so my right hand is never contaminated from the get-go, so to speak. The cruise line we have been sailing on most lately is Princess and the silverware, in the cloth napkin, is already on the table when I sit down. The waiter brings the drinks to the table. The most contamination in the buffet, I feel, is the spoons/ladles and not a cloth napkin or a glass (from which I drink from the rim, not the sides). I feel very confident that when those gloves do come off, my hands are still clean as I have washed them with soap and water before even entering the buffet. Anyway, so far it has worked for me and I will continue to do so when I cruise.
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