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  1. Agree that it is, in the end, about dollars (very, very big dollars "costs"). Flagging US and agreeing to demands for application of US DOL, OSHA, etc. would multiply their cost of labor and operations exponentially. Our days of cruising at the rates we're used to would be long, long gone accordingly. We'd all be kidding ourselves if we also didn't admit that we participated and benefitted from the cruise line labor (sub-western wages and hours from world wide empoverished geographies) practices; low cost, brand new ships and almost all-inclusive. So, as you suggest, only time will truly tell. We've decided to 'cool off for 2020 and it will be the first year since 2008 (our first year) that we won't be cruising, regardless of promotions or pricing. Looking to 'ink next years 6-month oceanfront rental on FL South/Central East Coast on bridged barrier island in gated community.
  2. I hope using RED doesn't reflect a negative tone, just wanted to make it easier to separate my reply from your reply. Thank you for you responses.
  3. Well first, thank you for your service. My youngest son's wife, a PT Dr. at a large metro DC hospital, pregnant, is still working and worrying the heck out of us. Personal hygiene, as you note is uptmost; however as another member posted, "others risk you" by their lack of such.
  4. Yes, it would. It might be the new normal however.
  5. Thanks for a very rational post (for such a youngster).
  6. That's a really good highlight; others are risking your exposures.
  7. Thankful for all of the replies; looking to learn sentiment. It's a valuable discussion.
  8. NEXT CRUISE? Well after ~ 1. Next safe trip to the grocery store (at 5 or 6 am) without masks, gloves, 6' spacing and after return to home then washing all of the purchases after the checkout lady/man with gloves handled everything (without changing gloves from one customer to the next to the next to the next). 2. Same as 1 for "everything else." 3. Top of the list, next safe 'dinner out; locally. 4. Next safe date when "airline protocals for sanitization" are adequate so that we don't have to walk or drive to cruise ports; give us the darn wipes on the way in we'll clean everything and you can walk around with your bag after; and make those with visible symptoms sit in the back and wear the darn masks (or don't let them on, or us on, if they or we visibly show such). 5. The cruise lines announce long overdue changes to operating protocals for sanitization; thermal scan to board, a health officer and staff to perform at dining venues as a matter of course, stop looking the other way on the pre-boarding questions for the clearly sick signators at the check in counter, new world buffet (people simply can't be trusted to 100% comply, automation, ship staff (with adequate screening), riddance of salt and pepper grinders and shakers (paper ones just fine thank you), specialty restaurant protocals (waitstaff don't belong 'busing, then serving; separate busers, runners and wait staff) and 100% enforced hand washing for patrons and staff, etc. 5* Shoes! Spraying washy on half of the returnee's from excursions looks and sound so nice. However, what's on the bottom of the shoes (local ingredients, low quality sanitary facilities, etc.) get on to the floors, rugs, etc. all over the ship immediately and, after such contact, spreads to clothing, hands, etc. 6. The cruise lines massively upgrade their medical facilities; including, but not limited to, providing the spacial resources for the demographis of the cruising customers and, to a much lesser extent, even addressing a growing issue by forming a co-venture in the industry to pay for their own medical evacuations. AND... 1. An effective drug(s) therapy is developed, tested and approved and is available and on board. 2. An effective vaccine is developed, tested and approved and is available beforehand. DUCKING. I am now about to GET CRUSHED. 🤕 I'm dying to cruise again (see signature history), I just don't want to die doing it or be laid up on a ship in a stateroom for 2+ weeks "somewhere" while they figure out what to do or who will take us.
  9. Bill, LOL. I was a germafobe 'long before COVID19 and the current cruise line closures. I posted a thread on NOROVIRUS that displayed my preventative thoughts (got mostly hammered). 😄 Not just on cruises, but on airplanes on the way to a cruise (I Clorox wipe down 'everything for our two seats, as well as the person in the 3rd seat, make them gargle Purell and wear nose plugs - JK on that part). Oh well, our methods can be scoffed at; however, we've not been sick in years. I'd like to enumerate on our trips to the grocery store; however, that would send 'some over the top. Or, what we did 😲 on our 2 leg 14 hour and 9 hour two month early return from south east coast of FL to NH via MD to avoid 'everybody and 'everything. As an aside, the restrictions on the cruise lines, the cruise ports, etc. is tough. It is also 'unbalanced across other industries and cities. For example, the airlines were left open and NYC has 3 major ones and proclaim "we welcome everyone." Well, that hasn't worked out so well. UNFORTUNATELY, NYC'ers that can are FLEEING to various locations. Can you imagine an infected cruise ship, aka NYC as US and almost World "hotspot," being allowed to just hop in a car and leave to other jurisdictions in the US? NO. It wouldn't have been allowed. The cruise industry shut itself down. They then leveraged (credit lines) to cover customer/prepaid amounts and 15+ months of operations @ $-0- in revenue at first then incremental increases as "drug therapy treatments" evolve and a "vaccine" is developed. These large urban areas didn't shut down, left mass transit (self owned) open, left airports ($$) open, late to curb restaurants and bars, 6' spacing and 10 grouping. NOW. They are being admired 'for their response? And, how they blame the US for not having what they need? REALLY. They, the admired, "opened the door and welcomed the virus," then let those that could 'escape to infect other geographies across the nation. The cruise lines? They 'bit the bullet, took the financial hit. I'm encouraged that customer deposits are now much more reasonably expected to be honored, that the cruise lines will 'make it. We will have to wait a bit to book a cruise again, although very active and healthy, fit and trim, want to make sure our immune systems are appropriate after we take care of older two 6 adn 8 YO grandkids for the summer (to help out one sons' family). NOROVIROUS, not a problem.
  10. Yes. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22621-nclh-taps-into-1-55-billion-credit-facility.html
  11. Yep. Likely, as per the analyst, @ $6 per share (half, or less, of today's trading). They have some serious (huge) institutional investors; participating in a new equity offering gives them the opportunity to average down and greatly increase the likelihood that CCL makes it into 2021 regardless of what happens. IMO.
  12. Also, just a week or so ago Carnival 'tapped $3 Billion line of credit facility. https://safety4sea.com/carnival-to-borrow-3-billion-in-financing-to-boost-liquidity/
  13. Although not great news for investors/shareholders, this could be really good news (if they raise equity funds) re: the recoverability of customer deposits. Per Wells Fargo analyst, Carnival would have to raise $4-$5 Billion to stay in line with it's covenants. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/carnival-stock-drops-after-wells-fargo-turns-bearish-2020-03-23?mod=mw_latestnews
  14. I hope that this allowed as an independent thread and not merged as it relates specifically to "how" and "why" CUSTOMER DEPOSITS (advances ticket sales, etc. titles by lines) can NOT be simply refunded - they, all of them, do NOT have the CASH. This was pointed out in an exchange with another CC member in the Bankruptcy thread. I've had time to research after "fleeing back north in a massive caravan on I-95 from Florida." So, look at what can be used (Cash) to pay back customer deposits? Also, collection or Accounts Receivable. The rest of Current Assets (Inventory, Prepaid Expenses, etc. can be). Here are the most recent SEC Annual 10K Balance Sheets for each of the 'Big 3.
  15. The President mentioned, during questions, that they were going to help the airlines, the cruise industry and may hotels. This was in tandem with Treasury Secretary referring to aid not be 'free, that it would likely consist of TAKING EQUITY in the company's they assist (think Preferred Stock), Other Senate and Congress members have noted that Executives would have to take pay cuts, there would be no dividends, etc. But, nothing is in writing that specified the above currently.
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