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  1. The Path To Reopening, Will Americans Cruise Next? Cruiseradio.net Published 34 seconds ago on September 24, 2020 By Doug Parker https://cruiseradio.net/the-path-to-reopening-will-americans-cruise-next/
  2. Back on topic 🤞 is this piece of the resumption planning protocol. Interesting that on-site, pre-cruise at terminal rapid testing is not currently a requirement (which I believe is a cornerstone of Italian and MSC Grandiosa resumption protocols for over a month). “All guests joining a ship,” reads the Healthy Sail Panel report, “regardless of method of travel to the ship” should be tested “between 5 days and 24 hours before boarding and receive a negative result that is shared with the cruise operator before coming aboard.” They added that “if rapid, reliable and clinically valid testing options become widely available, the addition of a second test at the pier or immediately before boarding would improve confidence in the testing regimen’s ability.” Personally, if C-19 is still active, without a proven vaccine and/or therapeutic, I'd feel a lot more comfortable with the on-site, pre-cruise at terminal rapid testing employed by the Italian and MSC Grandiosa resumption protocols applied here in the USA. Just IMO. CRUISE NEWS What Cruisers Need to Know About Masks, Excursions, More Published 4 hours ago on September 22, 2020 https://cruiseradio.net/what-cruisers-need-to-know-about-masks-excursions-more/
  3. Here's a new video (yesterday) by a passenger on Grandiosa. It might provide more insights into what cruising is like under the protocols.
  4. It's unclear to me how this process will work for each line or all lines; i.e., whether a Master Plan will be approved by the CDC and all lines must implement policies and procedures and demonstrate compliance (via oversight) or alternately each line (or group as RCCL and NCL have teamed). IMO, when cruise lines are implementing such already, in Italy and Germany, and such are increasing, with the largest ship the Grandiosa into its second month, I would think that the CDC and other cruise lines would look to get MSC significantly involved for the America's cruising resumption planning. Again, I just get the feeling that MSC has determined to focus on cruises where there exists cooperative governments, regulators and local officials rather than waste resources and efforts in a market that is touch-and-go and would just as easily shut it all down again and back hand strap the cruise lines to remand their crew to the ships in US ports again forcing the lines to move the armada back across the pond to friendlier waters. Hoping I'm wrong.
  5. Cruise Lines Submit Plans to CDC; One Step Closer to Sailing Published 17 seconds ago on September 21, 2020 By Doug Parker https://cruiseradio.net/cruise-lines-submit-plans-to-cdc-one-step-closer-to-sailing/ Interesting, MSC operating Grandiosa in Italy since August, isn't mentioned as submitting a plan in the USA to the CDC? IMO, MSC thinks the politics and regulators in the USA are just too overwhelming at this time, that the No Sail Order will be extended through the holidays, and it just isn't 'worth it right now on this side of the pond. In the meantime (reported by some to be 20% of employees; I cannot confirm) ~ Carnival Cruise Line Terminates Thousands of Crew Members and Senior Shipboard Officers https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/09/articles/disease/carnival-cruise-line-terminates-thousands-of-crew-members-and-senior-shipboard-officers/ A narrative that is not so encouraging for cruising in the short term.
  6. Your welcome. We found that on Seaside, with the open glass stairs to the dining, that there was more opportunities to say hello to others as you started with a wine or drink pre-dinner or after. We certainly enjoyed both; just prefer Seaside's openness. We've got Yacht Club "shower water stories." On our first Divina cruise, we had hot water that was only "pure cold or pure scalding." They tried all week, never could fix; it turned out to be a mixer valve in our unit versus to the unit. I showered at the pool deck, my wife did the cold shower real fast and we just endured. On our first Meraviglia cruise, in the first week of a B2B, the shower/bath ventilation system was non-existent non-functioning. The entire glass, walls and ceilings were fogged and soaking, we had to leave the door open and fan it back and forth, and best of all, the alarm would go off requiring the fire response team to come each time. It took days for them, working in the walls and ceilings of the hallway, to make it bearable. And we were not alone, it was happening to many other staterooms near us (but nowhere else in the Yacht Club). It's a pretty sure bet for a nice time.
  7. Ok, I couldn't find the backup drive that had what I wanted, but I have the following links that will show the Yacht Club pool decks on Seaside versus Meraviglia. Passenger You Tube video of Seaside Yacht Club (from the 2 minute mark to 7 minutes are very illustrative of the lounge, open to the restaurant above, lounge bar, outdoor lounge access and seating and the entire pool and grill). Passenger You Tube video of Meraviglia Yacht Club pool deck.
  8. Yes. At other times, it is really unique and stunning. There is not one on Meraviglia or NCL Haven. Agreed. There was an Asian restaurant on the 2nd level is broadcast as a sushi bar but it has an extensive Asian menu and the table seating outdoors is over the promenade. Nice there several times. It's an issue on Seaside also. If you can even get one of the tables, you've got to slide as close as possible to the serving lines at the grille to get shade you also people. Agreed. We've posted that every Yacht Club dining, and daily lounge servings, cruise experience has declined from the previous cruise. What we experienced on Divina was, hands down, a multiple over our experience on our recent Meraviglia; each other cruise like a downward stairway.
  9. At the times we sailed, the cabanas (except for the Royal suites that came with them) were reserved once boarding the ship at the Yacht Club concierge. The fee per day, then, was about $99 per day for sea days and $59 for port days (it is likely more now, but I defer to others that know). There is a menu/amenity list of what is included; some like it while others say there is so much at the bar and grille it's not that important. For protection from the sun, we've heard other passengers take 50-50 perspectives; not really much better and hotter without the wind to much better. Also, the itinerary may impact; western itinerary sea days heading either east or west were believed to have provided more shade areas than eastern itinerary heading north and south. None factual, just perspectives. My wife noticed a personal umbrella that clamps to the lounger that some were using and we bought one for later use; it only really protects the head, face and upper chest as she would towel her legs. The butlers and the pool crew knew she was a 'shade person on DAY 1 and set up loungers in new locations for her throughout the day so she could be in the shade at all times. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO MOVE AROUND it is all sun. I do not know if they have made any changes as it was common for passengers to question why there were no large, heavy base umbrellas. The Yacht Club pool deck on Seaside feels a lot bigger, and the front of the ship with the loungers and hot tubs is pretty much open most of the time. On Meraviglia, on sea days, it filled up quite fast and there were a lot of "towel loungers" early in the morning. The pool is bigger, much deeper (cold and made for in and out, very refreshing) with massive sitting areas at just above water level and then a raised wall around that. I've got an external back up hard drive with our photos from cruises on each class of ships. I'll get a hold of that over the weekend and post some pool deck photos from each.
  10. It's a nice problem to have. 🙂 If you expand my signature you'll see we've sailed MSC Yacht Club from Divina to Seaside to Meraviglia and are booked for Seashore (a Seaside class ship). We personally believe the MSC Yacht Club "club-within-a-club" experience is the best available at sea. We were so luck to have booked so much with them so early before the 'secret got out. NCL Haven is also really nice as a second choice. The butler service, that we've experienced in all of our cruises, and not limited to our butler but to all of them, is over-the-top. As with dining, all you need to do is tell them what it is you like, want or need. As for between the Seaside and Meraviglia, we posted ~ ~ that we like the Seaside Yacht Club layout the best of the two. ~ to a lesser importance to us, as we don't venture out of the Yacht Club very much, that we like the "non-Yacht Club" areas of Meraviglia the best of the two. The Seaside Yacht Club layout is highlighted by the open restaurant layered above the lounge. It is beautiful and feels lively when busy yet still quite peaceful when restaurant closed. The access to outdoor seating in front of the lounge is great for a lot of purposes, and "the" place to be entering ports. The pool is large, protected by a forward deck area from the direct wind (although it gets windy), and has the best pool bar and grille at sea. Forward hot tubs and loungers are peaceful. Outside of the Yacht Club, the Seaside is a beautiful design and fun to walk. Very limited specialty dining, spiral central atrium but a lot of great bars and seating venues. On Meraviglia, there is more to do, a promenade that is 'gorgeous, expanded specialty dining, more activities; with that comes more people (unless a port day, which we enjoy on both ships most of the time). If you are a SUN-WORSHIPPER, there is all sun on almost all of the loungers on the Seaside and you have to move around to find shade (my wife). On the Meraviglia, there is almost no sun, or sun via openings in the glass (UV) shield (very little space available to move to, I left the Yacht Club and went down one level to a small, pretty private public deck). So, with the Yacht Club, you win either way. We hope the above helps. As an aside, can't help but recommend (actually passing on from others we learned from), that B2B makes for a completely different experience taking the pressure of travel, hotels, getting the best weather and now making a stop at Ocean Cay (an actual beautiful design and layout for all passengers in all categories).
  11. My wife's constant recommendation ~ the luggage. Mine ~ shoes.
  12. Cruise Line Details How They Are Keep Guests Safe [VIDEO] Published 13 mins ago on September 18, 2020 By Sarah Bretz https://cruiseradio.net/cruise-line-details-how-keeping-guests-safe-video/ MSC Cruises has created a new video that showcases their new health and safety protocol onboard to keep passengers and crew protected in light of the current health crisis.
  13. Well, you appear to eclipse the capabilities of the entire field of global epidemiologists as far as successfully making a conclusive analysis of this virus; after merely following the data. Also, cherry-picking four countries for comparison to the post regarding Sweden's contrarian approach (as outlined) to "all of the countries that went lock-down" ignores the massive amounts of regional data from such other countries. So, for those who do not feel equally endowed in global epidemiology, and simply looking at the Sweden chart for the entire period March to September and comparing to the others is doable and pretty basic and it is obvious something 'is different. Whether or not it, going forward, it ends up being the better approach? I don't believe I have the same ability to project such as you do. I just can't see into the future. If I could, I'd have ordered this yacht.
  14. It depends if you want to use a "picture" in time or the "entire video." If using a "picture," then one could use the current picture of each country and you would get a totally different perspective. One alternately could simply view the video, or chart.
  15. That is actual data, but not what I was referring to. Rather the trend line since March to September and the novel, contrarian approach of Sweden; high exposure earlier and little now versus the 'lock-down countries that went from high to lower and now are on the rise again. That was the point of the post re: the competing thesis as we move forward. The cumulative counts (cases, hospitalizations and deaths) don't give perspective as to where one started, what they experienced, where they are now - - - and the bonus, where will they go from here.
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