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  1. ok, I will have to let my friend know who is working on Freedom right now. She assumed the work was going to be done in Freeport
  2. Not for Oasis but I imagine other ships due for dry dock will have their schedule changed. I believe Freedom is scheduled for Freeport in January. I don't know if that will be happening.
  3. I like this quote. This is not the first time I have seen this. Is it one of your originals?
  4. Serious question? This question is asked numerous times a week.
  5. I believe she has been in Texas for 4 years, not too long in my opinion
  6. Great review, Andrew. Love your sense of humour. Your sun set pictures are breathtaking. Have a safe trip home.
  7. I am not sure about the US but here in Canada employees are not permitted to smoke in doors while at work. They must go outside to smoke. As long as the crew can go outside to smoke I don't think there should be a concern with them
  8. can you back up 1 screen, select the port you want then select ship position tracking
  9. I have had trouble getting fresh squeezed orange juice the last morning
  10. thanks, I suggested that to the person on the other site but he has not responded.
  11. that is what I found .The person who quoted the 90 K limit found a policy on a Royal FAQ that stated a 90 kg limit
  12. I have been following a discussion on a different site. Someone asked how much luggage they can bring onto the ship. Many people replied that there is no limit. One person kept telling people there is a 90 kilogram maximum. Some one posted from a FAQ section, showing no maximum. The person who insisted that there is a maximum posted from a different FAQ that there is indeed a 90 K limit. So, for most people, this doesn't matter. 90 K is about 200 pounds. Once again, no consistency with the policies.
  13. I certainly agree with you. Last cruise it was myself, DW, DS and his 5 year old daughter. On sea days she did go to AO in the morning, we all spent the afternoon together, pool, carousel, etc. As I mentioned before, we did My Family Time Dining. After being at AO for a few hours in the evening, we picked her up, more carousel or lucky climber, a snack then bed time for her. We are cruising in May on Oasis. I asked DS if he would do Adventure Dining. His response was,"NO way, we all enjoy spending time with family, be it at dinner or pool time or whatever"
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