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  1. Duuuhhhh, as I smack my forehead with the palm of my hand! Thank you!
  2. Loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing
  3. Has anyone tried asking them to put it on the griddle and make it crisp for them . . . wondering if they would do that?
  4. You will have to keep us posted! Corn dogs are a fav of mine too! When is your Mexico Cruise?
  5. I will Try the piazza, but I will remember your post and write it up in my comment card! I too agree, tea time was an easy way to meet some new guests.
  6. HI THERE! I saw you over there on the roll call . . right now it is just Cliff and I exchanging notes over there!
  7. Hi, I live in West Seattle, totally agree with having the strategy of going first thing in the morning - and with the renovations of the space needle, it is SO cool when it is not packed . For me Chihuly is a not miss, if you like glass art, it is Amazing. Make sure you have one of the people with camera (who work there) take your picture, it comes out really terrific and it is free. If you are into music, the EMP Experience Music Project is right there also (now called Museum of Pop Culture)
  8. Well it sounds like you have the "must do" which the remodel of the Space Needle is amazing and the fish market! Good Job! And I agree with Cruiser Bob, take advantage of having your bags dropped off at the airport! They have been doing this for a number of years, so pretty sure thing. If you are into music: look into the Experience Music Project If you are into food: might want to look into some of the food tours, there is a Chocolate Tour that starts at 11 The Chihuly Garden and Glass at the base of the Space Needle is something you might want to do when you do the Space Needle, amazing glass works of art. If you like Jets: You could tour Boeing, they will pick you up downtown and take you to the largest manufacturing building in the world- https://showmeseattle.com/tour/boeing-tours/ Pioneer Square, south downtown had a whole city that was a whole story below the current streets - there is a Seattle Underground tour
  9. Wonderful to know about Vegas, thanks for the information!
  10. AND of course I am going to be on the Royal in April! I just loved being able to go to team most days!
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