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  1. I think the memory is still very much there and (having read other reports about that incident you went through) I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been. I think perhaps just being on a different ship would help a lot. Just knowing that whatever issue your ship encountered that day is now even further away as a possibility would be helpful. Do also keep in mind just how many cruise ships are out there and how many sail peacefully and calmly each and every day all over the world. Not discounting what you went through at all, but I do think that being on that very same ship for your first time since might not be helpful and would still cause you worry. After all, this is about your vacation and you paid a good amount of $$ for it, so there should be no stress or worry anywhere around you. I wish you smooth sailing regardless!
  2. Captain Morgan w/splash of Ginger Ale. Tastes like a Cream Soda!
  3. Wow - this cruise director sounds like he's in need of shadowing (spying) by the company. Sounds kinda like a bad apple to me.
  4. We were on NCL Escape this past Sept. and had a med evac the evening we left NYC. Captain came on, explained we were heading toward the NJ coast for the USCG helicopter to position over the bow to rescue this patient. Our cabin was near the bow and I was able to watch from our balcony. Talk about SCARY. If the medical condition itself didn't kill me, being plucked off a ship in that little basket at night .. swinging and even spinning a few times would have!!
  5. Well .. no bouncy-bouncy with the curtains open ..thats for sure! (Especially at night !) 😉😉
  6. Sound kinda like that chef might be wantin to BRING some kinda "treat" of his own to that room 😉😉😉
  7. SO ugly. Why are cruise ships turning so ugly (externally anyway) nowadays? The Celebrity Edge is just as bad .. with that ugly new-style bow section .. looks more like an ice breaking ship The stern sections too - - this one is horrible . MSC Seaside is too .. as well as the RC Anthem & Oasis series. In my opinion, of course. The last era of cruise ships used to be so pretty.
  8. We were on Escape out of NYC back in Sept. and we were @ O'Sheehans twice. Once would have been enough for me after the first miserable meal, but my partner has this thing for "Irish Pubs" (HA!) so we went back a second time - and it was worse. We had that nasty prime rib you mentioned .. rubbery, fatty, a measly thin slice .. and barely warm .. and the baked potato was a reheat leftover from some day prior .. theres no masking an old potato. Sloppy plating, barely any butter or sour cream to mask the over the hilll taste. Servers both times were terrible too. Im usually very lenient with this on cruise ships, but these 2 giggly silly acting girls .. forgetting drinks, bringing out the entree before the apps (which were also gross .. the chips & spinach-artichoke dip and the wings) .. . just a sloppy mess of a dining option all around ... i would never go back to O'Sheehans. Lunch the next day was just as much of a chaotic mess. On the other hand the other dining venues we went to Savor and Taste were wonderful .. great service too. As was Bayamo and the Italian place (forgot the name). NCL should be embarrassed by that disgusting prime rib .. which they tout and advertise all over the ship .. and by O'Sheehans too. Absolutely loved the made to order breakfasts up in Margaritaville in the AM .. so peaceful and tranquil up there while the hordes of people in the buffet fought each other over bacon and waffles.. lol. We ate up here most every AM. Loved the cruise and the ship, though .. and found NCLs service overall better than RCCL. We will be back on NCL for sure.
  9. Didn't know Grandeur was sold .. where's she going ?
  10. He must have been really loaded drunk (or otherwise) to actually die from a fall off Deck 10 into the water .. esp since the ship wasnt moving. It's high, but I wouldnt think that would be enough of a drop into the water to kill you .. but then again its all in how you hit the water, i suppose .. so he hadda be wasted and then drowned.
  11. So doesn't that mean that your marriage is only valid in the Bahamas and not back home in America ? Sounds like a great "out" should you change ur mind after the wedding, if you ask me !
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