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  1. I enjoyed all the vids he did (and he;s cute!) 😉
  2. Majesty's next .. as soon as there's room on the beach in Aliaga ... its pretty full there at the moment with Monarch and Sovereign. I cant believe that little Empress could be too much longer for the world either.
  3. This was to be expected. And they're right to be doing this. There is still no vaccine/cure for this virus and until there is, its irresponsible to let cruise ships sail .. thousands of people crammed together (even with reduced capacity) is NOT a good idea right now.
  4. Of course, all (most) ships eventually meet their end this way. Still, its just such a violent, cruel ending. There are plenty of vids on youtube and pics on Peter Knego's Maritime Matters site of exactly what takes place and its hard to watch. This next batch will be particularly hard to see being scrapped because many of us have been on them recently enough, have great memories on them. Monarch will always be special to me and to our family. I fear many more after this first round are coming too .. so sad to see whats happening to the cruise industry as a result of this horrible virus. These ships all had so much more life in them.
  5. Thought I'd make ya laugh with that one 😉
  6. Kind of funny that the ship they show in the picture is of an aircraft carrier being scrapped! Lol You'd think Cruise Critic might know the difference.
  7. Leave her home. Too high-maintenance. You don't need that on your vacation!
  8. You seem to have a butler obsession.
  9. OK, I just read this article .. .and there was nothing grueling about it. It sucks for them, absolutely .. but theres nothing "grueling" anywhere in his article
  10. I just came across Riley's Youtube channel this AM .. enjoying watching his vids .. very interesting stuff! Curious .. what is (was) his job on board before all this started?
  11. I think you'll see the traditional cruise ports in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexico agree to open up pretty quickly. These economies depend so heavily on the tourism dollars, I don't see them giving the lines much trouble about coming back.
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