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  1. Thats a magnificent ship .. shame for all those geniuses crowing along the seafront to see it . . these are the fools that are gonna keep this virus around for a lot longer than necessary. Sad we have so much stupidity in our population.
  2. Very true .. lots of theatrics on here nowadays.
  3. Very true! I forgot another round of ships will be docking on a Sunday AM!
  4. Since there are no cruises departing, I wonder why they aren't just staying docked right at their terminals, but buttoned up if they feel the need to quarantine, etc... seems like a tremendous waste of fuel to be just sailing around and around.
  5. I read just now on Marc Walker (Bing Bong) cruise director's FB page that Harmony is apparently just going out to sea for 30 days! No more details than that, but I'm curious about all this myself. Do they just sit still? I can't imagine them wasting fuel sailing aound ...
  6. Pretty sure that means "Inclusive Tour" .. meaning that your airfare was included in a package price (in this case booked by the cruise line at whatever non-published rates they have calculated as part of their agreement with the airline).
  7. I've learned that unless you cruise several times a year, it really doesn't pay to limit yourself to sailing on just one line. Loyalty to one line for people like us who only cruise once a year is silly. This past Sept., we ventured out of our comfort zone (Royal Caribbean) since we were getting a little tired of the sameness .. and tried Norwegian Escape. We absolutely loved it .. it was like a whole new vacation being on a different line. Norwegian, that ship and the service totally wowed us. We learned .. sample other lines!
  8. No different than the stuff they use in the frozen drink machines for those slushy cocktails ! But hey .. at least it says "Keep Refrigerated" .. means theres at least some dairy in there! 😉
  9. I think the memory is still very much there and (having read other reports about that incident you went through) I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been. I think perhaps just being on a different ship would help a lot. Just knowing that whatever issue your ship encountered that day is now even further away as a possibility would be helpful. Do also keep in mind just how many cruise ships are out there and how many sail peacefully and calmly each and every day all over the world. Not discounting what you went through at all, but I do think that being on that very same ship for your first time since might not be helpful and would still cause you worry. After all, this is about your vacation and you paid a good amount of $$ for it, so there should be no stress or worry anywhere around you. I wish you smooth sailing regardless!
  10. Captain Morgan w/splash of Ginger Ale. Tastes like a Cream Soda!
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