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  1. They have a long way to go .. if they could figure out a way to hang additional cabins off each side of the ship,. they would.
  2. Oh .. it's gonna be a mess !
  3. .. Good LORT ... no. How many trivia contests and napkin folding demonstrations can a person watch before they go bananas ??!
  4. We were on Escape in Sept (the delayed arrival due to Dorian). We docked at 2:00pm .. we had the Green (first off) self-disembarkation tags .. we were off the ship by 3:30. Disembarkation is a zoo, though .. as on any ship. Everyone crowds the stairwells .. especially the fools who have later colors .. and no manners about it . . . the crew does very little to enforce it either .. so be prepared to head down a bit early .. and for some yelling ... we saw a couple people almost start swinging over their tag color! Lol
  5. Why, thanks! People aren;t usually too happy to see me on here .. lol 😉
  6. They actually call it "Perfect Day Coco Cay" now? God, how stupid !
  7. Well .. we KNOW what John Travolta asked for a few years back on the Enchantment! Ohhh wait ... that was the masseur
  8. Still such an ugly ship though. The only one uglier is the Celebrity Edge . . Why are they designing ships intentionally with poor looks these days?
  9. I wish they did allow soda .. i was horrified when I got on Escape last month (first time on NCL) and saw they served PEPSI ! 😝 I'd bring a case of my Diet Coke next time if i could .. i haaaaaaate Pepsi .. esp. fountain Pepsi ...
  10. Blue Lagoon gets my vote for sure .. its a beautiful spot even if you don't do the swim. I was able to stand right there on the dock and watch my partner and his Mom do the swim without having paid the (exhorbitant) package rate. I just paid a different one that didnt include the swim. This was on RC tho .. but if u can do Blue Lagoon, youll love it .. beautful beach there.
  11. We were on Escape in early Sept NYC-BDA .. we never once felt crowded in any of the public spaces, restauants or bars. I ten to disagree a little even about the pool area .. on the sea days, yes, there were a good number of people there, but we still had no issue finding loungers together. We didn't do any of the shows or clubs. though, so I can't speak with any authority there... just in general. The disembarkation was a mess ..just as on any other ship i;ve ever been on .. thats the only time we were reminded of the 4598 other pax on the ship along with us ! Gorgeous ship and amazing service all the way around, though .. (except O'Sheehans .. that place just SUCKS ... that was the only bad experience we had, though). AVOID! lol
  12. "they keep adding glass" . . . i picture someone running over to Michael's Craft Store and grabbing a few bags of those heavily polished glass pieces they sell there (just like whats in the pic above) and dumping them on the beach to make the silly tourists go "OOOOH MY GAWD, VINNY ...LOOK HOW BEAUTEEEEFUL!" ...
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