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  1. I have thought about whether I would have approached the step GF if I were nearby. I don’t think I would have because that might have startled him, causing Chloe to fall. I have mostly lurked on this thread, but have been following the story since it happened last July. I sincerely hope justice is done for Chloe by convicting her GF and dismissing the lawsuit brought by her parents.
  2. Has anyone heard anything about the court appearance that was scheduled for today? This is the one where he was to officially enter his plea of guilty or not guilty.
  3. Solo OV on Celebrity Millennium Vancouver to Tokyo, 15 days September 11, 2020. $878 + tax. Senior rate.
  4. If the OP is still reading this thread, there is some valuable information here. Hopefully it will be helpful to your cabin mate as well as yourself.
  5. In my case, my roommate had the same insurance company, which simplified things quite a bit. Since my doctor’s statement/form is confidential, the insurance company couldn’t show it to my roommate, but they cross-referenced our claims and were able to use my doctor’s form for her claim. I wouldn’t have minded if she saw it, but the insurance company was very emphatic that it was confidential. She paid the solo supplement and was reimbursed very quickly, in less than a week.
  6. Yes, that’s exactly the way it worked. That’s why it’s important for both people in the cabin to have insurance.
  7. In addition to what I just wrote above, the person who isn’t going needs to cancel as soon as her doctor advises that she is not fit for travel. The insurance form the doctor has to sign asks when he/she diagnosed the condition and advised the patient not to travel. The insurance company expects the person to cancel very soon after that, like 1-2 days max.
  8. When this exact situation happened to me, I was the one who could not travel because of an illness. I was required by the insurance company (Allianz) to cancel myself off the cruise and show proof of the refund I received (taxes and port charges). My claim with them for the cruise was the non-refunded portion. My roommate was then considered solo in the cabin and the cruise line charged her a solo supplement. The solo supplement was paid by her insurance company because her policy covered that situation. The situation in which a person should be no-show instead of cancelling is when the person not going has no insurance or their reason for not going is a non-covered reason. If they cancel, their roommate becomes solo in the cabin and has to pay the supplement. If they no-show, the cruise line refunds taxes and port charges and doesn’t charge the roommate a solo supplement.
  9. I would be worried about making a 10:00 flight. You could make it, but it would be quite a stressful way to end your cruise. I wouldn’t book anything earlier than Noon. Last year my flight out of San Juan was originally scheduled for 2:30 and the airline changed it to 10:30, with no later flights available that day. Rather than take the chance of missing it, I stayed the night and flew on the 10:30 flight the next day.
  10. I did the zip line at Icy Strait Point. It’s supposedly the longest zip line in the world. What an adrenaline rush! It’s fairly expensive but worth the cost IMHO.
  11. Yes, Trip Advisor is correct. It would be nearly impossible. Try for Noon or later.
  12. I highly recommend a private tour rather than the big bus tour put on by the cruise line. I was in an 8 passenger van along with 7 others I met on Cruise Critic, and it was great having just the 8 of us. When we got to the beaches, we were all alone on the beach with our very informative guide. I don’t think the experience would have been as moving with 50 people rather than 8. If you can’t find a private or semi-private tour, the ship would would be better than not going at all. For me, this was a long-awaited once in a lifetime experience and I wanted it to be the best possible experience.
  13. Every ship I have been on has had a scale in the fitness center.
  14. On Rhapsody in November it was 1 punch for small and medium, 2 punches for a large. I was pleased with the medium, which contained 2 shots. The card can be used on future cruises if you don’t fully use it on your current cruise.
  15. Another issue with the OTC meds at the ship’s store beside being expensive, is that on longer cruises, like TA’s, the ship store sells out of the cold/flu remedies. So if you become ill and need them mid-cruise, you may not be able to purchase them, even at the greatly inflated price. I too carry my own first aid kit.
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