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  1. Thanks very much...I don t know if I had misread somewhere that in the evening the buffet was closed... So I thought there was no other place to eat "FREE" except in the MDR.
  2. Can anyone tell me the hours when the Buffet is open on the Pacifica or any other ship in the Mediterranean please? Thanks
  3. bigilla

    MDR Menus

    Thank you Very Very Much ­čÖé
  4. bigilla

    MDR Menus

    Hi... First timer on Costa Pacifica (and first time roaming in this Forum). Can someone please tell me where to find samples of the MDR Menus, and the Kids Menus? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks a lot for your help.Now it s clearer. But I just read that ships will no longer dock in Venice...do you know if this is true please?
  6. Hi. Can you please tell me how to get from Venice port to Treviso airport? Thanks in advance. We are also trying to decide which ship to sail on from Venice... Musica, Opera or Magnifica. Any ideas? The ports of call are all interesting..so no problem there. Basically what we re mostly interested in is activities to keep our teenager occupied.
  7. I hope you are wrong as I m still in the dark what there is written in my ticket means "8951-BKALCH-THIRST". I had booked 2 soda packages and 1 water package from their website (since we dont drink alcohol)...but on our tickets there is written the above...I asked my Travel Agent what they meant but they did not know. They then contacted MSC, but they never received an answer from them. Do you think it is possible to cancel these drink packages please?
  8. Thanks for agreeing on answering questions on Seaview. There are not a lot of reviews on it yet. We will sail on it next month. Can someone post a kids' menu from the Seaview please? Or perhaps you remember what was on it? My daughter simply loves mac n cheese. Were the slide and zipline open on port days? Which is the best place to be to watch sail in? Which ports are tender ports? (Ajaccio, Cannes and Palma) Was the Fun pass available? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  9. bigilla

    Drink Codes

    Thanks..that clarifies things... I had thought the "ALCH" in BKALCH stood for something alcoholic ­čśŤ
  10. bigilla

    Drink Codes

    I really dont think so, we are Europeans who will be sailing in the Mediterranean and I dont think we have that privilege ­čś×
  11. bigilla

    Drink Codes

    I really cannot find this code anywhere on the ticket, I only have the following:
  12. bigilla

    Drink Codes

    Thanks... But we did not order the Non Alcoholic package :( 8951 is not our cabin number... it is 10027
  13. bigilla

    Drink Codes

    Hi again, Can someone please tell what the following codes mean? We have booked 2 soft drinks packages and 1 water package..cause we do not drink alcohol and we are only interested in water and soft drinks. We are not interested in any other beverage packages. Are these their codes please? Thanks in advance. 8951-BKALCH-THIRST 8951-BKALCH-THIRST 8951-BKEUWP-THIRST
  14. I dont know of any co´╗┐mplim´╗┐entary baggage s´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐t´╗┐´╗┐orage´╗┐ fac´╗┐ility at the Barc´╗┐el´╗┐on´╗┐a cruise termina´╗┐l. Perhaps someone else knows otherwise. But.... Although there are no self storage lockers for bags and luggage at the Barcelona cruise terminals there is a company called Bags&Go who also have an office at the Barcelona cruise port that can deal with your luggage storage and bag transfer requirements. This means you can drop off all your luggage and bags at the port with Bags&Go and go sightseeing right away. Your bags will then be transferred to your chosen destination and securely stored until you pick them up. This saves you time and inconvenience lugging around your bags or trying to find a storage location. The price for the Premium service is 12 euro per bag, provided that the booking is made from the website. If done at the desk, the price is 15 euro per bag.
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