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  1. Hi.. sorry if this has been already asked... Some weeks ago we bought some water and soda packages from MSC website to utilize on our 27/7/19 cruise on the Seaview (these are shown on my 'Summary Cruise')... Now we decided to add more soda packages, but when we access Our Booking on the MSC website, the system does not give us the option to do so (under On Board Services). Does anyone know why this is so please? or, perhaps tell us if we are doing something wrong? Thank you
  2. Thanks for your answer 'Ikea Logistics' 🙂
  3. Hi. Can someone please tell me whether the Seaview docks or tenders in the following ports? Cannes Palma de Mallorca Ajaccio Do you have to wait long in line for the tender boats? Do the tender boats come and go all the time? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  4. skier52 you re awesome...thank you very much
  5. Hi...can you please indicate where Cabin 10027 on the Seaview is please? I know it s at the bow... & i think it has a steel balcony too...thanks
  6. Hi... can someone tell me where to find the Dining Room's Kids' Menus please? We will be cruising next Summer in the Mediterranean onboard the Seaview. Thanks
  7. No Yacht Club unfortunately...we cant afford it. Thanks for your answer
  8. Thank you very much for your informative review. We are Maltese and we will be sailing on her next July.. Can you please tell me which is the best inside place on the ship where one can view its entrance in ports (if we wish to watch it from inside)? Once again, thank you for the review and food pictures...you made me feel REALLY hungry...
  9. Thank you very much for your kind help
  10. Hi again... Can anyone suggest the best time to embark on the Seaview from Barcelona for Bella balcony passengers (I mean when is there the less queue usually and when will MSC let us board)? The ship will depart at 6pm. Thank you
  11. There's a whole thread dedicated to that question! Yes but replies seem to differ..i wanted to know what was available on the Seaview from someone who was lately on her if that s not a problem :(:(
  12. Hi, where was the best inside place to just sit and watch the ship enter port please? was there an amusement pack (sorry dont know what it s called) where you pay an amount of money for the whole cabin and you could utilize as many times as one wishes the F1 Simulator, Cinema & Bowling? were there Pepsi or Coke products please? Thanks a lot.
  13. We have been on 4 cruises only. Can t remember if we were always midship though. But we were never seasick. On 1 night the sea was very rough. In fact we did not stop at the port we were supposed to. We were midship and the ship rocked a lot (cabinet doors were opening and slamming)...through all of this our 5 year old daughter remained asleep and in the morning she said she felt nothing! I think among us she is the least to get sick.
  14. Today I booked our Summer 2019 Mediterranean cruise on the MSC Seaview. The only balcony cabins available (Bella experience) were Forward cabins on deck 10. We could choose midship cabins on deck 9 but, according to research, it s better to have cabins above and cabins below. My first question is: are Forward cabins bad? Cause I ve read some reviews saying that they are the worst when it comes to movement. Another question: We booked cabin 10027. Can someone confirm whether the view is obstructed by something please? Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks to all who answered my previous questions... I have a couple more please (sorry about this): Can you tell me what soft drinks they had onboard? Do they have Fanta or another orange soft drink? 2 years ago I cruises with NCL and they placed a "Hold" on my Visa (i.e. they held a certain amount of money for purchases). MSC does it as well ? If yes, anyone knows the amount to be held for a 7 day Mediterranean cruise? Thanks again.
  16. Hi again Can anyone tell me the opening hours of the zip line and water slides onboard MSC Seaview please? When the ship is at port (when a good percentage of people gets off the ship for excursions), are these facilities still open?
  17. Thanks very much for your answers. :*
  18. Can someone tell me the seating hours of the MDRs and the opening hours of the Buffets on the Seaview for b'fast, lunch & dinner please? Thanks in advance.
  19. That was a real quick detailed answer... Thank you very very much
  20. Hi.. We will be cruising on MSC Seaview from Barcelona. We drink only water and sodas. So, we wont be buying the beer, wine, spirits, cocktails etc drinks packages. But I read there are separate water and soda packages. Does anyone know their cost please? When and from where do I book these packages please? Thank you
  21. Hi, do you happen to know what s on the kids menu of the Costa Diadema please? My daughter is a very picky eater and only eats pasta, pizza and hot dogs. Are the kids menus available in all dining venues? thank you for your answers.
  22. Thank you very much for your prompt answer. do you happen to know what s on the kids menu please? My daughter is a very picky eater and only eats pasta, pizza and hot dogs. Are the kids menus available in all dining venues? thanks again for your kind help
  23. Hi.. We are considering a July 2019 Mediterranean Cruise on the Costa Diadema. I was wondering whether you can tell me the opening hours of the restaurants and whether they have kids meals (and what these include). On NCL dining was freestyle..I assume Costa has fixed times, right? Thanks in advance.
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