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  1. Anyone knows if this Fun Pass is available for Mediterranean cruises please? We will be onboard the Seaview in July.
  2. Hi..i dont know if I can help... We will be in cabin 10027 on the SEAVIEW... Our cabin has a balcony with steel balustrade, as per the image shown (image provided by Skier52)...if Seaside has the same configuration, I think yours will have a steel balustrade too.
  3. Thanks for your review..I love reading them. May I ask a silly question? We have never had breakfast at the MDR on our cruises.. Do you order the food all at one go please? And does the waiter bring everything together? Thanks
  4. I am trying to add water and soda packages but the website is not giving me the option to do so
  5. Hi.. sorry if this has been already asked... Some weeks ago we bought some water and soda packages from MSC website to utilize on our 27/7/19 cruise on the Seaview (these are shown on my 'Summary Cruise')... Now we decided to add more soda packages, but when we access Our Booking on the MSC website, the system does not give us the option to do so (under On Board Services). Does anyone know why this is so please? or, perhaps tell us if we are doing something wrong? Thank you
  6. Thanks for your answer 'Ikea Logistics' 🙂
  7. Hi. Can someone please tell me whether the Seaview docks or tenders in the following ports? Cannes Palma de Mallorca Ajaccio Do you have to wait long in line for the tender boats? Do the tender boats come and go all the time? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  8. skier52 you re awesome...thank you very much
  9. Hi...can you please indicate where Cabin 10027 on the Seaview is please? I know it s at the bow... & i think it has a steel balcony too...thanks
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