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  1. Yes, George C -- do check out the 'theme cruises' thread (under: Special Interest cruising). We are coming up on our 3rd Smooth Jazz Cruise -- also on Celebrity Infinity. The company who handles these charters also produces : Blue Note at Sea cruises, and 'straight ahead' Jazz cruises. They do a very good job, and their choice of Celebrity M-Class (Summit and Infinity) ships has been an excellent one. There are just so many good music venues (large and small) on those ships!
  2. Yep -- you can even figure that ONE person could be that much of a fool. But, someone stupid enough to 'aid and abet' such a dangerous stunt -- just boggles the mind....
  3. For me, it would be what I WOULDN'T do -- as in 'Wouldn't EVER plan to take them on another cruise'!🤯
  4. Sadly, this seems to have become SOP for the cruise industry. I can attest to that, as a person who spent nearly a year on Sir Richard Branson's 'sucker list'.... er.... the 'Virgin Voyages pre-sale queue'. During that time, we got all sorts of 'sneak peeks' at sketches of public areas on the ship, the new pier design, even Virgin Voyages designs for their corporate headquarters, in Plantation Florida! Know what we did NOT get? Deck plans, cabin descriptions, itineraries, or prices. NO kidding -- those were not released until the day that booking for the Scarlet Lady opened! I guess that was a good thing for VV, because once those mediocre itineraries came out, many folks on that list (me included) called to demand their pre-deposit back! So yeah -- now, when any cruise line tells me to stay-tuned for big news -- it usually just gets a big...🙄
  5. If that's what it turns out to be, will someone please be so kind as to post that info here? 😁
  6. Thanks for the fair and balanced review, ghstudio! After nearly two decades of exclusively cruising X and RC, we recently booked our first HAL cruise (Pacific Coastal) for next September. Interestingly, I have run into quite a few X cruisers, on the HAL website. I think that the big change in their smoking policy attracted a whole segment of cruisers who, like us, would never have considered their line before. I also think that many RC & X cruisers are discouraged by RCCL's diminishing presence on the West Coast, these days. Hoping that we like HAL, and we are also considering Princess.
  7. Yep, under the right conditions, the Pacific can be scary -- especially in October. The roughest seas I ever encountered were on Radiance of the Seas, returning to San Diego from Cabo San Lucas (Halloween cruise). And, while I don't normally get seasick, I never cruise without Trader Joe's ginger mints and Bonine ('cause you just never know!😱 )
  8. I can't imagine X (or any other mainstream cruise line) out-and-out banning anything of that sort -- unless it was patently obscene. What I HAVE seen is passengers being warned not to wear 'camo-print' gear on certain islands (Barbados comes to mind) -- as it is illegal, there.
  9. Carol -- my DH and I have been pretty much exclusive X cruisers (after moving on from RC) for the past decade. But, the ever-higher prices, unappealing new-builds (the Edge lost me at 'infinite verandah'), and never-ending nickel-n-diming -- not to mention a dearth of West-Coast itineraries -- have us looking for greener pastures. I was so pleased when HAL finally decided to ban balcony smoking, that we decided to give them a try. We're booked on a K-dam Pacific Coastal, next year -- and VERY much looking forward to it!😎
  10. Don't forget HAL! Now that they have finally joined the 21st Century, when it comes to restricting smoking, we will finally be giving them a try, next year. They (along with Princess) have a much better West-Coast presence than X or RC. 😎
  11. LOL -- you got that right! Back when our DS was little, we did enough camping vacations to last me a life-time! These days, my idea of 'roughing it' is a three-star hotel! 😎
  12. Does HAL automatically deliver a final statement to your cabin the night before (or morning of) disembarkation? Celebrity used to do this -- but recently we've had to call the Guest Relations desk to request one. I just like to get off the ship with a copy of my final bill in hand. 😎
  13. You are so right about people having different ideas about what they want in a vacation. We've had several friends with motor homes and travel trailers that cost more than a house! But the only way they would get me to go on a road trip -- to anywhere -- would be hogtied, LOL! Conversely, I would never dream of trying to convince them to hit the high seas with me.
  14. A-LO-HA! Cruising is a great way to get to the Islands!😁
  15. Welcome to the PNW, 'Hound! My DH and I are SoCal expats, who found ourselves re-located to the Puget Sound, 8 years ago. The first couple of winters were the roughest. It's not JUST the cold, rainy weather -- it's those short winter days that really get to you! But I'm here to tell you that a little well-timed 'cruise therapy' helped us survive that rocky transition period. 😎
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