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  1. Thanks, Suzanne! One more question -- do you recall what they were charging for a spa pass (to use the hydrotherapy pools)? I LOVE the Thallasotherapy pools on Celebrity's M-Class ships -- so, a spa pass might be worth it to me (even though I never get spa treatments)
  2. Suzanne -- how did you like the shower in the Neptune suite? (Folks report that it's a little on the small side.) In your picture, I see wall-mounted toiletries. Do you recall what brand products HAL uses -- and, did you like them? Also, is the bathtub jetted (or regular)? We booked an aft corner NS on K-dam, for our very first HAL cruise, next fall. Thank you so much for the pictures!
  3. Thanks guys! That sounds like a step-up from the way RCCL does things, booking-wise!
  4. Keeping in mind the CC rule about not naming TA's, I just wanted to ask a 'general' question: How easy is it to book directly with HAL? My DH and I have always booked our cruises on RC and X, directly with the cruise line. Aside from the LONG wait times to talk to a 'real live person' (we don't do online bookings), that has always worked out well for us. Well, on the advice of a friend, we decided to start booking with a big on-line TA (well respected in the cruise community). However, I find myself running into problems with their customer service department, and probably will not be booking with them in the future. So, how good are the booking agents at HAL to work with, directly? Are they generally knowledgeable about their product? Do you have to deal with extraordinarily long wait times? Is it possible to get someone that you've been working with to call you back -- or do you just have to deal with whoever answers the phone? TIF for the replies!
  5. That's nice to know, as our first HAL cruise (next fall) will be during the NFL regular season! 😎
  6. WOW -- that IS a long way! I hate to fly -- so, those lovely long cruises to Australian and NZ are SO tempting (just have to figure out how to get home, lol!)😎
  7. Unless I'm missing something, I'm still just seeing 4 & 5 nighters (to the same old places) -- the only exception being those two longer 'holiday cruises'. Just don't see how VV expects to attract any West Coast cruisers (or anyone who has to pony-up significant airfare) with those itineraries! 🙄
  8. Make that three of us! While I have encountered the occasional crew member 'reminding' me to put '10's' on my survey, neither my DH nor I have EVER felt pressured for an extra tip. On the contrary -- sometimes we've had to chase people down on the last night of the cruise, to give them a well-deserved tip -- and heart-felt 'Thank You'!
  9. Thank you again, Boze! That's how X & RC do it -- but nice to know that HAL does, too. 😎
  10. Thanks -- will keep that in mind, for bev pkge as well as internet.
  11. If you purchase the drink package online, pre-cruise -- would that count toward your $300 'onboard purchase' threshold, for additional Mariner points?
  12. Are the they that good? It's been a long time since I ran across a hotel/ship robe so nice that I wanted to purchase one. Anyone have a picture?
  13. Could I please add that big bottles of products, which have been used by other guests, are equally unacceptable, as they are not tamper-proof. Please bring back the small bottles of premium products -- preferably Bulgari, for the suite guests.
  14. Hi Lois -- for me, the problem seems to be getting worse. At one point last evening, I couldn't even get back into CC -- just blank pages, not matter whether I was trying to go forward or backward. Oh well, I feel a little better just seeing Host Jenn's post. At least someone knows about the problem.
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