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  1. Oh YEAH -- pacing oneself on a charter jazz cruise is CRUCIAL! Especially for those of us who are used to mainstream cruises -- where they 'roll-up the sidewalks', shortly after second seating in the MDR! On the SJC's our 'private yacht' day usually starts with a continental breakfast, on our balcony -- followed by a leisurely morning in the Solarium & T-pool. Then, a quick and healthy late lunch in the nearby AquaSpa Cafe. By then, it's time to start getting ready for the evening's activities. And, maybe a short nap, if we anticipate staying up for the late, late, late show (wherever it might be)!
  2. Hattack -- Amen on the T--Pool! That's where you'll find me and my DH, on many port days. We DO try to get off the ship at least a couple of times, on each jazz cruise. But, we always shoot for having at least one day, where we stay onboard and let the ship become our 'private yacht'!
  3. I would imagine so. On last year's Smooth Jazz Cruise, we had the pleasure of Jonathan Butler AND Kirk Whalum, hosting the gospel hour.😎
  4. I would call the Head of Housekeeping and ask. If that person doesn't know -- keep going up the food-chain until you find someone who does.
  5. WAMarathoner -- Thought that you might find this thread interesting. It's by a poster on the HAL boards, who does a good job of keeping track of dry-docks, group cruises, and charters on HAL. As you can see, it's a pretty ambitious (but achievable) undertaking -- keeping track of that information, just for one cruise line. Hope this helps!😎
  6. Charles, whenever we've had to deal with an issue, post-cruise, we've found that snail-mail to Corporate works best for us, too. Even when we are seeking help with a problem, we try to also cite specific instances of excellence, encountered on our cruise. That always seems to be appreciated by the folks at Corporate -- who usually respond to our letters, with a follow-up phone call. 😎
  7. Hattack -- would LOVE to finally get a chance to meet you in person. After all, you're the one who showed me the ropes, when DH and I booked our first SJC (2018.2)! Hoping that you can get yourself booked on the 21 BNAC! 😎 Lately, I find myself wondering whether the BNAC (like the SJC) has a 'gospel hour'. Thanks to your advice -- I NEVER miss a gospel hour! Jonathan Butler will be 'manning the pulpit' on our upcoming (20.2) SJC -- since Kirk Whalum seems to have made the leap to BNAC -- for the next year or two anyway. What a GREAT way to spend a Sunday morning -- and get the cruise kicked off, on the right foot!😇
  8. LOL -- you should get one of those bumper stickers/license plate holders, that reads: Spending my kids' inheritance -- one cruise at a time! (I keep telling my adult son that it's NOT really a joke!)
  9. Just guessing here, but I would imagine that we'd see those 'forehead scanners' in use. They're quite popular here -- even in our local medical offices.
  10. Hattack -- although I understand that rural areas of Puerto Rico are still struggling, post-Maria -- it was encouraging to see San Juan back to normal (or at least close) on our stop there, last March (Smooth Jazz cruise 19.2). We walked around the old part of the city and found a lovely cafe, for lunch. LOL, who should we run into there, but folks from our cruise! It would have been hard to miss us, since all of us just happened to be wearing our SJC t-shirts! After lunch, we went shopping -- and guess who we ran into, in a downtown SJ shoe store? Candy Dulfer! What a sweet and talented lady! (And as DH says: Not hard on the eyes, either!)
  11. St. Thomas is good for liquor -- except you used to be able to do better with French cognac on St. Maarten - maybe still can? There is a lady in Philipsburg who makes great chocolates (Belgian Chocolate Shop) -- if it's still there. There a great local hot sauce in Barbados, called 'Delish' -- don't be put off by its mustard-yellow color. Grenada is the place for all things spice. You can even take tours of old spice factories. Dominica is a beautiful island, and we saw lots of local art there (didn't buy any, though). Do be careful about jewelry purchases. All of the mainstream cruiselines (and X is no exception) really push their local favorites, with 'guarantees' that may not even be worth the paper they're printed on. So, a big 'caveat emptor' on that one. Just remember that suitcases magically become heavier on the way home, than they were, when you left for your cruise! 😜
  12. LOL on the Painkiller, Hattack! Have you ever had one (or maybe more) or those, at the Soggy Dollar Bar, on Jost Van Dyke? Sadly, I don't even know if it's still there. I don't think that part of the BVI did well, with Hurricane Maria (and the other hurricanes that year).
  13. Purplerock -- we are very lucky here, to have a jazz quintet, that gigs all over Whidbey Island. I try to never miss a chance to see them, when they appear at our local Italian restaurant. And, if we ever get to downtown Seattle for an evening, I would love to go to Jazz Alley (maybe when DH retires and we have more time for day-tripping). When we did our pre-booking for the BNAS '21, Sheila E. was one of the headliners. But, sadly, her name disappeared from the line-up, a couple of weeks ago. However, they had me at Chris Botti. Not to mention, David Sanbourne and Christian McBride. So, who's on your musical 'bucket list'?
  14. Welcome, Purplerock! We'll be boarding Blue Note at Sea '21, as you are disembarking -- we'll wave to you, LOL!🛳️ Good luck on the roll-call thread, but don't get your hopes up. Sadly, jazz cruisers who frequent the CruiseCritic boards seem to be few and far between. On our first Smooth Jazz Cruise, I promptly started a roll-call thread (we were on Celebrity Summit, that year). I spent the better part of a year, keeping that sucker on life-support -- but to no avail. I was able to touch base with some folks on the other SJC sailing that year, but not one peep out of anyone on our cruise.😪 So, if your r/c thread doesn't exactly take off, just remember that you can always come here to talk all things jazz and all things cruising!😎
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