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  1. Very good point -- and, what worked for you (as a cruiser) ten years ago might not be what you need now. In recent years, our focus has shifted from the trip interruption/cancellation part of the policy, to the medical evac/repatriation coverage.
  2. Well, all I have to say to folks who refuse to buy trip insurance is "Good Luck (your're gonna need it)!"😏 In all of our years (decades, really) of cruising, we only failed to purchase some sort of trip insurance coverage once. That was due to an oversight -- NOT intentional. And, wouldn't you know THAT was the one cruise where we needed it. Without going into details, let's just say that we still refer to that trip as the 'lost luggage' cruise. Although our bags finally DID catch up with us (mid-cruise) we did incur substantial out-of-pocket expenses -- which we (alas) had NO coverage for. 😱 Ever since then, purchasing trip insurance is the first box that we check off of our 'Cruise To-Do' list!😎
  3. 'Truer words were never spoke'! But really, weren't we expecting more from Virgin?πŸ˜•
  4. You can hardly ever say this anymore -- but sometimes it pays to be OLD! And yeah -- I remember having rubeola (or, as we called it back then, the 'red measles'.) I missed two weeks of school, and my first grade teacher even came by to see how I was doing. Sorry for those who missed their shore excursions. Hopefully HAL will make it up to you!
  5. Having read Bruns' books, I'm not entirely certain that 'his' company was not one and the same with this one. You know -- the old 'The names have been changed to protect the innocent (or not so innocent)' thing. But you re right -- it's a fascinating look at the underside of the industry!
  6. Well, here again -- who they are marketing to and who shows up might be two entirely different things. Look at the ads for any cruise line: No 'old' people with walkers (or oxygen tanks) -- and certainly no obese people!
  7. LOL -- those actually look like fun! Too bad they don't let passengers go along for that wild ride! πŸ˜„
  8. While my DH and I are looking forward to our first HAL cruise (in September), it would not be my first (or even second choice) for a 'family cruise' -- for the same reasons that I wouldn't choose Celebrity. Both lines are just more focused on providing a good experience for adults, and children are simply not the focus. When we decided to take our DS and his family on their first cruise, we booked RC's Independence of the Seas -- mainly for its kiddie pool. Actually, Splash-away Bay is more like a water park -- and they even had a life-guard on duty. IMHO, it is truly difficult for HAL (or any mainstream cruise line) to be all things to all people.
  9. I was surprised to find lots of Celebrity ex-pats over on the HAL boards! After finding ourselves pretty much 'priced-out' of X's suites -- and increasingly disappointed in their non-suite food/service -- we decided to give HAL a try. We were shocked to crunch the numbers and learn that we could book a Neptune (second highest) Suite on HAL for approximately HALF of what a Celebrity Suite on Eclipse cost -- for an almost identical itinerary. Granted, HAL's upper-end suite perks are nowhere near X's. But, I honestly liked sailing in X's Sky Suites, long before the advent of Michael's Club (now the Retreat?) and Luminae. So, we'll see how that corner-aft Neptune works out for us, next year!😎
  10. Fortunately for those of us who cruise -- that sort sort of steward is the exception, and not the rule. BTW -- the ONLY time (in two decades of cruising) that we ever had to contact the housekeeping supervisor about a steward, we were assured that employee would NOT be setting foot in our cabin again. Definitely get your point about locking up your toothbrush, though. 😲
  11. I've not had a problem with getting fresh towels every day -- on Celebrity or RC. I make it a point to meet my cabin steward on day one, with a couple of standard requests: daily ice service and fresh towels, every day. I've never had to ask more than once. However, like you, I WOULD be more than a little miffed to see a dirty towel (I toss mine into the tub or shower, for collection) simply picked up and rehung on the towel rack! After going to the trouble of making the request in the first place -- for me, that would warrant a call to the Head of Housekeeping. 😣
  12. Don't know how you'd do this in a hotel (different housekeepers every day) -- but, wouldn't it just be easier (on both of you) to let your cabin steward know (on day one) that you want clean towels every day? Even if they are not 'sopping', wet towels are heavy and harder to pick up -- especially from the floor, or the tub. Although I too request clean towels every day, I wouldn't want to purposely make my cabin steward's job any harder than it already is.🀨
  13. Celebrity and RC have tried this too. While I do understand the need to minimize congestion at the port, this new 'staggered' boarding scheme fails to take one important fact into consideration: Most cruisers have flown in a day in advance, and must check out of their hotels by 11:00am -- or noon, at the latest. Where are all of those people, loaded down with their luggage, supposed to go, for those 2-3 hours? Nope -- I'll just continue to show up at the pier, no later than noon, and hope that I at least have a comfortable place to sit and wait until boarding.😏
  14. Yeah -- that's one color that I don't think I have a single thing in. Need to rummage through my t-shirt drawer, though -- never know what you'll find in there, lol!😜
  15. Heads-up for Jazz Cruisers: Blue Note at Sea 2021 line-up and itinerary is out, today -- just Google it! Looks like current Blue Note cruisers will have first crack at the cabins, starting Monday. The rest of us will need to get on the 'pre-book list'. According to the web page info, we should get a shot at booking, starting in early February. Only after that will any remaining cabins be released to the general public (from what I can tell, anyway). But -- the big news today is the line up. In addition to Blue Note 'regulars', like Christian McBride, and the legendary David Sanborn, the headliners include Chris Botti and Sheila E (2 of the many folks on my musical 'bucket list')! My prediction is that this one is going to sell out FAST (think: Dave Koz at Sea). So, even though it's 14 months away, my DH and I agreed that it's best to get on that pre-book list now!😎
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