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  1. I remember that -- wasn't that back when Mariner of the Seas was home-ported there? I just remember smiling and tipping the porter, hoping that -- worst case scenario -- my hard-side Samsonite bag would FLOAT! 😱
  2. I'm sure that anyone as thoughtful as the OP won't forget the other class members. But, how sweet to think of your 'cruising superfan'!🤗 I'm sure that you'll find lots of interesting ideas, onboard Majesty!
  3. Well, I guess that anything is possible -- the real question: is it probable? All I know is that I feel safer on a cruise ship than I do in any airport -- and most public buildings, these days!
  4. LOL, I'm definitely way over their target age range, but I would still cruise with VV. In fact, we had a pre-deposit down for over a year. The only reason we canceled was that the recently released itinerary just doesn't work for us. Still looking forward to an opportunity to sail on the Scarlet Lady! (Oh -- and unless you're paying my cruise fare, I don't CARE what you think!😜)
  5. Glad to hear that you finally got your refund, Cruisehabits! Hopefully, VV with get the kinks worked out, as they go along. I still look forward to sailing with them -- just not for a while.
  6. Hard-side Samsonite (even my roll-aboards) -- won't travel with anything else!
  7. Just a reminder that good travel insurance is a MUST-have!
  8. You make a very good point, there. Your GE card is WA-AY too valuable to risk losing! I did the same thing as you, back when we last visited Grenada. But that was back when you had to fill out the customs forms, routinely. Now that those no longer exist, how do you go about 'declaring' something as routine as locally produced spices? (I know that large jewelry/electronics purchases are reported for you, by the ship -- or port shop where they were purchased).
  9. I think that the implication is that the OP was targeted because they live in a 'mj legal' state. Well, so do I (WA) -- and I've NEVER had a problem with Customs (including Puerto Rico). Of course, neither I, nor anyone in my family, travels with "lavender" oil!🙄
  10. You nailed it, Mike! We are Elite on X, but D+ on Royal. These days, my DH and I do most of our cruising on X -- but we recently decided to do a 5-night 'family cruise' on Independence of the Seas. While we knew that Suites take priority (as well they should) and that Pinnacles have pretty much replaced D+ in the pecking order -- there was an unwelcome development that we had not foreseen. RC has recently implemented a program that they call the "Key" (think of: Carnival's Faster-to-the-Fun). For a daily fee, the Key participants get extra perks, and priority for various events. So, we are sitting with our family in the RC embarkation area, waiting to board. They finally announce that Suite Guests and Pinnacle members may board. I whispered to my family 'We're Next'. Well... not so fast. Immediately after the Suites and Pinnacles, they boarded the 'Key' people. Oh, and yes -- sometime after that, we lowly D+ and Diamonds were allowed to board. Yep -- talk about your 'slap in the face'. We spent 10 years sailing RC, so that folks who are too cheap to pony-up the bucks for a suite can take priority over us. Oh, and for anyone who thinks that X won't implement something similar, I would simply point out that, over the years, X and RC have done a great job of 'borrowing' the worst possible ideas from each other. Reference Michael Bayley's reported comments that he would like to put Infinite Verandas on RC's future builds. (BTW -- that sounds like an interesting book, you are reading!)
  11. That's what we had last month, on Infinity. However (as far as I know, X has never had the door-card (now they use magnets) system that RC has. One side indicates 'do not disturb', and the other requests for the room to be made. I wish X would adopt something similar -- especially now that there is only one room attendant per cabin. Your steward isn't necessarily where he/she can see you leave for breakfast or dinner -- so they can freshen-up your cabin.
  12. Are you sure that you are not thinking of Royal? Celebrity has 'Do Not Disturb' door hangers -- but I've never seen a 'please make up the room' sign. BTW -- I think this is one area where Royal does things better than X. While a good room steward will quickly learn the schedule of his passengers, having that magnet to put on the door takes all the guess-work out of the process.
  13. EEK -- I just saw a BIG error, in my post. Vincent Ingala is indeed performing on our 2020 SJC's -- but he plays the sax! Damien Escobar is the talented jazz violinist that I was referring to. Too MANY talented folks, in one venue!! And yeah, on the Miami Hotels, Dee! We've cruised out of Miami several times, but I've never stayed at a pre-cruise hotel that I really loved. Will wait and see who the Smooth Jazz folks pick for 2020. I have heard good things about the Hampton Inn, from other folks, here on CruiseCritic, though. BTW -- if you think about it, pop over and let me know when the videos for this year pop-up, would you? Once I get the cruise booked, I don't visit the SJC website very often. Thanks!
  14. If you actually intend to send a 'snail-mail' letter, the address is the same as RCCL's Corporate headquarters: CEO Lisa Lutoff Perlo Celebrity Cruises Inc. 1050 Caribbean Way Miami, FL 33132 Do be sure to include a phone number, where you can be reached during business hours. We have had good success in the past, getting follow-up phone calls from the Executive Guest Relations Office -- at the address above. 😎
  15. Sorry to hear that, CruiseHabits. BTW -- I think that you are right, about VV experiencing 'growing pains'. Also, they may find themselves 'in the weeds', having to process far more refunds than they had anticipated. We lucked out -- only took us a couple of weeks to get our refund. I think that a couple of things worked in our favor: We made our decision, on the very first day that they were open for booking. That day, their web-site totally crashed (not surprising) -- but they finally put up a phone number (where you could talk to a live person). The young lady my DH spoke with was very professional, and told us that we should get our refund within two weeks -- and we did. One thing to remember: It's been a long time since we made these deposits. If you are requesting a refund, make sure that the credit card you used is still valid, and that the card number/exp.dates have not changed. If VV tries to refund $$ to a card that is no longer valid, it won't go through. Good luck!
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