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  1. I wasn't told of "bonus" extra when I chose my can of soda! Anyone get the beach towel ? Comments about quality and color ?
  2. Domestic - no problem Take the Sky Train ba ck to airport (Waterfront station only about 2-3 blocks from ship). It would be faster than having taxi fight traffic.
  3. Doesn't $300 OBC sweeten the pot? Rebook drink packages etc and pay for them with the OBC or use some to treat yourselves to specialty dining, shopping or whatever you would like. An interior cabin is fine. People often don't spend much time in their cabin anyway because there is so much to do on a ship.
  4. For several excursions over the years have complained to excursion desk - who really really didn't care, had no apology or comment. Have found that the staff at excursion desk is generally the least helpful of all departments and have no idea about the excursions except to sell them.
  5. Do you purchase the D+ BOGO before sailing or is it done after boarding? I'm new to this perk. I assume being solo I can use it for the first two nights??
  6. I agree - last Sept on Adventure saw and heard a cruiser with a circle of newbies telling them to remove gratuities - I interjected with why they shouldn't but I think they were impressed with his "knowledge". The "pay at the end people" can also do that as a top up if they desire. Think gratuities should be included as a separate line in the booking process.
  7. Having an instrument rating I would have thought would be a requirement. Also, a recent mountain flying course refresher.
  8. My "party" is just me and the person allotting tables keeps wanting to make me or keeps assuming I'm a part of the group ahead or behind me. There is a reluctance to give a two top to a single at breakfast. A four top is Ok because you can leave more easily when finished . Breakfast at a table to 8 to 10 is really slow - partly because some take forever to choose .
  9. I enjoy the main dining room sometimes but there can be the issue of slow service and I don't like to be railroaded to "fill" a table when I would rather sit at another .
  10. I was on the Adventure in Oct - so many upper tier that the extra lounge was filled immediately upon opening. Even during the day there were times the diamond lounge was full so the coffee vouchers were to compensate. Be prepared for long lines for the coffee kiosk.
  11. I agree - did the "run" twice and would have continued a yearly winter break if available. I added to the onboard revenue!
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