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  1. The Snowbird Migration cruise by R CI goes from Quebec City (2days) to Fort Lauderdale - 13 days
  2. What is a "contactless credit card"? In Canada we use a pin, insert or can do a "swipe" - is that "contactless"?
  3. Also is very convenient for getting off for excursions and for the return - no need to fight for an elevator! An elderly cruiser told me when I was new to cruise world - the more you pay the more you sway.
  4. In Oct I am doing the Hybrid Tour -good reviews so I joined a group from roll call from our sailing.
  5. Looks like a traditional British fish and chip meal on newspaper with mushy peas.
  6. I would love to do chefs table . Should have done it several years ago when our dollar wasn't so low. On one cruise was $99. Maybe I can snag an acceptable price on board .
  7. You are right. Canadian bacon is also called peameal bacon - has cornmeal on outside. I find it bland with no smoked taste
  8. Yes this is true. Also studio cabins are much smaller. I find an interior is very comfortable for one .
  9. I'm on the Snowbird migration in Oct. Check your roll call - lots of information.
  10. Personal travel insurance also - most companies I have looked at don't insure for zip lining, sky diving etc . Make sure you are covered especially in a foreign country before choosing some activities.
  11. I am happy for the "old" future booking option. I regretted booking about a year ago under old plan and ended up cancelling and losing deposit because of changes in circumstances.
  12. Phone number is somewhere on his home page - have used it.
  13. I have just booked this excursion in CDN dollars. If I change my mine I can cancel. The seats that look like wooden slats in the trolley didn't appeal to me and I liked the included lunch. Go to trip advisor and there are lots of pictures of the food. and good comments.
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