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  1. Spoke to people who came back from cruise and said their new "diamond" friends provided drinks for them at a lounge every evening before dinner. Obviously the bar tender was not keeping track of drinks. Wonder if this is a issue regularly and one that needs tobe addressed.
  2. The Panama cruises were just this season I believe.
  3. I agree - really I don't want to move to Princess or Holland in order to get longer cruises.
  4. Been on the Vancouver to Hawaii run four times - never a weather problem. Maybe one day a little rough .
  5. Remember that solo means you pay for two except for taxes.
  6. Pot smells linger and even being close to someone who smoked will leave you with enough residue that a trained dog could pick up the scent. Actually that skunky smell is hard to miss.
  7. Agreed. I am all for PTSD dogs - and they are medium to large breeds not lap dogs. Beautifully trained to help their owners. I see them in my military town. " Fake" emotional support animals are not in the same category and cruise ships lines need to do something about the problem.
  8. Royal Caribbean offers a combo tour for both towns if that is your cruise line. I've booked and think I will be pleased with it.
  9. Have done Vancouver to Hawaii four times - never been cancelled so think you just had bad luck. I sailed in Sept.
  10. I have also heard comments like this - wish there was someway to combat this. Basically it is costing RCI money to provide free drinks .
  11. I had an invoice and was told to transfer it to a travel agent when I got home (the one I used for the cruise I was on). She said that the next cruise department should have done it - she had an issue getting the reservation transferred to her. I assumed that the Next Cruise dept was part of R CI not a sub let.
  12. I got great excursions rates on Black Friday . Anyone know of another "holiday" that excursions rates are reduced?
  13. I thought they were fire hazards hence not provided - same as irons that could be left on.
  14. None - you will get fresh towels, bed turn down and cleaning and a towel animal which I tell him nor to bother with.
  15. There is a old adage - the more you pay the more you sway. That is - in rough seas the higher floors sway more. Mid ship is more stable also.
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