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  1. Bathrobe, extra hangers....
  2. Just make sure that the ship knows your leaving the ship...if your going for good you have to have written permission from the home office...if it's an overnighter port and your going to stay in a hotel you don'rt need permission... but if you just don't come back to the ship because you don't like the next port you better notify someone....if you miss the ship, not on purpose, that's again a different plan.
  3. Once on a TA from Europe our cabin steward was a lovely Polish girl. The first day she was so excited to see me...she said I looked like her mother...same height, weight, smile etc. She was shocked to hear me speak polish to her....especially since my name was French. During the cruise she told me stories of her family etc. When we were to arrive at Fr Lauderdale she was going home for the break.... When we were in Morocco I bought a couple of area rugs and Richard and I were figuring out how to get them home once we arrived in Ft Lauderdale.. He asked me if it was ok if I gave all my clothes to the room stewards mother and then our big suitcase would be empty for the rugs..🤨😕😏.....let's see here....after all it was a plan...and she was going home...so that's what we did ...we asked her if she would like to take my clothes to her mother( along with money for the extra bag) and she was shocked and delighted....and that's what we did. Moral of the story...never bring on a cruise clothing you won't mind giving away....and I wonder if the story would be different if Richard reminded her of her father !!!😄
  4. Your right,🤗 I can still laugh when I think of it
  5. I remember being on the first voyage of NCL Gem. We noticed a small annoying bee light sound when we were trying to sleep. Richard called the desk at about 2 am.....3 men came to the door...now I'm lying in bed in the dark with 4 men ( incliding Richard) standing around the bed listening...the only thing I could see was their dials on their watches....they listened for about 15 minutes....no discussions then said they thought they knew what it was and they would get it fixed in the morning. Apparently it had something to do with the air conditioning. They had it fixed that morning and a bottle of wine and chocolate covered strawberries were sent to our room with an apology note . I can still remember the men and the darkness,,,the slight whistle...and the shinning dials....sort of kinky .....😄 LOL
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH all this talk about coffee................IIIIIIIIIIIII thiiiiiiink IIIIIIII am gettttttttttttting the jittttters😍
  7. Nothing like a little smile and teasing as you munch the cracker, bit of cheese and grape 😎
  8. I see your point of view.
  9. Oh...it was from the Captains Club host....how nice was that ...I knew you wouldn't keep it...I just got lost k😁nowing where it came from
  10. So...I'm anxious to find out how did this happen ???? did he get to keep the suit???? Magic 🤗
  11. Once on the Connie we were disappointed , once again, because of the weather PEI would not be our stop. I had mentioned to my room steward, before that port ,that I was looking forward to taking a carriage ride because it was our anniversary. It was a dull rainy day and it looked like my husband and I were coming down with a cold. When I saw my steward in the hall I told her that we would be staying in today so that we wouldn't need room service at all. She mentioned that it was formal night and would we be going...I said no.....around supper time there was a knock on our door and she had 2 loaded carts, in the hall, full of lobsters and filets etc. ...an anniversary cake etc. She was delivering our formal night meal to us as a surprise🤗 She laid everything out on our coffee table , wished us a happy Anniversary , smiled and left. We were so impressed...and for those who think...yah...they had a suite...we were in an inside cabin😋 it was our second Celebrity cruise and we went on to being Elite and I know it's because of that thoughtful, kind room steward.
  12. Try to get a hold of the British 1989 movie Shirley Valentine. Watch this movie then you will have a different view of Mykonos before you get there.....then just wander the streets, sit with a drink and watch the people...soak up the feeling of the Island, time and place. Please don't jump on a tour to leave Mykonos😘 for your first visit. I've been there many times in the past 25 years and it's still my favorite port. Take a picture of the Pelican ...so beautiful....it's on my bucket list to spend a couple of weeks🤗 there. ( off tourist season....which is before Easter ) it's a magical place....
  13. From your mouth to Gods' ear🤗 Have a safe week....
  14. Once my daughter was getting married and she loved dragonflies. She asked us to please find one she could wear on her wedding dress. At every port my husband and I searched for dragonfly pins. Some we paid big bucks for ie. swarski etc not knowing what she really wanted. In my heart I knew they were all too "fancy " for her. One day I entered an elevator and there was this woman wearing a beautiful plain silver dragonfly pin. I complimented her on it and told her the story of our quest for the perfect pin. She smiled and took it off and handed it to me...said she got it in a garage sale in 1972. OMG my daughter was born in 1972...he insisted that I give it to her. When I got home we presented Emily with several dragonfly pins to choose for her dress. He choose the plain silver one and we then told her the story. The remainder pins she presented in a shadow box for display..(.when her brothers daughter turned 13 she gave her the shadowbox for her room... Jillian also loved dragonflies) Any way... Emily had a couple of miscarrages and one day she wore her pin to the Drs office .. he told her she was preg. again...when we were walking to the car she noticed that her dragonfly pin was missing. We went back into the office and nobody could find it. She had a healthy boy who is now 15 yrs old. We always felt that the pin was found by someone who needed it.🤗 Just like the woman in the elevator felt.
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