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  1. Stick with Blu for dinner and breakfast. Have done AQ for years, and found the Blu on Edge was the best! For a different dinner location, opt for a specialty restaurant if you wish. We went to the Steakhouse (also very good).
  2. Yes you can. Recently was on the Edge. Was tempted by those 4 dining rooms but Blu was great, and additionally only ate in the Steakhouse. The dining options are one of the Edge's biggest pluses. I've been in AQ since 2011. Blu was always very good, but it was really exceptional this time around.
  3. Wondered if the non-Edge ships are still printing the daily "USA Times", crosswords and sudokus, etc. Missed them on the Edge. Apologize if I've missed this being previously answered.
  4. No-didn't use those areas. Forgot to look for a Relaxation Room. Boarding was a cinch--there was no waiting. Blu noise was limited and only once did we wait like 5 minutes. With all the dining options, including 4 options replacing the huge Main Dining Room, many guests took advantage of trying those and the specialty restaurants. So Blu was never packed to the gills.
  5. Yes!--but really just one night/early morning! Never talked about it with other guests or staff. Strange--it was like 4th or 5th day in.
  6. Just got off a week after booking nearly two years ago. Wanted to express some of my thoughts after being in love with Celebrity since 2002. I tried not to read too much before boarding but in talking with co-cruisers, I bet many of my feelings have been previously shared. First, the Good! The ship is stunning, and I loved the grays & blues and the variety of furniture. The pool is larger and better. The Rooftop Garden was nicely designed though often too hot to enjoy in the daytime. My AQ cabin was bright, had great storage drawers, shelves and cubbyholes, a larger bathroom sink, and a better sofa. I liked the electronic shade which really blocked out light, and the idea of the "infinite veranda". The dining options were greater in number. I have loved Blu for many years, but I felt the EDGE's Blu served the best food of them all. Every dinner was remarkable. For example, I had duck twice (prepared differently) that rivaled what I've had in some fine restaurants. The service in all the dining venues was as outstanding as always. Now what I feel was disappointing. The room balcony/veranda was too small with no room for footrests or stretching out. The ship offered less views of water with Blu not directly overlooking water. The ship interiors felt "darker" and really more hotel-like. I missed the glass elevators with views of activity and entertainment. There were far less quiet areas and lounges and places to escape to read or just gaze out at water. There was no library, just a book cart. Shopping was horrible-no boulevards of shops, mainly high-end jewelry shops which never seemed occupied. Nothing like tables of sale items, Celebrity clothing, etc. I missed the Martini ice bar. The Sunset Bar was too small as was its mens' room (with one urinal!) The Fitness Center had nice equipment but NO locker/changing room, and one unisex toilet--who designed this?? Fitness classes were not actively promoted and we never saw any instructor or attendant. The pool level lacked adequate covered/shaded seating, and quiet areas. Walking to the forward section at top brings you to a screeching halt at the suite's Retreat area. I found Eden entertainment to be on the goofy side, and unsure if the Magic Carpet was worth the loss of additional seating area on the pool deck. I missed the daily printed "newspapers" and puzzles from Guest Relations. So...I am so glad I experienced this gorgeous ship but for me, the older ships were better overall. For the Edge, I'm "one and done" and am happy to have two future Solstice Class cruises booked.
  7. This is some sale! Prices Starting From* $69.00 USD Adult per day; Was $69.00 USD Am I correct that cruises AFTER Sept. 2019 aren't included in this sale?
  8. I am on the Reflection in Nov. It says 50% off BUT quotes the full price!! What the /?$#$? Here's what I see: Prices Starting From* $69.00 USD Adult per day Was $69.00 USD
  9. We find Celebrity is a notch better. We have the other, no-fee Celebrity Visa card and have been getting points for several years.
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