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  1. As far as florida is concerned most ships sail from Miami, Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beach. Each one of these ports ate in counties( Miami Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties) with some of the highest covid rates with increases occurring daily. One thing MSC has going for them is the new shops w better air circulation & the ability to retrofit these facilities. A cruise line most likely wouldn't invest those $$$ to retrofit older ships like CRYSTAL.
  2. I'm not familiar w EASYCRUISE...I was thinking more generally speaking of mainstream lines...so the ships would be floating hotels w paid for dining & experiences. In this day & age this business model might provide cruise lines with much needed cash...although I believe quality would suffer😪
  3. Why dont you just go on a gay cruise, join a gay group on a cruise or go to a gay resort??? You come across a bit snarky in your expectations. It's easy enough to research (whatever) groups that are onboard or focused on. You did research & came up empty...just because you didnt find the results you wanted doesnt quantify your remarks. 2 men together anywhere should not cause distraction...unless they are all over each other & tongue swabbing all over the ship. That goes for any gender.... My partner I travel to spend time together & if we meet interesting people all the better...gay, staight..it doesn't matter. Of course on longer crises there is an older demographic and going to exotic destinations tend to attract more affluent & well travelled passengers. In the USA a gallop poll has 4.5 % of the population as gay...so on a ship that would be the max I imagine. I / we don't go to FID meets, or any other organized activities & yet we've met lots of fun interesting people. Sounds like you need to open up to those onboard whatever the situation..HELL would be a shop full of drunk queens..no matter where.
  4. ROTTERDAM V was built as a ship of state as was the FRANCE, QE2, NORMANDIE, RAFFAELLO & MICHAELANGELO. & OCEANIC. Onthese boards when someone mentions an oceanliner these long gone ships are what they are referring to. NOT the cookie cutter CRUISE SHIPS that are built with in the last couple of decades. The old ships of state were built as proud representations of certain cultures w cutting edge technology of their time, decor & amenities of priceless art, comfortable & chic furnishings & interior design to up the drama factor for passengers. Even the Statendam of the 70's- 80's couldn't compare to Rotterdam V. When Home LINES BUILT the new Homeric it was a lovely cruise ship. One big difference between the OCEAN LINERS & MODERN CRUISE SHIPS is how they handle the ocean. Being shallow draft allows ships to get into smaller harbors etc but once rough seas are encountered it's not fun. Even the FRANCE & QE2 sailed differently...FRANCE was more of a roller in rough weather & QE2 would list a little & then cut through the worst of storms. PRINSENDAM was built as a modern ocean going ship but certainly couldn't compare to ROTTERDAM V. Today's ships are just cookie cutter w minor design changes w high density & reduced passenger service. Why would anyone design a ship without an aft pool or a rap around promenade??? Even the new ROTTERDAM Vll will be just another CARNIVORE CORP CRUISE SHIP/ floating mall. It's too bad
  5. With all due respect Kathy49 within th e travel industry it is well known that MOST international destinations do want American tourist simply for the economics. Americans tend to spend more due to disposable income differences, they give gratuities freely & eat & drink more at restaurants. One European tourism minister recently stated that it takes 4 European tourist to match the spending of 1 American tourist. It's all about the $$$$$
  6. You could of introduced this lady to DAME EDNA who's son is also gay🤗🍸💄👠💃
  7. Lvshack, First off your hubby is absolutely dashing in his dinner & motor bike outfits🤗🤗🤗 Secondly I find it interesting that someone on this board just a few weeks ago was pushing/ encouraging the carib cruises this Oct, Nov. DEC O on Crystal... now he & his wife are staying home. I guess the hair dye has penetrated his brain. Firstly its a global pandemic & FLORIDA IS HELL. There has been such a negligent leadership there & places like Texas, Georgia & the Carolinas. I feel sorry for loved ones that lost people through no fault of their own. As far as Crystal is concerned even trying to get people to cruise in the near future is like the 30 year old man that threw a Corona party, got sick & just before he died he told his nurse he was sorry & thought the virus was a hoax. It doesnt matter if your a biker, a house wife a teen, a grandparent ...not being proactive, considerate of others & informed is just plain stupid. Also as far as CRYSTAL is concerned why would someone book on an older ship that would need major refit to handle what is needed to be done. The cruise lines are for profit...they need $$$$....and as far as Florida tourism...the state is sinking in more ways than one. I hope everyone stays safe...this will pass if we all work together & wear masks... .
  8. The US & Cuban govts have had a love hate relationshop for years now & there was a break for a bit US citizens cannot visit Cuba just as an average tourist NOW ( as opposed to say Jamaica, Barbados etc) unless they have an educational or cultural Visa. So for now its a no go for us...even last year there were a few cruises from American ports that visited but literally only lasted for a few weeks.
  9. with all the changes in the industry over the last few years I thought cruising was veering towards more of a land based hotel business model. passengers would pay for a cabin & then everything else would be paid for individually. Drinks. buffets, breakfast, lunch dinner all land based restaurant style. the specialty restaurants already follow this format so why not the rest of the ship??? would you still sail and to where & how long. 🤗🏊‍♂️🚶‍♂️😎🏖🏝🚣‍♂️⛵🚢🚢🚢
  10. Good morning...I chuckled when I read about HAL being positively active & lively.. I'm an American that was born, raised & lived my entire adult life in New York City. The first time i was on HAL was 1976/77....I preferred the italian lines but HAL sailed out of NYC & the entertainment was live bands & wed dance all nite til the sun came up. We were in our 20's...the longer the cruise the older the crowd. I'm hoping to sail on Boudicca or Black Watch for the ships. I'm now in my sixties, have travelled a great deal over the years & now want an interesting sea voyage. If you want quiet & staid try Florida...after 3 years of snowbirding I called it quits.. FLORIDA IS GODS WAITING ROOM..A PLACE TO GO TO DIE. I rented 6 months each in Ft Lauderale, Boca Raton & Palm Beach.. I named them...DEATH VALLEY A SUBDIVISION OF HELL. I'll pick A long winter or world FRED OLSEN CRUISE over returning to Florida ..aka MALL WORLD.
  11. Certainly most passengers from Europe etc would want to either do back to back do they can see more of the carib & Cuba. I would like a 5 day Cuba land tour & the cruise..all doable in 2 weeks time.
  12. Lol..my first visit to Jamaica was 1975...bad news...has led by drug sellers...harassed by men down the streets for no reason. Over the years got off ships 2x there...nothing changed & last November I stayed onboard the ship. That's a very nice itinerary except for Jamaica...wish US citizens could visit Cuba once again.
  13. I agree..sort of like going to Disney World & saying you've seen Europe so need to go. Everything does change & especially now..life as we knew a few months ago is gone. I am still hopeful to experience Boudicca & Black Watch before they are gone.
  14. That's a very nice itinerary except for Jamaica...wish US citizens could visit Cuba once again.
  15. They should charge Mr Palmer w gross negligence in getting dressed & denying a decent tailor ...hed be banned in Queens & Princess Grill & Brittania Restaurants. for sure
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