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  1. Hello, "yorky." Your basic position is correct, but it can be misleading to refer to just one number ("more like 85%"). Allegedly, the following are the % of effectiveness for the best-known vaccines that are approved in some places: PFIZER ... 95% MODERNA ... 94.1% J & J ... 85% ASTRAZENECA ... 82.4, if second dose is delayed twelve weeks (The above are subject to correction.) Stated in other words ... Even Pfizer's vaccine (which we are in the midst of getting) leaves one out of every twenty people -- including the "compro
  2. . We don't disagree with what you have just written, "markeb" -- except that we believe that the vaccinations already done will prevent a significant surge. However, the reason we made your opening words "bold" is that, in our first comment on this thread, we did not say anything about "the original question." Instead, we were seeking to rebut a comment made by "WonderMan3." He wrote this: "Every time we have had a surge ... we wind up falling but then plateauing at a higher rate than where we left off after the previous surge." What WonderMan3 stated was indeed true BEFO
  3. . Sorry. We responded to the original statement without proper care. We were thinking of another disease (not flu). May we ask you to re-write the above paragraph, using a layman's terminology? Parts of the paragraph are unclear to us. You may have left out a word or two, and we also do not know what "R0" means. Thank you. . . Yes. Thank you. .
  4. . Responding to your first paragraph, above: The graph most certainly DOES support our statement. If you really think that it does not, you must have misunderstood our statement! Your references to averages of several months ago are irrelevant to the point we were making. . (Will get back to you on the second paragraph ASAP ...)
  5. . We believe that the above statement is incorrect (and the product of unhelpful pessimism). We have been watching the CDC case graph daily since last April, and we are convinced that, thanks to the vaccines already administered, the decline is genuine and permanent (without there being another surge imminent). Everyone can judge for him/herself here: https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#trends_dailytrendscases . . We believe that the above statement is also incorrect. We believe that the latest flu [which is also a "CoViD] is probably just as "contagious,"
  6. . We suppose that it is a matter of opinion, but we cannot agree that the MDR lunch has "a very limited menu" on Embarkation Day. We'll let the OP decide if he/she/they agree after reading the following, which we are copying from one of our recent posts (on an earlier January thread): Although the menu for that day will be subject to change (especially after one year's shutdown), the menu that we have encountered on four ships, over the last several years, has looked like this (and we have tried and enjoyed each of these items): STARTERS: Butternut Squash Sou
  7. . Fortunately, it is no longer true that "pandemic numbers are worse than ever." Probably because of the vaccination efforts of the past three weeks, the daily average number of cases has been falling significantly for a week or more. You can see this fact in a CDC graph (which may look even better after the January 25 number has been revealed): https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#trends_dailytrendscases We don't think that it will be much longer before serious plans for "simulated voyages" can begin. It's time for optimism, not pessimism, in our opinion. .
  8. . Thanks very much for that helpful link, "jelayne" -- and the tip on how to get to it again.
  9. . It is true that the "Always Included" feature will rob E+ members of the "earned-by-loyalty benefit" of Cappuccinos in Cafe Al Bacio. However, we don't think that the "AI" will rob E+ members of having two loads of laundry done free (something always helpful, but especially on transoceanic, and other long, cruises). ALSO ... We are under the impression that all E+ members that booked 2021/2022 cruises before "AI" was instituted -- maybe including those that had to "lift and shift" -- should get the "old" benefits (such as those Cappuccinos, the C.C. Elite Cock
  10. . Hello "hawkesbaynz." We are a bit uncertain about what you have in mind, regarding the "use [of] Tuscan for breakfast." Are you aware of the fact that there is no hot food available in Tuscan for the Elite breakfast? Only cold solid foods and hot and cold beverages are available. If you wish to have eggs, you will have to use the buffet or MDR. There is no need to feel "a bit odd in Blu" by yourself. We dine alone often -- all over the ship -- and no one takes notice or cares. We have three suggestions to help you to avoid the problem you have ha
  11. . Yes, because ... (1) One can put it to other uses immediately, and ... (2) The cruise line may go bankrupt, making it difficult or impossible to regain the money. That is why we took the money when we canceled April/May '21 cruises last October. .
  12. . What you suggest, above, is reasonable. However ... we don't know how long it will be (weeks, months, years) before "X" will allow back-to-back guests (aka "consecutive cruisers") to "get off the ship, do something, and return." If the CDC and cruise lines will allow people to go on official excursions only, then maybe they will not allow consecutive cruisers to get off and explore (until the CoViD-19 era has ended). We have done many "back-to-backs" (involving four or five "X" ships and at least one RCI ship) -- and we want to commend "davekathy" for the excellent recap o
  13. . Thanks for asking, "phabric." We can share some much older Equinox reflections [no pun intended] with you. The Equinox was launched in mid-2009. We had the privilege of being aboard for back-to-back, magnificent cruises (totaling 27 nights) in the autumn of 2010 -- and it was one of our cruising-life's best experiences. First, there was a 13-night leg (from/to Rome [Civitavecchia]) ... visiting Naples ... Messina, Sicily ... Corfu, Greece ... Alexandria, Egypt ... Ashdod (for Jerusalem) ... and Haifa (for Galilee). Second, there was a 14-night leg (fr
  14. . You are absolutely correct, "p18750." Many CruiseCritic members (who are Elite or Elite Plus) -- including us -- have been shocked about this and have been complaining here, for the last few months, trying to persuade Celebrity to see the error of its ways. On the other hand, several CrCr members (also claiming to be Elite or Elite Plus) have posted many replies -- including lots of unkind put-downs of the rest of us -- claiming that they are not in the least bothered by the fact that (partiallly quoting you), "the Always-Included [Classic] drinks [package] and [the unlimi
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