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  1. @Joe817, you must have provided a card number during your online check in. @JGB, no, you are not required to provide any additional security for your S&S account. They will probably direct you to the desk where cash is added when you check in at the port. Just let them know that you have sufficient Cruise Cash and that if you need to add anything else, you will do so on board. That's what I did on my last cruise.
  2. Carnival does not have RFID-enabled cards on any ships that I am aware of (unless it is the new builds).
  3. You have to CARRY them on. Do NOT check them or they will be confiscated. How you carry them on is up to you. Carnival really doesn't care if you choose to stuff two in a bra and fill up the pockets of your cargo pants, push them in a wheelbarrow, carry them on your head (you get the point). They just can't be checked. To be serious, I don't carry on any more, but I have seen people strap them to the tops of suitcases, put them loose in a backpack, or just carry the carton. It's really up to whatever works best for you.
  4. Tell them to imagine wasting their precious vacation time running around to try to find all of the people who would share in the tip pool (Lido servers, housekeeping staff, etc.) who they may not come into contact with that last night. That's not how I would choose to spend my last night on board, not to mention the amount of time necessary to stand in line and remove the gratuities. Honestly, just keeping the auto-gratuities on not only means that all of the people who should get it do get it, but it also means that I don't have to waste a minute of my vacation.
  5. They are wrong. You still get priority boarding with FTTF. Just disregard your arrival appointment. Nothing has changed.
  6. I do believe that you can call the Fun Shops and order as long as you have their names, sailing date, and ship name.
  7. The only port I have ever seen a kiosk for mobility scooters is Long Beach (not that I have been to every embarkation port). At most embarkation ports, you have to pre-arrange a mobility scooter and it is waiting for you in your cabin. I did noticed at Long Beach, they had a sign out saying that there were some available. I do believe that is because the vendor is there on-site at the kiosk.
  8. @Raysgirl is right. They will not release any holds (and the holds increase as you spend money on board) when you go to apply the cash. The timing of the release is up to your bank and could tie your checking account up for 7-10 days. Just open your account with cash. If you need to add more, just go add it at the kiosk. Don't spend it all? Just cash out on the last night or they will mail you a check, as long as your remaining balance is greater than $10.
  9. Everything is charged to your S&S account. You can even charge any additional gratuities you wish to pay to your account. The only areas that accept cash on board are the casino and individuals (for additional gratuities).
  10. Carried on at the embarkation port only.
  11. https://www.carnival.com/help
  12. This is where Carnival's nomenclature is a little misleading. Prior to your cruise, you can purchase a bottle for your room from the "Fun Shops" and consume it on board. When on board, liquor purchased in the "Fun Shop" is duty-free and cannot be consumed on board. You can, however, purchase a bottle from Room Service (at the same price as the pre-cruise Fun Shops purchases) for on-board consumption. Confused yet??
  13. They are certainly allowed! They must be in factory-sealed containers (not home-made items). Enjoy your cruise!
  14. You should also check out the "Disabled Cruising" section here at CC. There is a ton of great information there.
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