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  1. I'm not certain what you mean ... you will likely not receive anything for FCC, it is in Carnival's system. When you call to book your new cruise, just tell them that you have FCC that you wish to apply.
  2. I believe that you mean FCC (future cruise credit). I can't answer your question, but this might help someone else 🙂
  3. Carnival gift cards are not reloadable. All refunds are provided on a new gift card. The "exceptions" that you have heard about are likely transactions that have not completely been processed and could be reversed. Once the transaction is complete, there is no way to put funds back onto a Carnival gift card.
  4. Go to the website and click on "Travel Health Advisory" at the top. Then click on "Cancelled Cruises Update."
  5. When you book excursions online, you need to pay in full at the time of ordering. You can cancel any time prior to sailing. If you didn't get a page to check out, there is probably a problem with the website.
  6. You will get one card and mine arrived in less than a week. However, given the recent stretch on their staff, I would expect it to take longer.
  7. Cpap is not the same as needing oxygen.
  8. Even though it may say "paid in full," in reality, boarding passes are not available until your on-line check in is complete.
  9. Calling won't help, it will just waste your time. They cannot accept gift cards for Cheers over the phone.
  10. Here is what you need to know to make your decision: Gift cards are only sold in denomination of $100 and more Cruise cash is sold in increments of $25 All purchases on board will be applied to their S&S account; therefore, gift cards will need to be applied to their account (cruise cash is automatically applied). Cruise cash is technically non-refundable (use it all or lose it) and any remaining unused amount from gift cards is refunded in the form of a new gift card mail to the home following the cruise. You can use the casino trick to cash out both gift cards and cruise cash (with the exception of cruise cash-bar, cruise cash-photo, and cruise cash-BAB). Sorry. I can help with Build a Bear prices.
  11. It depends. Refundable OBC is refunded to you by check after your cruise. Non-refundable OBC is lost. However; you can use the casino trick to cash out.
  12. This only works if you have secured your S&S account with a credit card. FWIW
  13. You will have to cancel your current plans and purchase new ones. Go into your Cruise Manager (Booking & Order Details) and click on the "edit order" on the upper right hand side of the section with the plans. Cancel Order. They will refund to the original form of payment. You can then go in and purchase the upgraded plans. Alternatively, you can wait until you board and upgrade, paying the difference in cost (although at the on-board rate).
  14. As far as I know, the beverage choices from Room Service (the only way to buy a bottle for your cabin while on board) are the same as they are from the Fun Shops pre-cruise.
  15. You cannot simply get cash off your S&S secured by a gift card. You can use your S&S to fund your player's bank at a slot machine, take a pull or two, and then go the casino cashier to cash out your player's bank.
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