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  1. I used shareholders@carnival.com and had my OBC posted within 8 days.
  2. I don't really see why this bothers you. If you had read all of the documentation related the first cancellation, then you would have known that cruises up to and including 5 days only gets $300 OBC, and then you chose to book a shorter cruise when you rebooked.
  3. You can book your new cruise online, if you are willing to pay another deposit. You will then have to call Carnival to have your FCC applied to the new cruise. Since it requires a phone call anyway, your best option is just to call to rebook and have your FCC applied right away.
  4. If you have a special occasion and message John Heald on FB a few days prior to your cruise, he will also send something to your room. Otherwise, I don't really get a big kick out of asking for "extras" unless I really need something.
  5. From a PR perspective, they are going to wait a while. They just announced the retirement and storage of 4 ships with an accompanying round of cancellations and booking transfers. A delay will also allow the CSRs a chance to get caught up prior to a new round of "where's my FCC" or "where's my refund" calls. My personal crystal ball 😉 tells me that the earliest they will be cruising is December, so I do expect to see two additional rounds of cancellations.
  6. I honestly think that it depends on how much your FCC is. It sounds like you booked under a reduced deposit sale, so I would really expect Carnival to require a full deposit to rebook. I, personally, had more in FCC than the total cost of my new cruise, so no additional deposit required.
  7. To be fair, none of the ships have magnetic doors. They may have metal doors, to which magnets would hold. LOL 😇 I can tell you in January (I hope!!) 🙂 🤞🤞
  8. @TheJayCat is correct. HOWEVER, I was able to use everything that I had prepaid (not including Fun Shops purchases) toward another cruise simply by calling. They rolled over enough to pay for the new cruise and then refunded the difference.
  9. I work for a food manufacturer that has products for both retail sale and food service (such as to restaurants and cruise ships). Our food service business drastically fell (obviously) and a good deal of product was donated; however, the raw materials in the supply chain were diverted to retail production, which has been significantly higher since people are eating more at home.
  10. Again, one of the drawbacks of using a TA is that you cannot submit the online form for price protection. If you had and then attached that screenshot, you would have been able to make a case for getting the reduction. Carnival does allow a 48 hour hold without payment. I've done it multiple times.
  11. I do believe that it is 2 years, but you have to book by a specific date. All of that information should be available on Carnival's website under the Covid advisories section (look for sailing updates).
  12. This is one of the drawbacks of using a TA. You have to contact them for everything. I would have screenprinted the price drop and then contacted my TA when they opened in the morning. If you had booked directly with Carnival, you could have submitted the online Early Saver Price Protection form without waiting for anyone to be open.
  13. The best option is download to your device any music you would want to listen to. To actually stream music, you will need to be on a ship with upgraded wifi and purchase the highest level package. Save some money and aggravation. Download your music.
  14. You are simply acting on the information that you have right now, that they are planning to cancel. Go ahead and change cabins! If you cruise, you will be happier.
  15. Shareholders@carnival.com This is a new email address that John Heald mentioned on FB a couple of weeks ago.
  16. I submitted mine via the new stockholder's email address and was credited in 21 calendar days.
  17. I emailed my request to the new shareholder's email address on 6/25 and received notification of my OBC today. 20 calendar days.
  18. Cruise fares almost always fluctuate on a near daily basis. They are highly sensitive to supply and demand. Carnival uses a complicated algorithm to determine the pricing. There is absolutely no way to predict if the prices will continue downward or take a spike upward in the future.
  19. There are a lot of us that wish they were cumulative. I've had 3 cancellations this year and there are those who have had more.
  20. I hate to sound like a doubter here, but there are several things in your post that make me question. If you were truly Diamond with Carnival, you would know what that is!! You aren't sure if your money is kept for a future cruise. Didn't you ASK? You called your Carnival "agent." Carnival has PVPs (personal vacation planners) or you could you have had a TA that specializes in Carnival cruises (they are out there). Which one? You say that you cancelled 3/16, but not when the cruise was scheduled. There is no way that 3/16 could be WAY before final payment for a June cruise unless it was the very end of June. Carnival is slammed with phone calls. I have been dropped a couple of times, but the only way they are hanging up on you is if you are abusive with them. The upshot of all of this is, we really can't help you. YOU HAVE TO CALL CARNIVAL.
  21. I agree, based on previous experience; however, when we return to cruising there are going to be a lot of people who are trying to use up OBC.
  22. I don't understand your math ... there is no multiplying money 7 times. @mstabbykats is getting $600 OBC for rebooking. She has a total of $350 invested SO FAR, which includes $100 FCC (which is the deposit she initially paid). Her total cruise cost is $1327, meaning that she will receive an additional 45% of her total cruise cost in OBC.
  23. #1 - Yes, you can get a full refund of 100% of what you paid refunded back to the original form of payment. #2 - The email states in very tiny print at the bottom that if you elect FCC, all taxes/fees/gratuities/insurance will be refunded back to the original form of payment and the cruise fare will be held as an FCC. #3 - This is what has happened for me. I just called and rolled 100% of what I paid over to a new cruise, so this is an option.
  24. I wouldn't trust doing the online election, anway. This is my third cancelled cruise and I have had people from the first two report not getting their refunds and then calling and having Carnival say that they never made an election.
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