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  1. I'm not sure if they'll let you bring your own cake (for consumption in the cabin maybe they will), but they will definitely not let light candles on any cake while on board. Too much fire hazard. They'll probably kick you off the ship for even trying.
  2. sealynx

    Dress code

    Dress codes aren't communicated very extensively and aren't enforced at all at MSC. Even on a 'formal night' you'll see many jeans and even some shorts. And others tend to dress up every night, also fine. Personally I'd even wear (and I have) jeans to a Michelin-star restaurant. Combined with a nice top, this can be very shipshape in my opinion and very suitable for a formal night on a cruise ship.
  3. We used MSC's own valet parking service in Genua. It was € 90,- for a week and the car was parked somewhere indoors (I presume so because the car was nice and cool when we returned, even though it was in the middle of summer).
  4. To me the pool is just one of many design mistakes on these ships, varying from minor to major. Examples of minor mistakes being the lack of a magnet in the shower doors or uncomfortable seating throughout the ship or the hidden cabin light switches. Examples of major mistakes being of course the pool, but also the lack of storage in the cabins, the way they set of the cabanas on the sun deck so from the second row you can't see the ocean but instead a screaming big white number on the row in front of you (how romantic / funny, because on the designs they were set up alternating) ), the ridicu
  5. I'm confused. An article on cruiseindustrynews says the Arvia will have P&O's first retractable SkyDome. But don't all P&O's ships have such a roof?
  6. When I was on MSC the port of Ajaccio on Corsica got changed to Toulon on the French main land. Passengers were offered a free ferry service and a hotel stay to get to / from Toulon. MSC paid for this. I wouldn't worry to much about the Palma stop though, that port is much larger and more important than Ajaccio. Therefore I don't think they'll change it for Barcelona. And, ofcourse, most MSC cruises already sail via Barcelona. Ofcourse, weather may permit otherwise, but that's a small change in the med.
  7. Can't answer all your questions, but regarding the first: if you like the outdoors, then Seaside is better. Her class has a vast outdoor promenade nearly all around the ship, with plenty of seating and the possibility to eat out doors from the buffet. If you like to be indoors, then Grandiosa is better. Her class has a magnificent indoor promenade with a unique LED-ceiling.
  8. True, but there is more to it 🙂. There were even 8 ships in that class. Apart from Oceania's Sirena, also the Nautica, Regatta and Insignia. And the whole Azamara fleet (3 ships). I wonder of the little Princess will go to either of these.
  9. She looks amaizing. When I was onboard Costa Luminosa I was surprised about how similar many of her public spaces were in design. On the Costa Firenze very area seems to have a different decor, which I really like.
  10. I was thinking about booking a may 2021 cruise, 11 days from Marseille to Portugal or Marrocco and back. Due to Covid I waited and waited, untill it got cancelled. Gosh was I glad I hadn't booked. Now I'm waiting for Costa to publish the may 2022 cruises and hoping they'll offer similar cruises. I hope they'll publish soon. MSC has already.
  11. Ok, I'll admit it was not on a Carnival ship, but when on an MSC cruise I walked around the buffet with two plates getting bits and bites of anything that looked like it could be from a Meditiranian country. Things like olives, cheeses, prosciutto crudo, etc. etc. and this way created a tapas collection in no time, and shared with the family. Such a feast. And since MSC doesn't serve free iced tea , every morning I made myself a strong cup of lemon tea or earl grey and poured it over ice cubes to create my own sugar free iced tea.
  12. Blue could also mean that the for example the left 2/3 will be metal, and the right 1/3 will be glass.
  13. I don't know about the world cruise, but when my husband and our 6 yo daughter were on MSC Seaview the summer of 2019 we did see a few other gay couples, but not too many. One couple had kids themselves (which always warms my heart), but they were too young for our girl to play with. There were no FoD-parties on board either, so no real opportunity to find others. That said, we also did not suffer from any discrimination what soever. Not from crew, not from fellow passengers. It was almost as if no-one even noticed anything out of the ordinary. And that is the way it should be.
  14. You are suggesting a totally different business model. Which might work and might be a different gap in the market, but not the gap BPCL wanted to fill in. They opted deliberately for the micro vacation from a cheap port, with the shortest sailing distance to the destination in order to save on fuel. In Europe this market is very very big, though often provided by overnight ferries, rather than cruise ships. Services like Stockholm - Helsinki, Stockholm - Tallinn, Rotterdam - Hull, Amsterdam - Newcastle, Oslo - Copenhagen, Kiel - Gothenborg and Kiel - Copenhagen carry mini-cruise passengers in
  15. I'm pretty possitive that when cruising gets back to normal, and Bahama's Paradise gets their finances together, they will quite easily find a replacement for Grand Celebration. The second hand market is booming, with many ships leaving fleets and only part of them being dismantled.
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